plot with hephaestus!
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hephaestus @ Apr 21, 2018, 09:37 PM
we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
16, genderfluid, hume, empath, slave, dalmascan-macenian, single, all the homo, poly under the right circumstances, house essair
  • learning to manage his empathy, and getting to know his elder half-brother cyprian a bit better.
plot ideas
  • for starters, i'd almost like that nero didn't die. almost. im not 100% on how that'd work out, so, it is and isn't. lol
  • certainly could use to make friends. i'd like someone to eventually introduce him, probably accidentally, to music, too. he usually plays piano.
  • im fairly sure hes made friends in the brothel he was in. may have even managed to vaguely charm a dalmascan or two, and maybe some of these interact with him still, or try finding him. idk.

3,032, male, were-lion, air mage, blood fighter, saqqaran, long-term dating (victoria lancaster), bisexual, poly, house essair

  • getting to know his kids and reforging his relationship with victoria.
  • some minor fretting about his brother, but, you know, that happens.
plot ideas
  • gannicus is certainly old enough he probably has a lot more kids scattered all over dalmasca. many of those probably also found their way to the cities.
  • he's usually kind of a father-figure, the paternity runs strong in this one, so he tends to take wayward and struggling blood fighters and slaves under his... mane...? lols particularly magi, as he can teach them to control their aura. so to say the least, he's probably been a mentor/parent figure to a lot of people.

19, nonbinary (go with they), hume, air mage, slave, haradian, technically dating (ryhil assad), pansexual, poly, public slave (brothel)

  • same old, same old.
  • probably keeping half an eye on tihaan from where they are.
plot ideas
  • kalix is meant to have informants all over dalmasca, particularly concentrated in nydema. of course, these informants would have to lack in being against consorting with slaves, so that is a thing.
  • they are also meant to be very charming; it is possible kalix has more than one dalmascan that really likes them.
  • i had a thought once of a less rich dalmascan liking them. someone that needs to save up a bit before being able to see them, and while this person lacks in the lavish expensive gifts that are almost the hallmark of kalix's other clientèle, their gifts are more thoughtful. but there's this whole insecurity thing because yanno they're not as rich as the other people kalix is used to doting on them, certainly they aren't a prince like ryhil (i dont think they'd know about him lol), and would never be able to afford to free them, so it's really just kinda messy.

17, male, ilim, fire mage, slave, dalmascan, single, ace, nope, house essair

  • mostly menial day to day things. fretting over kassandros. that's normal.
plot ideas
  • as much as he will hate it, id like to see leon half-adopt someone else. ilim tend to stick together; all theyve got is each other, because of the lingering prejudices against ilim, and he once took a young ilim girl under his wing, only to lose her when their master killed her accidentally. so, yeah, another younger ilim happening into house essair and getting confused and begrudgingly adopted by leon would be good for him. (he still absolutely blames himself for aenwyn, it may help him forgive himself eventually.)

21, male, hume, ice mage, blood fighter, haradian, single, bisexual, poly unexplored, house essair

  • playing patrol-guy for house essair.
  • also probably making friends with the other patrol-guys.
  • gannicus is half-teaching him how to better command his ice sorcery.
plot ideas
  • i'd like him to fall in love with someone, i have someone in mind for that but, poly is always the answer rofl
  • the haradian crownsguard is supposed to be a thing. if one of them happened to come across him, well, that'd lead to some interesting conversations.

24, male, hume, blood fighter, macenian, single, probably gay, poly, house asheron

  • mostly minding his business.
plot ideas
  • tbh, i got nothin'.
  • he is old enough to have a very young kid or two, though.
  • most of his plot openings are family-related... but they're all played...
  • oh, he could certainly get a lover person. ah, while he is very gay, most likely, i dont know that hes actually figured that out, so there is potential here for he and a female slave to have a weird... lil relationship. theyre friends enough, and maybe they had a kid at some point because dalmascans like watching people fuck. so they try making it work, now that theyre mostly free to do that, and eventually its like I AM SO GAY SORRY, but theyre still friends so it works out.
  • idk, random babbling.

22, male, ilim, earth mage, royalty, galacese, single, unknown orientation, poly status unknown, house yrdyn

  • finding friends in dalmasca. he will end the war, one way or another.
  • he's not exactly supposed to be here...
plot ideas
  • so, he's not exactly supposed to be here. his father's probably looking for him. may have siblings that come after him, idk.
  • alternatively, galace has a royal guard. entirely probable they'll eventually catch up to him and just kinda blow his cover with astraea. lol
  • he's trading galacese sword-making techniques for information and help with house teresi, so it's really kind of a win-win situation for them both.
  • in any case, most of galace is probably quite alarmed over his disappearance. i'd be shocked if no one tried finding him.

24, male, hume, blood fighter, nomadic tribe, single, likely gay, or bi with a heavy male lean, poly status unknown, house essair

  • following either ksenia or icarus like he's their shadow. very good at it.
plot ideas
  • so he grew up in a nomadic tribe. these nomadic tribes do tend to end up enslaved pretty readily, so others from the same tribe may be around.
  • i would like him to have a sibling somewhere. as thana does not really remember his life before, they'd have to recognize him, because he's not really going to... recognize them. maybe some minor hmm that one looks familiar, but yk, after a while, everyone looks familiar. lol
  • he also had a tiny family in jihon! merenwen was the mom of that little cluster in jihon. she did have a lover at the time, probably better keep that one ilim, but anyway. there were probably several other kids they half-adopted, because they were too young not to have a parental figure of some kind, and so they all grew up together almost like siblings. any one of these siblings, or the father-figure of the bunch, could easily be played.
  • if you need help getting ilim designs and images made, just message either myself, esmera, lenara, or andromeda, we all play blade and soul (we base the ilims' overall racial design on blade and soul's lyn race, for simplicity).