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Started by Sahura Lucain, Apr 25, 2018, 04:17 AM
Sahura Lucain
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If you don't live for something, then you'll die for nothing.
Apr 25, 2018, 04:17 AM / 566 Words
In the early days, Sahura was rather quite convinced his sons had died, and that was that. He hadn't, of course, caught either of their scents and neither had any of the other weres that made up a vast majority of Saqqara's population. It'd seemed hopeless; there were many things in and around Saqqara that could have caused their deaths. Vicious beasts lurked in the mountains, deadly, large scorpion-like creatures in the surrounding desert. The mountains were treacherous and dangerous things to cross, but his sons should have been more capable of crossing the mountains. Sahura had never left them to their own devices, expected them to figure things out on their own, and, where he could, had taught them random survivalist things to know. Things Sahura hoped they'd never need to know, but felt important enough to teach them.

Neither Sati nor Surya were ever terribly unintelligent. Most of House Lucain were not terribly unintelligent, usually capable of figuring out what they needed to do in most situations. Both were smart enough to be alive, even if they did come face to face with a monstrous scorpion, or a dragon. Sahura had believed, when first he thought this, that his beliefs were rooted in the hope that they were alive, not the logical conclusion that they must be. But then, his sister had come back with news she'd heard their names in Dalmasca. It couldn't have been them, but it was.

Many hundreds of years later, three hundred forty two, if he remembered right, his sons still weren't home. To make matters worse, the youngest prince of Haradi had vanished, and Sahura understood that pain. He'd felt it for hundreds of years, and Sidonai didn't have hundreds of years to feel it. Tihaan would die, before then, as would Sidonai. Sahura didn't want either of them to die before they were reunited. Search efforts were doubled. Sidonai had sent out bounty hunters, typically very skilled in the art of locating someone. Sahura offered use of his airships and information networks.

With any luck, all four of the missing ones would come home, soon.

Sahura had recently heard from his sister. She seemed to have a lead on Surya, and Sahura hoped it was a good sign. She mentioned hearing Tihaan's name, and Sahura had to come to Haradi, as they were coordinating efforts to get slavers out of both of their cities, maybe he'd mention it. Hearing Tihaan's name, it meant the boy still lived. Well, he wasn't really a boy, anymore, was he? Hmm, what was he now, in his early twenties? Sahura strode across the halls of the Haradian palace; he knew where he was going, to Sidonai's library, as it were. As he reached the doors, solid wood with metal and lacquer detailing, he tapped gently on the door.

"I hope you're not busy," he murmured to the door. Sidonai should recognize his voice, of course. Sahura decided to wait; he may not want to talk, right this second, or have a visitor. Sahura didn't exactly ask, yet rarely he did anyway.


Sidonai Assad
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When one door closes, another opens. And if it doesn't, kick the bitch in.
May 03, 2018, 03:13 AM / 490 Words
Most would have given up, by now. Sidonai wasn't sure if he was insane, or just ridiculously determined, perhaps even in sore need of hobbies, but, even if he had to go into Dalmasca himself, he would, if it meant he found his son. Tihaan had been gone a long time, and he was dearly missed, not only by Sidonai himself, but by the people in Haradi, too. When he'd disappeared, many in the city had become almost depressed, and Sidonai wouldn't pretend his standing with Haradi's people hadn't slipped, some. Slavers were still in Haradi, and now they'd stolen one of the royal family, too.

It was a difficult thing to come to terms with. Sidonai liked to think he wouldn't have lost so much, would have liked to think that he had the resources and the power to be able to keep slavers out of his city, but it turned out, maybe not. The slave trades were powerful; he knew that as well as anyone, maybe better, and fully stopping them, it'd be a fight. Even Saqqara hadn't fully stopped them from waltzing into their own city, albeit Saqqara was more difficult to get to. Saqqara had also lost more than Haradi. Sometimes, he mused on border protections, thought about judicial adjustments, pondered on anything that sounded like it might help. And then he wondered if he wasn't fighting a losing battle.

And the Dalmascans were being of absolutely no assistance, whatsoever. Really, he felt more inclined to blow them up than discuss diplomacy. Their Imperator was a right bloody sack of stupid, and the vast majority of the major noble lines weren't far behind. House Cassimer had flatly, albeit tactfully, told him he was shit out of luck, House Lancaster about the same, the only two that were remotely useful were Essair and Asheron, but neither of them had much luck either. Both had their own affairs, as well, and Sidonai could appreciate they didn't have time to help him, necessarily.

It was all a mess, even with his personal guard patrolling Haradi's streets, they still lost one here and there.

Ah... that was Sahura's voice. Sahura had a bit more freedom to move around than Sidonai, if only because he had trusted individuals he could leave his city to. Sidonai dared not attempt it, lest he lose his throne. Then again, he wondered if his throne was worth never seeing his son again. Not really, actually. "I'm not," he answered. "It's open." Sahura was decent enough a mage to pop the lock, anyway. House Lucain were really the only truly beneficial allies in this mess. Sidonai was losing his touch, or something. He wondered, sometimes, if he'd become complacent in his old age. Possibly.
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