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What Just Happened?

What Just Happened?

Started by Tristan Essair

Sep 12, 2018, 11:14 PM

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"Ah," Kassandros' voice interrupted what idle thoughts were running through Tristan's mind. He was helping with breakfast, again, this morning, and it'd seem Kassandros had a thing he wanted. "Now that you're both in the same room as each other," and here, the white-haired boy held up a piece of paper, and then started reading it, presumably. "I, Kassandros Essair, name my slaves, Sandalio and Tristan, no longer beholden to servitude, and free citizens under the name and patronage of House Essair. Thenceforth, they will be recognised as free citizens under Dalmascan law, with all right and freedom granted by such status."

"Wait," Tristan started, "what?"
Kassandros looked a bit amused. "You're free," he said, like that answered everything. "Both of you. I ah, took the liberty of registering you with the citizenship office under your real names, hope you don't mind."

Was he serious?

Obviously he was serious. Tristan had never known Kassandros not to be, but it didn't make this entire thing any easier to wrap his head around. He'd... just freed them, what on earth - well, he knew what on earth, logically, but it still made very little sense to him. Why now? Why at all? Wasn't Sandalio kind of invaluable? Far be it for Tristan to quibble too much, but - and besides, it wasn't like Sandalio was going anywhere. He... Tristan was pretty sure he had a thing.

Hadn't asked yet. Maybe now was a bad time.

"Nothing has to change, if you don't want it to," Kassandros mentioned. "Well, I'll be paying you starting today, that's a thing. Labour laws, and all of that, they apply now."
"It's okay," the younger said, giving this odd, lopsided half-smile. "I'm sure it'll take some getting used to. Estelle is also registered; I haven't bothered trying to explain the concept of being a slave one day and not the next and what that even means to a four year old, so, good luck. Well you probably want to wonder among yourselves what the fuck is wrong with me, and maybe decide if you're staying or going, I hear there's a caravan headed for Haradi soon, yeah? Yeah? Have a nice talk!" And Kassandros headed out.

Tristan, for his own, turned to Sandalio, one eyebrow arched upward. "... caravan to Haradi, huh? ... did you do something bad?" There was an awful lot of emphasis on that caravan to Haradi.


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It wasn't that rare for them to be in the same room, was it? Hm... Sandalio turned at Kassandros' words though, as soon as he'd finished with what he was doing. Wait, wait. A glance at Tristan. Yes, okay, he'd heard that right. He wasn't misunderstanding or anything like that. No, Kass had just friend the both of them, and apparently, Estelle. Which made sense given Estelle was his daughter, wouldn't want to separate them but...

Hm. His expression was somewhere between confused and uncertain. "I mean thank you but why would you..." Well it didn't have to change anything, which was slightly encouraging. Still, he had no idea why Kassandros would do that exactly. Seemed like it would be just as easy not to free them at all and let them keep doing their jobs. It was something to be thankful for, sure, but it was confusing. Sandalio couldn't see what Kassandros gained from this. Of course, before he had a chance to ask anything else, to try and get an idea of what he might be thinking, Kassandros had gone and left him alone with Tristan.

"Not unless you consider doing my job decently well bad." Sandalio was frowning a little, thinking back on things. "I don't plan on going anywhere though." Nope. He was going to stay and keep doing his job. He wanted to keep doing his job. "I wouldn't blame you if you don't want to stay." In a rather serious voice. ... And maybe... if he went, maybe he should take Estelle away from here before things changed and something went wrong. But Sandalio was going to stay right where he was. He didn't say that immediately though.

Or, well. He supposed that Kass might consider the fact that Sandalio liked him some kind of a thing done wrong, intentional or not. And... well. It was one of those things that Kassandros may well have recognized as a thing. It didn't stop him from doing his job - in fact it made him want to do his job. But Kass had always had some minor issue with just how well Sandalio did his job, and how seriously he took the bodyguard thing.

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.
Then what was that all about?

It wasn't like Tristan understood the guy. Certainly, he didn't understand him better than Sandalio, but if Sandalio was confused, well, they were both out of luck on guessing what Kassandros' angle was. It seemed strange a thing; the only explanation that made any sense was perhaps the freedom was because Kassandros wanted to reward them, or just one of them and the other two were just along for the ride by virtue of being related to him, for doing decent jobs, but then why the emphasis on leaving? Kassandros seemed more the type that'd be over the moon about being legally obligated to pay them for their services now.

Kassandros was a never-ending enigma, if Tristan had ever seen one.

