No Sweeter Innocence
Failed (Yet Successful) Experiments
Mar 8, 76
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Damian Cassimer @ Apr 27, 2018, 01:41 AM
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Damian had only made it partway down the hall before he nearly bumped into someone. Damian murmured an apology - what? he shouldn't have been in the middle of the hall like that. But before he could say more than that, he really got a look at the person he'd almost walked into. And... for a moment, he was confused.

Damian had never met someone who looked so much like him. Well, him in a few decades, to be fair, but still the structure was there. This man was an older version of himself, it was... a strange thought, really. A really weird experience, like looking in a mirror that aged him several years. Well, he knew he was going to age well at least. But that wasn't really... hm.

Who was he? Were they related somehow? It was hard to imagine that two people could look so similar without being related somewhat but how closely? The man's reaction almost hinted at recognition - as if he were just as surprised at seeing someone who looked just like him but also not. He wasn't sure what to say, at first, too busy being surprised at seeing someone who looked so much like himself here in the brothel. He'd thought his family was dead, after all.

"You look... familiar." It wasn't really what he wanted to say, but Damian wasn't sure what to say instead. So that was what had ended up coming out. It was, perhaps, enough all the same given the way the older man was looking at him. Was he a customer? Another one of the brothel workers? He hoped that was enough to make him understand what he meant though, that it wasn't meant to be some sort of negative and that there was no intention to hold his presence against him.

A little too late, Damian realized that that could easily be seen the wrong way.