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Apr 21, 2018, 08:37 PM

plot with dragonborn!

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dragonborn we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
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House Essair | Born Dimitrios Kenleigh
16 | gender fluid | hume | single | very gay | poly if the cards are laid right

Current Goings-On: Dimitrios is one of the two youngest sons of the now-fallen House Kenleigh. His mother was presumably killed, his father also killed, and he and his brothers sold into slavery. Dimitrios ended up a eunuch, and in a brothel, incidentally the same one Kalix is in, but that didn't last long before Kassandros of House Essair randomly bought him and decided he's not allowed to walk until his injury heals properly. It got infected; amazing.

House Essair | Born Surya Lucain
3,032 | male | were (lion) | dating Victoria Allendale | pansexual | not poly, maybe, not sure.
in some IC threads going right now, he's House Asheron, he changes houses mid-play

Current Goings-On: Being a well-known blood fighter in House Lancaster for a good long time (his brother Spartacus is the current Blood Champion, also Lancaster, and if he wasn't Champion, Gannicus would be), made the sudden movement to House Asheron really jarring. Even more jarring was running into his son, finding out his girlfriend's (presumed) dead, and oh, you have another son by her. Yeah, his head's kinda reeling. He ran into Prince Tihaan of Haradi's ruling House, Assad, at market, and attached. He refuses to detach until Tihaan is back in Haradi where he belongs.
At some point, IC, he gets sent to House Essair to help them build an army and be reunited with his girlfriend, no, she's not dead, and his second son.

No House (brothel slave) | Born Kalix Argyros
19 | nonbinary (they/them) | hume (mage) | dating Ryhil Assad | poly, though

Current Goings-On: Kalix is currently background, keeping tabs on Tihaan's whereabouts in the shadows.

House Essair | Born Vaenos
17 | male | ilim | single | may be biromantic but he is asexual | not sure if he's poly. probably?

Current Goings-On: Kassandros comes home one day with new slaves. Leon's thrilled! They're even from House Lancaster (he used to be Lancaster, and liked the blood fighters well enough). Except now he has Macenian titans that can reach the shelves, and Kassandros is still pushing about moving said shelves down. Well, so goes life. In the interim, even more new faces around House Essair, and Kassandros seems to have just gotten serious about this push for Imperator.
But hey, Kassandros would be an Imperator Leon would be willing to die for. Kassandros wouldn't like that, so, Leon's never said it.

House Essair | Born Tihaan Assad
21 | maleish | hume (mage) | single | bisexual | not poly I don't think but I've been proven wrong before.
in some IC threads going right now, he's House Asheron, he changes houses mid-play

Current Goings-On: The jump from market to House Asheron was rough, but then he went to House Essair with Gannicus, because for some reason the were refuses to separate from him. In the meantime, now that he can, he's been spending time wandering around market, and incidentally ran into a noble looking to buy a guard. ... how anyone asks someone to their face if it's possible to buy them and not feel slightly uncomfortable about it, Tihaan will never know. Not that it's really his place to judge; probably just different cultures. You don't buy people in Haradi, after all.

Regillus Lancaster
House Lancaster
28 | maleish | hume | single | the gayest of the gay | he is poly though

Current Goings-On: So his fucking uncle's hellspawn murders Reggie's dad, then his step-mom disappears, then, his mother commits suicide, his mother's boyfriend gets sold, and then there goes his half-brother to a brothel. Listen, at this point, Regillus needs a gallon of vodka and some painkillers, that ought to do the trick (death being an inconvenient side-effect), but he sent his other half-brother to House Asheron for safety, you know just in case he was next on the list. In the meantime, looking for Sepheres, not having much luck, and trying not to catch a case of sudden-death. It seems to be going around these days.

House Warwicke
20 | male | hume | single | probably pretty gay, may be bi with a really strong gay lean | poly status unsure

he will swap houses in play shortly here in a thread or two, from warwicke to essair

Current Goings-On: So he gets set to watching this mage lady in a tower, and, can we start with how she'd buried her tower-room in like six inches of ice, and then end somewhere over there with how there were scratches in the walls under the ice marking the days? It was the first time he ever considered doing something technically illegal, but, in the end, he went with it. Worth it. Except, now he has to find her sons, so he's playing match the emblem to the house, and, yanno what, he can make thread out of friggin sinew, but don't talk to him about match the emblem to the house.

So! I'm trying to spread things out for my character, Rabia, y'know, have her make friends/enemies/etc. Depending on whatever bias your character(s) have, her being a mage might make things very.. icky. 


So, Rabia's been on the fence about traveling and stuff, but let's say she finally does it, and she meets these two? Since their both mages in some shape or form, she might be able to trust them and befriend them a bit easier? But that's in the case of them even wanting another person traveling with them. Rabia is a healer and an empath, so she could be useful, but that's really dependent on how you feel things should work out. ^^

dragonborn we must stop killing each other
204 Posts 26 Years House Assad
that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
fortunately, gannicus is a mage and has been one for a while now, so hes cool with mages. pallas is one, kinda lost on it but he cant well hate what he is at least. lol

ahh gannicus will prolly just go home and stay there for a good while once he's allowed to go where he wants. hes got a lot of remembering who he is to do (being a slave for a few hundred years kinda screwed him up a bit). tihaan is more likely to try pressuring dalmasca into dropping their slave trade, or at least implementing basic rights for their slaves to curb some of the nastiness that happens because of it, so, he is liable to remain back and forth between dalmasca and haradi, at least. may swing by Saqqara occasionally to check up on gannicus (he is concerned about him tbh). I think his angle's liable to end up pretty political, but that may open some decent plot doors, at least, insofar as theyd be interacting with a wide range of chars, so, could be pretty beneficial. I don't think sidonai will let his kid run off solo again tho, so if they aren't having of a gannicus, they'll probably have the haradian royal guard, but they come with airships! yay fast travel.

lmao, that's a relief to know they're all on the same page! So, I guess they can all be pretty friendly with each other, although, it might be difficult to hang around a buncha royals. I still say Rabia is open to be a friend to both, although the political stuff sounds pretty neat too. i guess we all gotta wait and see how things unfold. i can't wait!

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