Gotta Start Somewhere
Apr 6, 76
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Somewhere around here, Hien had already decided, was his brother. Once in a while, just wandering around, it seemed some people almost seemed to recognize him. He had, however, no real leads. Mostly, he was just wandering around, and hoping brilliance struck him. It'd likely serve him better if he found someone here that knew how Dalmasca worked, among other things, and perhaps the best place to start would be... here. Kirinyaga had to have led Hien here for some reason, right? It wasn't by accident, as much as it seemed like it was, that he'd ended up here in House Essair. No, something or someone was looking out for him, and, it was as good a place to start as any.

Besides, perhaps not ignoring someone in their own house was a good start toward getting somewhere. Hien wasn't getting anywhere on his own, and, as much as he was loathe to admit it, he'd need help. That was the end of that. Thus far, everyone in House Essair had been very kind and welcoming to him, so, perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to start here.

With that in mind, sometime after breakfast, Hien scampered up the stairs, one hand reaching out to brush against the wall. It seemed like it was some kind of stucco, gritty and rough, nothing like what you'd find in Jihon. He both liked it, as it was different and interesting, and didn't, as it was... very different, and he wasn't sure he favored the rougher texturing. As he went, he counted the doors; like any well-raised Jihonese man, he didn't pay the slaves any mind as he passed them, though it was hard to tell which ones were slaves, here, as they were not really dressed the part. He wondered, momentarily, if that was smart, but then it probably inspired quite the significant amount of loyalty for a pittance of expenditure on a bit more fabric than typical. ... simply, it reminded him, that, for all that House Essair were kind, he should watch his step. Kassandros was also very intelligent, perhaps dangerously so.

Ah, this door, he'd almost missed it in his musings. Hien stopped, and almost went to open it, then rethought that decision. Perhaps he should knock, instead. So, that was what he did, rapping on the door, almost uncertainly, and waited. It'd be best to approach this somewhat like he would if it were his father, probably.