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Rumour Pickings

Rumour Pickings

Started by Livia Asheron

Sep 09, 2018, 08:11 PM

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let's do this

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Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, it is a quiet voice at the end of the day, saying, 'I will try again tomorrow.'
She was here.

Here and rather quite displeased about it, actually, and trying so very much not to punch anyone in the face. That was, as it happened, somewhat difficult, given she had spent the last six years being high-pitch-giggly-whined at by... what was even that girl's name, again? It wasn't like Livia cared (give her another two or three glasses of wine, and she'd care even less), but remembering names and things, those typically were very good things to remember.

"You look radiantly dreadful," was what Kassandros decided to say, upon slinking up beside her somewhere amid Livia mentally stabbing someone and reaching for another glass of wine.
"And you look like you'd rather be anywhere else," Livia answered, sounding more bemused than anything. "I take it the guards are working out," she added, glancing behind him at his shadow.
"Yes well," Kass answered. "You know," he went on, dropping his voice a bit. "I'd figure free people would be less difficult to get to go somewhere else, but this one decided he's not leaving."
Livia, in all her fine slightly buzzed controlled manner, let out a very unladylike snort. "Well, Alcides." That was all she had to say. ... hey, wait a minute... Alcides wouldn't leave because - so did that mean Kassandros' guard had a - ... well guards did seem to currently have a track record of - ... how did he find enough hume in there to fall for, anyway... that was a very terrible thing to think. (See drunk. See not caring.)
"... yes. Alcides," Kass agreed. "So, anything interesting?" He was changing the subject. It wasn't like Livia was too drunk to notice that much. (He was not getting away with it.)
"Nope," Livia replied. "Just a bunch of high-pitched giggling and complaining about shipments being late. You're a merchant, Livia, couldn't you, you know, do something? Yes. I'm apparently more powerful than I thought, hmm. This'll get confusing, I seem to get caught going back and forth between powerless and all powerful quite randomly a lot."
Of course. Kassandros didn't say it, but the look on his face probably did.

"You know why Alcides won't go, right?" she asked.
"Well I think that's Icarus calling me, nice seeing you," and Kass turned right around and headed somewhere else. "Slow down on the wine, Livia."
Livia, of course, made a face. "You know you can't run from everything! Sooner or later you have to stop running, Kassandros! ... why do I bother?" she asked, looking at his guard. Honestly, why did she bother? Who knew.

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Sandalio snorted slightly at that particular comment, but wisely didn't say anything. There was nothing to say, really. He'd made his choice - he wasn't leaving. Sandalio fully intended to remain and continue to do his job as a proper guard. It wasn't like he was the first - there was another who'd done the exact same thing right over there, just behind Livia. It shouldn't have been surprising - good masters were hard to come by, and Sandalio didn't want to abandon the one he'd found. Never mind he had other, more personal reasons not to want to leave.

"I'm not sure why, Miss." Sandalio sounded slightly amused, as Kass went the other way. There was something in his expression, though, a bit of surprise. He was more obvious than he thought he was, if Livia recognized it. Or, perhaps it was just because of Alcides that she was able to guess so easily. Ah... well. He dipped slightly in a polite bow and went after Kass to make sure there wasn't any trouble lurking in the crowd. Sandalio didn't trust Dalmascans, no he did not. Not even at a festival like this.

... Maybe especially at a festival like this. People got drunk and they did very stupid things.

"Mostly I wonder if Sandalio knows why he won't leave, yet." Alcides offered in a quiet voice to Livia, after Sandalio had left them to follow after his former master. It was possible the other former slave believed it was merely a sense of duty or something similar. But... Alcides didn't think it was. No, there was something all too familiar in the way Sandalio looked after Kass when they were separated.

Icarus, for the record, was as far off to one side as he could manage, not exactly trying to avoid being noticed, but sort of. He had a glass of wine in his hand - but it was the same one he'd had the entire time they'd been here. ... No, he didn't trust anyone not to be a problem, go figure. The middle Essair had managed to disengage from the last person who'd insisted on cornering him to talk about their 'next deployment' never mind that Icarus had calmly explained that he wasn't going out onto the lines for a while as he needed to focus on his family.

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Is this your salvation? Is this all you can give? I will not stand in reflection of someone else's dream.
"Oooh, I think he knows..." Livia answered. "He doesn't strike me as the sort that's more blind to his own feelings. It didn't take you very long to figure it out, did it?" She didn't think so. On the other hand, quite frankly, she had no idea when he'd figured it out. Maybe it'd taken him longer than she thought. "Or, maybe he knows, but he doesn't know? Like, he knows he feels a thing but what thing is in the air?" ... Livia was not making sense. Nope.

"... I should go home, huh?" That would probably be the safest thing to do, yes.

Kassandros, for his part, eventually managed to find Icarus, and wandered that way. As he came up beside his brother, he made a face at him, somewhere between amused and annoyed. "Livia is drunk," he said, somewhat flat. "... did you know she has no filter when she's inebriated? I didn't." He'd make a mental note to stay away from her when she was drunk, yes.

"Hope you're having a better time of it than I am." Where was Cygnus, anyway? Not that Kassandros particularly cared what his youngest brother got into, but he also very much did. Cygnus clearly couldn't make proper decisions about who to interact with on his own, and yes, Kassandros worried. Perhaps a hair more than he needed to, but this was Cygnus, he who has no concept of social decorum, nor any concept of acceptable individuals to interact with.

The Salonus kids. That was all.

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