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safe harbor

safe harbor

Started by Lucius Cassimer

Apr 18, 2018, 06:47 AM

family, a lover

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[ open first name ] Cassimer
sibling(s) / >31 / dalmascan / hume (may be mage) / warlord noble / open pb(s)

Damian is the only sibling Lucius has established in his bio, but I would actually like more than one. He doesn't always have a large number of siblings, but Lucius is the sort to be a really older-brother type, and I can really see him having more than one. Besides, it's probably not rare for families to have lots of kids in this setting. Anyway, Damian was adopted into the family, so these can also be adopted, or be blood-Cassimers, either one.

Lucius is about as unambitious as a Dalmascan highborn will ever be, so he really wouldn't be fighting with a younger sibling for rights to take over as head of House Cassimer after their father Marcus. If he had a particularly ambitious younger brother or something, that might be rather the aggravation, because any attempt to outdo him or treat him like a rival, probably gets brushed off for the most part, and that may be annoying. Lol there may also be younger siblings more like the mindset that Lucius follows, that is, they are much more willing to bend rules and are kinder to slaves than their father is (he is not outright cruel, to them, but rules must be followed, and disobeying slaves are punished thusly - similarly, they are certainly not people, Lucius, what the hell is wrong with you).

I'm really open with this, honestly, but keep in mind Lenara plays Damian, so sibling dynamics discussions should include her. =)

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This is an extremely loose wanted role, so whoever is interested in taking her is highly encouraged to get creative and hash out ideas with me (and Lenara, as Damian would also be her son, adopted though). Marcus is a pretty strict and by the book personality, really headstrong and probably pretty bullheaded. Lucius strikes me as kind of a momma's boy type, so it's entirely probable that it's his mother he gets his kinder personality from, so she may be a gentler, less rigid person, or at least that's how I envision her in my head. Admittedly, though, Marcus is a really strict persona, so she likely has to word things carefully, tread softly, and ensure she stays on just this side of proper, because really, I don't think Marcus would hesitate to throw his own wife under the proverbial bus if she misstepped just enough.

In any case, I'd like at least one parent in this equation to be supportive, so I'd like Lucius and his mother to have a decent relationship with one another. Maybe she's the one that, probably covertly, encouraged him to do what he felt was right, even if he was the only one doing so. I'm really hyped for this role so I'd love to hear ideas and get some thought ping-pong going!

Marcus Cassimer
father / 48-60 / dalmascan / hume (not a mage) / warlord noble / scott adkins suggested (can be changed)

Essentially, Marcus is kind of a jerk. The thing is, he's somewhat of a well-meaning jerk. Everything he does, and everything he believes, is really just a direct result of how he was raised. He sticks to tried and true, rules are there to be followed and he follows them to the letter. In my head canon, I've always imagined his strict adherence to the rules and the way things are done is probably thanks to being something of a wild child; and maybe it got him, or someone he cared very deeply for, in serious trouble, maybe even killed, who knows. In many ways, Lucius is liable to be so frustrating to Marcus at least in part because he reminds him of himself, when he was younger, but unlike Marcus, Lucius never did outgrow it. He's still the same chaotic, seemingly reckless man he was when he was a teenager, and in some ways, that's probably kind of a proverbial slap to the face, because Marcus was one, and lost something, and Lucius doesn't seem to have lost anything at all.

The plan, at least the one I have, is that sooner or later, their disagreements and inability to get along will cause Marcus to essentially disown Lucius. Damian, Lucius' brother (Marcus adopted him, and actually, Damian's parents' death may have been the turning point for Marcus and what made him such a hard-ass, like maybe his recklessness caused it somehow - it'd also sort of solidify why Marcus adopted Damian personally, instead of letting him end up with extended family or so), will likely end up caught in the middle, because Damian does look up to Marcus, but he also looks up to Lucius. Lucius has enough standing on his own, he will probably found his own House right after, so Marcus still won't tear him down. Just some thoughts, really, this isn't entirely set in stone, it's just an idea of what I've got in mind. Again, I'd love to plot hash and discuss!

reserved by dragonborn

[ open name ]
lover / 19-40 / any nationality / hume or were / slave / open pb

This person, can be either gender tbh, would be Lucius' technically illicit love affair. This character is supposed to be a brothel slave, yeah what a dumbass right, fell for a brothel slave hahaha, anyway. Unlike most, Lucius just kind of shows up, pays for like an hour of time, and then... sits there. Relaxes a bit, engages in conversation. It probably started like, the military buddies dragged Lucius off to a brothel, and he wasn't comfortable with it, so he pretended for an hour, gave this character a break, or something, talked, went on his way. But eventually came back, and never entirely stopped, but never does anything but talk. He's very adamant about never starting anything until this character actually wants him to, or does themselves and actually wants to instead of doing it out of a sense of that's their job. So, not only is one of the most powerful men in Dalmasca coming by to see them, but all he does is talk and he insists on it. Repeatedly.

