Nov 19, 2018 -- Semi-Canon Denotation
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Esmera @ Nov 19, 2018, 04:13 AM
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Hey all!
Hello, yes, hi, I'm still staff. Going to stay that way. Random aside.

Now, the purpose of this update message is to inform everyone that Messiah is now what we're going to call "semi-canon." What this means is that a user's first character must fill a wanted ad. So, if you haven't posted a wanted ad that you've been sitting on for a while, I highly encourage everyone to post them. You can also use the Character Snippets thread in the Wanted board to post short, one to two line ideas for a character; these are going to function as the simplest and loosest wanted advertisements that we have available, so that if an interested member cannot find a wanted advertisement that strikes their fancy, they can take a short one to two line snippet and build the character they want. Think of them as character prompts. Just a simple idea, no detail.

However, our wanted advertisements do tend to range from very established, to extremely loose; one should be able to find a wanted request that can work for what they want, and hopefully they're a bit inspirational, too. Many of the wanted requests posted by staff will be story-line heavy characters, or very driving ones. Remember that any house that has no played members is absolutely up for grabs, take it, make it your own, have fun. The house outlines on the wiki are really only there for ideas if someone needs them; you can technically still go in any direction you want.

Anyway, by taking a wanted request first, it gives new players immediate plots with established players, and at least one buddy on the site to help them acclimate to the board, so we're hoping this makes Messiah a bit less intimidating to jump into.

... we also turned PMs back on. If they become a problem later, we'll turn them back off.

Finally, for some reason, the custom BBCodes have all broken. I'm working on figuring out why, but I make no promises on how quickly this issue will be resolved.

Side trivia, I'm also working on a new theme for the winter season, it will also be mobile responsive and come in two colour schemes, one light and one dark.

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we do also finally have our new biography fields for characters! tiny note.