Adoptable Ilim Designs
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hephaestus @ Nov 20, 2018, 09:45 AM
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these are just designs. because we're trying to make this very easy, making an ilim that uses one of these photosets absolutely counts as taking a wanted ad. we do love ilim, it's just that unfortunately they are hard to find images for, so esmera and i made a bunch of them for member use.

if you're wondering what we're using for most of our ilim images, we're using the lyn race from blade and soul, because it's the closest, customizable character race in anything we've found before.

she looks to be a wolf

she is a tiger

kitty cat

um. i was thinking mouse but that tail... so probably a big cat of some kind lol


ahm you know i wanna say wolf but.. imma go with wolf.

squirrel i believe

also a squirrel

* unfortunately this guy has limited pictures. i'd thought i'd taken more. he is a tiger

canine of some kind

just post here if you want to use one, let me know which one, you can either make an image set out of the previews here, or mention you'd like the full photoset. most of these have at least five or six images, several with different lighting/backgrounds. they are all wearing the same thing.

anyway, yeah. if you also play b&s, feel free to make some lyn images to go here for others that don't to adopt for their own ilim! also even if you do play b&s, feel free to adopt one of mine anyway. xD

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And these are the two Lyn that I play in the game. Like Shillelagh, I can get a lot of screencaps of these two in a lot of different outfits.

This is Byeol, she is a wolf... thing. I actually think she's almost got the same ears and tail as Leon.
She was originally designed, actually, to be a wanted request for part of the Haradian crownsguard, if I remember right, and I liked her design enough I decided to actually make her something in Blade and Soul xD

This is Vierrae, she is very blue. Also a wolf... type thing. lol

Huh, they could be sisters, damned near. Vierrae's a bit taller than Byeol, but they look almost the same in the face, didn't notice that. xD


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