The power imbalance in this relationship is pretty serious, but Lucius really does like this character, and is liable to eventually whisk them away to House Cassimer, which might be rather the adjustment from being a brothel slave, to having a House and whatnot. Never mind Lucius' villa is full of ilim (he does not sell off ilim children like most, he let families stay together, so basically all of his ilim slaves are related, he's got about four or five generations of the same bloodlines), which may be rather alarming at first, lol. Most Dalmascans don't collect that many unless they have uh odd interests, but they also tend to sell off children pretty fast.

Anyway, their relationship is probably kept pretty hush-hush, because Lucius' father is unlikely to take it very well (Lucius has refused to marry so far, probably because of this character, and that won't go over well), so it may be this character that finally pushes Lucius' relationship with his father right off a cliff, but they don't see eye to eye on a lot of things, so it's just as likely it'd be something else. Again, hashing, totally up for it, I love ideas!

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sigh, I'm just gonna preemptively yoink marcus... clearly, its my destiny... and plotting has already happened w him so.

I admit, I am very curious about this lover character.  Were there any character traits or the like you had in mind?  And how much do you envision this brothel slave returning Lucius's feelings (at the onset of their meetings, after they've talked a bit, etc.)? 

(Also, hello there, I'm new and am looking for plots, so I hope you don't mind me scoping out one of yours!)

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(welcome! nice to see a new player! excite!)

ah, k, so essentially im not married to anything on that role. id imagine most likely they'd probably need to be somewhat like his mom, he is decent friends with livia so backbones are not discouraged lol but lucius himself is not terribly scholar-bright, and tends toward being fairly stubborn. hes the kind of guy that'll easily fight and die for what he believes in, and im kinda angling like maybe somebody that can complement that, kinda temper his charging in head first he does on occasion, because i dont think theres really a way of going too far out without ending up in direct conflict. if that makes sense? idk. im not terribly fussed and lucius generally isnt either (hes pretty good at seeing the good sides of people that dont seem to have one at first, but after tolerating his father so long his patience may be kinda thin).

as far as reciprocation goes, that's entirely up to you if you decide to pick this up. hes weird, if nothing else, like who pays that much just to sit and talk, amirite? lol its probably also not very rare that someone thinks theyve gotten attached to a specific brothel slave and then loses interest later down the road, so this char could be pretty jaded and take a while to win over, and thats fine. lucius isnt going anywhere. the thing is he doesnt ... okay he does but he doesnt want them to reciprocate? that's not why hes in this, hes genuinely trying to make their life a bit easier, so the feelings thing was just sort of a bonus side effect of a form. xD

thing to know, though, lucius is just about to go out on another military tour ic, in early april, and his entire unit gets wiped out (he does survive), and you know, people talk, so this char may hear about it. idk if you've noticed them yeeeet, but there is kalix, other brothel slave on the site, if they're in the same one could be friends and stuff.

blah blah sorry, stream of conscious xD

No, stream of consciousness is good for brainstorming! =D  I'll take all the input I can get! 
For my part, when I approached this I got some ideas about this brothel slave formerly having been a warrior with his people (whomever they were, and also, I'm going with a guy brothel slave, if that's alright!) who was lamed in the battle that led to his capture and enslavement.  I like the idea of sort of an "odd one out" brothel slave who's there maybe more as a joke (on the part of the owner) than anything else, but he still brings in clients because there are always the clientele with more eccentric tastes who will pay to "take care of" the poor lamed brothel slave, or there are people who just want something cheap, or there are people the owner doesn't like, so he/she/they give them this guy (the last of which might have been the case with Lucius if the owner is more on Marcus's side than Lucius's when it comes to the general politics of the day).
I also like the idea of this slave being jaded and more cynical about things; he used to be very feisty and stubborn when newly made a slave, but years of having been beat down and forced to whore himself out have left him with much more of a world-weary edge to him.  He also most likely tends to mistrust people a lot, especially his clients.  I imagine he probably thought Lucius was one of those weirdos who wanted to pay to "take care of him" or something like that, and he might still be waiting for that other shoe to drop. 
And yeah, I'm thinking, if I do take this role (if I come up with a character who works as a love interest for Lucius) I'll probably lean more in the direction of it taking the slave a little longer to fall for Lucius.  All the people in the business know not to fall for a john, but slow burns are also so much fun, so it's definitely a thing that can happen (and probably will because I can be a huge romantic), but trust is going to have to be built first, and that's something this slave is more hesitant to give.  I'd imagine Lucius is doing a good job of earning it so far, though!
And I'd love to have more pals/friends/coworkers for the slave to know, so I'm absolutely open to plots with Kalix, if dragonborn's okay with it!  Someone to maybe tease this guy about his growing friendship/not-just-friendly-feelings for Lucius as they get closer and he comes to trust Lucius a bit more?  Or just people to talk to, or people whom he's known for a while and feels he can trust.  Heck, or people who don't really like him all that much, I'm good with those too.
Also, let me know if you think any of this might not work, I'm still in the open and planning stages of this myself!  (And I'll be at work for a bit, so if I don't get back to you immediately, that's why!)

