Sep 9, 2018 -- Welcome back!
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hephaestus @ Sep 09, 2018, 06:49 AM
we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
we are now on our new smf 2.1 home! welcome back everyone! some things have changed due to this!

  • first, our character management system has been upgraded as well to acm 2.0. this thing's got some cool stuff, the templates are different and more intuitive, and the controls are just more user-friendly. we also have auto-list functionality, so the auto play-by list is compatible with the char manager, and we have a journal feature now! most of the fun stuff's backend, but still, many thanks to @Esmera !

  • secondly, several of our features are now built into smf. mentions and the wysiwyg editor, for instance, we also have proper alerts, and you can turn on post drafts (and it will save them automatically at intervals). everything's much nicer, 2.1 was definitely worth it.

  • nothing's been lost! yay us!

  • our server is now running php 7.1! this is good news for us, as we're now running a much newer version of the industry standard, and 7.1 will take us into the future.

  • due to simpleportal not being updated for 2.1 yet, we did kind of have to fallback on our discord. we now have a discord crate embed (see the lil guy in the corner?), which is a very sleek-lookin' button that will load the discord channel for messiah on click. guests can post in it. i will also say, you can bounce to channels for boards you dont normally have access to through crate; out of courtesy to the other boards that share our discord, please dont.

  • you may find some things are a bit broke in regard to theme layout. the mature mod is also not quite as thorough as it was before. we do apologize, but esmera has been coding for two months straight, and we're gonna let her rest for a bit, so please be patient!

hope everyone enjoys! we have a few more things to square away from admin-side, and then we should be ready to finally kick off the festival of iuna!