"If you're not leaving, neither am I," Tristan answered. "I'm just confused. Not so much by the freedom thing, though that'll take some adjustment, it's more, the emphasis on the caravan to Haradi. Decent guards are hard to come by, particularly among the blood fighters, I'd figure he'd rather you stayed." Well, on the other hand, Kassandros wasn't stupid. A bit naive and occasionally somewhat short-sighted, but he wasn't an idiot. Maybe he'd noticed Sandalio had a thing? Then why not command them to go? He didn't even have to, he could've sent them to House Asheron, that wasn't a bad place to go, either.

"... you have a thing, don't you?" Despite the question, it was toned as if he already knew the answer, and by now, Tristan was fairly sure he did. "Have you told him this?" There was that possibility. It wasn't as if Tristan was privy to their probably countless conversations.

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Well, that settled that then, Sandalio supposed. Because he wasn't going to argue with Tristan about leaving, of course. And Sandalio had no intention of changing his mind and leaving anyway. Kassandros had done a lot of good for them, and Sandalio wanted to continue doing his job as a guard. He liked the Essair boy, and it really was that simple, in his mind. Yes, he had his freedom, but as Kass had said himself, nothing had to change if they didn't want it to. And Sandalio didn't. If Tristan wasn't going to go without them then they'd just make do with what they had right here.

"He said something once about ruining my life." Something like that, he couldn't remember the exact words. "I feel like this is probably just cycling into he knows he has enemies and doesn't really... he thinks Lycaon and I do too good of a job, so far as I can tell. We care too much about ensuring his wellbeing." Tristan of course wouldn't have been privy to those conversations. "So that's probably why the emphasis on wanting us to leave. But... on the other hand, it doesn't change that I actually want to protect him." No, it didn't.

Of course Tristan would ask that. "Yes I do. No I haven't." Firmly. "And given he's already emphasizing being rid of me, I don't think telling him is a great idea, do you?" Toned in such a way that it was pretty clear that regardless of what Tristan said there, Sandalio intended to stick to his guns.

Telling Kassandros would only confirm what the boy probably already guessed. It wasn't as if Sandalio hadn't tried to calm him down that night, after Cygnus. That had been beyond his duty as a guard, and they both knew it. The danger had been eliminated. But... Sandalio had still been worried. And yes, he knew why. He knew it was because he cared about Kassandros.

He just didn't think Kass would take it well. Go figure that.

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I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible. And when I leave you will finally understand, why storms are named after people.
Right. Ruining his life? That was new. New to Tristan, he should clarify, because it sounded like that wasn't new to Sandalio. Being bluntly honest about it, though, Tristan was failing to see how staying could turn out to be quite that terrible. The whole reason they were staying was because it was markedly better here than essentially anywhere else in Dalmasca. Barring only perhaps House Asheron, and few here had direct experience as part of House Asheron. Even House Lancaster, while it had certain members that weren't so bad, had horror stories passed around.

Given over half of House Lancaster was here, Tristan was going with, there was a reason why.

Tristan held his hands up, there at the end. "I wasn't saying tell him if you haven't," he said. "I was just asking if you had. I thought that might've been what this was about, but, apparently not. Then again, it's not like he's an idiot, maybe it is." It wasn't like Tristan knew what Kassandros had and had not figured out. But, as intelligent as he was, he was also very blind to some things. Maybe he had missed it.

"Well, you'd know him better than I would, and probably have a better idea of whether he's figured it out or not, so I'll leave that one to you." It wasn't like he had any ideas what was going through the guy's head. Well... actually. Tristan frowned, slightly, as that thought crossed his mind. It reminded him, a bit, of their parents. Tristan was old enough, he remembered things like that, hushed arguments Sandalio had probably long forgotten, but for some reason, had stuck with Tristan. It was debatable as to why, but the why didn't matter. He remembered their father never really liking it when their mother ended up fighting. Not because he didn't think she could or believed she wasn't a good fighter, but more because he knew that other people were good fighters, too.

The problem, of course, with being a decent guard was, sooner or later, you were gonna get hurt doing it. It was kind of the nature of the beast, and so long as Sandalio and Lycaon insisted on being decent at their jobs, that threat was always there. No. Maybe Kassandros knew, maybe he didn't. Tristan didn't think that had much of anything to do with it. That'd explain why he seemed to take issue with them being too good at their jobs.

"You know though," Tristan started. "The problem with guards that are good at being so is, they tend to get hurt eventually. I think, maybe, in his awkward way, he's having trouble making sure you're not gonna die on him while still respecting your personal agency. Unfortunately, the two are not exactly aligning with each other. So... maybe he's hoping, now that you're free, you'll just go, either for Estelle's or my sake, and solve the whole problem yourself." Unfortunately for him, well, that plan just fell through.

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