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i don't mind either way! last time this role was a girl, but lucius is pretty pan so hey. im interested to see how they interact, sounds fun, and who doesn't love slow-burners? lucius is constantly like im just gonna sit here and everyone else is like WHAT DO YOU WANT?? not gonna lie, it amuses me endlessly. lol i feel like it probably is amusing to lucius, too, even if he's not obvious about it (i have to wonder why he's still in the military, it's not like he gives a damn about dalmasca, or its tendency to conquer shit... if i had to guess, it's a long break from dad and it keeps marcus quiet about bringing honor to the cassimer name or whatever).

im not sure how much lucius will actually talk about certain things, but he's not a very closed off guy; actually kind of blunt and honest out of sheer cannot lie to save his ass, there just may occasionally be some indication there's shit he's not talking about (especially since dalmascans love to talk, so there's probably always some 'did you hear marcus and lucius are fighting again?' filtering down the grapevine). he talks, he just doesnt talk about anything that matters? so that might eventually be a thing to squint at. kind of a, so you say this but you still keep me out of over half your life, i was starting to think you were serious and now i dont know, sort of thing? idk. lol on his end its just he doesnt wanna be a bother, and he doesnt really need to be feeding the rumor mill with insider info, right? so, some thought, and it may make sense.

speaking of the rumor mill, marcus actually has a reputation in the pleasure district, for being a sadistic fuckwad, and has traumatized and permanently injured brothel slaves before. been a long time since he last did, but the rumors persist. which may have been kind of ohshit -- at first with lucius because lucius didnt have a reputation at all, he'd never been to a brothel before then, so there may still be some lingering the apple doesnt fall far from the tree, where is your inner marcus...

i'll just dump all the plot webs on you, then xD the brothel kalix is in, is also the same one axelius is in and out of (he's weird, he charms his repeat clients into buying and keeping him, and then talks them into putting him in the blood games so he can make some monies and work on freeing his brothel friends), also the one dimitrios and sepheres were briefly in (they got snatched up by house essair). run by a nice lady named helene; she isn't the owner, just a very long-time slave in the brothel one of the clients permanently blinded, and the owner ended up making her the day-to-day management, so, npc to know exists (helene is technically esmera's, but dragon will npc her sometimes too). dimi and seph were prolly there for such a short time, they probably aren't terribly familiar with each other, but axelius has been in and out of there since he was like 13. given he keeps coming back it's probably like axel why are you even trying at this point, what are you doing, exactly... he dunno. axelius is the type to tease relentlessly, kalix might off-handedly mention this or that but it's more of a did you know this? do you see what i see? yes? okay, just checking.

oh, julian is also... was also...? over there. im fairly sure he's getting snatched up by house essair (p.s. it's not rare for house essair to come by and perma-buy their slaves either, so everyone there's like when kassandros walks in the door, somebody leaves and usually never comes back). ... why do i have all the whores. hmm. ... anyway, julian's been there for like 20 years, so he's probably more of a legend than kalix is. lol he is the eternal father. kalix is the older sibling, julian's the dad, helene's sort of a mom, and axelius is that drunk uncle over there nobody remembers how is related to anyone. xD

