Sep 21, 2018 -- New Theme!
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hephaestus @ Sep 21, 2018, 05:09 PM
we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
esmera has made us a pretty nice new theme, called invidia ira. it, like fra nordri on 2.0 did, comes in two color schemes, either this light tan color palette with green, or blacks and charcoal grays with green. (hover over the forum name in the banner for funsies.) we also got a temporary until widgetbot figures itself out and starts working again.

the new theme is not quite done yet, i got excited (blame me, blame all the me), but most of it is usable. i think just memberlist and profile templates are not done. the stats page may be kinda funny lookin too.

anyway, fra nordri was a bit broke, so it is no longer available for selection. v sorry, someday we'll get another like it but for now, i hope everyone enjoys the new theme!