That does sound like a great way to start things off! :D I like the idea of the slave just being a little confused as to why on earth this guy keeps coming back to just... talk?  What is his deal?  Also, I'm envisioning the slave starting off a little suspicious of Lucius the third or fourth time he shows up; sort of a "what's your game?" type thing.  But then Lucius just keeps coming, all "LET US CONVERSE AGAIN AND NOTHING ELSE IF YOU DON'T WANT IT" and the slave just gets used to it. xD
Oooohh, now I'm picturing the slave hearing about some fight they had and trying to be subtle about wheedling it out of him, but he sucks at subtlety so oops... Would Lucius clam up if they got to a subject he just flat-out didn't want to talk about?  Would he try to hedge around it?  And I think that not wanting to talk about certain things, especially if he does try to redirect certain conversations more and more, could definitely lead to some miscommunication and potentially drama with the slave.
Ah, okay, thanks for letting me know that!  That does seem like it'd be important for my character to know!  Also, that actually made me think: would Lucius pick out a specific slave his first time, or would he be more of the "yeah, here's the money, just send whomever" kind of first-time client?  Would he be embarrassed/awkward about the whole process too, or not so much? 
Yay, plot dump!  That is a lot to take in, but I'll try to take it into account when making the character!  Also, do you know of any threads that might help with an understanding of the characters or the system, or Lucius himself that you'd recommend?  I'm still sorting through the lore to see what would help the most with my understanding of all this, admittedly. xD

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mm, i dont think he'd shut down entirely, it'd just be more of a quiet acknowledgement and redirection. like, 'yeah thats a thing, dont worry about it,' kinda deal. lucius and marcus are always fighting about something, or they were -- not so much now because he's moved outside nydema and doesnt really spend any time with marcus anymore, but there's probably rumor lucius is going to branch off and leave house cassimer ( not really wrong... ), maybe some embellished murmurs about some thing or another. probably also always some talk about lucius getting married and... he never does. so. lol

it was probably a random draw, the first time, just gave helene money and was like pick one that needs a break, gimme an hour. most likely just kinda flopped over somewhere nearby and just, sat there. ... eventually started talking about a really random subject, i'm sure, and just kinda went from there based on what the slave seemed interested in hearing about. and was like do you actually want to do the thing or no, because if not, im cool just being a momentary decor piece that talks, no one has to know. the door's closed for a reason.

uhhh there is No Sweeter Innocence, where damian takes after lucius and does the SAMETHING lmao probably interesting. umm there's also Brotherhood, thread with lucius and damian, his interactions with damian are more true to who he actually is because hes far less reticent with damian ( tbh, damian is almost his son, really, because marcus wasn't going to raise him so lucius did it instead, and damian takes after lucius in a lot of ways ). ... damian is also julian's son. fun fact.

if you've got anything in particular you're lost on, lemme know, i can point you in the right direction ( i've been here since development started 2 years ago, i know some shit lol ).

Okay, that all sounds good!  Alright, I've got some ideas, but I'm definitely still going to be polishing it up as I get more familiar with the lore (I'm sorry this is taking so long, by the way!).  Oh, and another thing I was wondering; did you have an idea of what kind of first thread you wanted to have for Lucius and this slave?  

And thank you for the thread recs!  If you can think of anything else, feel free to send them my way!  (Knowing that dynamic he has with Damian is super interesting/helpful, I think, so I'll definitely be going over that thread carefully!)  And thank you for the offer about the lore; At this point, I admit I'm mostly just in the nervous "but what if I mess up my first character!?" stage. xD So my mind is just demanding to know ALL the details, but I think for this character, knowing the details about Lucius, his family, Dalmasca, and some of the other non-Dalmascan people who often find themselves taken as slaves is the best start.  So if you have any hints about how to bolster that knowledge (though I don't know what else there might be aside from the wiki pages for each) I'll take them!

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When the last tree is cut, the last fish is caught, and the last river is polluted; when to breathe the air is sickening, you will realize, too late, that wealth is not in bank accounts and that you can’t eat money.
ah... not really. unless you wanted to do past-threads, probably just dump the lucius in his lap and do normal stuff. ... well, normal for them, weirdos... i wouldn't mind some past ones tho, if you wanted to dabble in the earlier stages of their relationship.

it's still ongoing, so its not as long as it could be, but yeah! glad!

and i wouldnt worry so much about messing up. if you contradict something, we'll just correct you and move on; basically, we do lore fixing through play, because there's no way anyone's gonna memorize the entire wiki, and some stuff isnt there anyway, so yanno, narration and what character say and stuff, it's pretty painless and fluid lol we won't hate you, promise. uh, other than that, though, might read some blue and the lighter red names! i think only a few of them are dalmascan, the rest are non-dalmascan slaves, so, bout as good as i can get with that. to kinda see how they set up their history and stuff, if you need an idea of how they've done it, but really, there's not much of a 'wrong' there. we've got non-dalmascan slaves from a wide range of backgrounds.

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