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Kassandros Essair @ Jun 21, 2018, 05:32 AM
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Could say that? Did that mean it wasn't really accurate? But, thinking about it, Estelle wasn't so sure about it being a lie. Masters did that, sometimes, the thing where they lied, but most of the time, they were mostly honest. She thought. Come to think of it, how did you tell that someone was lying? In the end, maybe it didn't really matter.

Sandalio... That was - well, she thought she could say it. Quietly, under her breath, she sounded the syllables out, trying to make sure she got the sounds right, and then nodded once to herself. Some kind of shortening, maybe, because it was very long, and in some instances, Estelle was lazy.

"Sandi?" she asked, tilting her head. She called Kassandros Kassi, it sounded logical to her. "Oh. Well, maybe I'll just happen to grow up really tall, too. Does the world look different up there?" Estelle, of course, was yet too young to understand perspective

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"That's fine." He agreed without considering it for more than a moment. It was kind of cute, actually. It was perhaps not the most dignified nickname, but she was what, five? It wasn't as if it mattered what he was called anyway - he was a slave and while Sandalio was his name, he'd been called no shortage of other things in his past, and he didn't really mind, in the end. It was a silly thing to be worried about.

Sandalio smiled down at her faintly. "Maybe you will." It wasn't as if he knew what her family looked like, so it was possible. And he wasn't going to ask because it was possible that she didn't know either. Never mind everything looked tall to a girl her age.

Mm. "Not so different from what you see down there." Bemusedly. "Maybe I'll let you see some time." But he was not going to put a girl in a dress like that on his shoulders, that would end not so well. He was just going to hope they could find something a bit more suitable to her age when they got home. But Kassander was generally a step or two ahead of him, so... he wasn't too worried about it, really.

Sandalio was just going to hope that the journey back home was relatively uneventful. Completely uneventful would be even better, but Sandalio knew better than to hope for that. It was simply asking too much. But they had gotten what they set out to do done. A trip to the temple - though that conversation was still slightly confusing to Sandalio, and they'd retrieved Estelle.

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Is this your salvation? Is this all you can give? I will not stand in reflection of someone else's dream.
"Sandidididi... okay, maybe not that many Di's..." Estelle made a face somewhere between annoyed and bewildered, and Kass snorted softly. What? She was ridiculously adorable, apparently. Then, maybe kids that age usually were; if nothing else, Dalmasca hadn't utterly ruined them, like it'd ruined him. Eventually, though, it occurred to him... well, he'd free her, too, then. And if Sandalio had any damned sense, and something happened to House Essair and he didn't die in it, he'd take his kid and run to Haradi or something. Not that Haradi was safe, either.

So exactly how many people was he actually capable of saving? Because the more time went on, the more it seemed like abso-fucking-lutely none of them. Well, Sandalio said it last night, didn't he. Wasn't Kassandros' problem, in reality. He just made it his problem. No wonder he failed miserably at it.

"You'll probably get close in height," Kassandros said, somewhere in there around the height discussion. "Your parents were pretty tall, too." Are? Were. He'd go with were, for right now.
"You know my parents?" Estelle asked.
"Mm, in a sense." How did you explain visions to a kid, anyway? He'd never figured that out.
"Oh." Estelle accepted that just fine, at least.

Ah - he actually felt it, that time, pausing in his step, freezing where he was, staring at nothing. The light blazed to life in his eyes for about ten or fifteen seconds, and, as usual, it went away again. Kassandros almost immediately squeezed his eyes closed in pain, a very faint whimper escaping. Right, okay, not that way, got it... could've fucking said that the normal way... internal grumbling here. Estelle peered up at him, and started to say something, but Kassandros put a finger to his lips.

"... that way," he whispered eventually, pointing. Estelle nodded, and went that way. Apparently, we were taking a minor detour, because the other way was not a good idea. Admittedly, between he and Sandalio, they could probably handle it, but he was just not in the bloody mood, right now, and might well fucking blow Dalmasca apart if he got in a fight right now. Not the best idea. Yes, he still had the mental presence to realise that much.

"That one's our house," he mentioned, pointing again, for Estelle's sake.
"Oh. It's not very big," she said. "Maybe cleaning won't be a nightmare!"
Kass snorted. "It's not. Everyone cleans, too." Yep, everyone.
"Except you?"
"Nope, even me."
"What." She sounded so bewildered.
"I like cleaning."
Estelle made a face that made it rather clear she was wondering what was wrong with him. "... you're a seer, huh?" was what she asked.
Of course she knew that word. "... I am."
"One of mommy's friends was a seer," Estelle said. "She had a vision one day, threw up blood, and died. ... you're gonna do that, too, aren't you."
Figures she knew that, too. Kassandros glanced at the sky, looking a hair annoyed at it. "I die a different way," was what he said.
Estelle didn't answer, but she also didn't look like she believed him, either. She glanced at Sandalio uncertainly, but, she didn't ask. Wasn't like he'd know, probably.

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Sandalio couldn't help a short laugh at that. Okay, she was cute, he had to admit that. He hadn't been around many kids since he had been taken from his home, and back then he had alternated between finding them cute and finding them annoying - but he thought maybe that wasn't unusual at that particular age of adolescence.

It in no way surprised Sandalio that Kassandros knew that. He wondered then, if at some point they'd lose the little girl because Kass saw fit to reunite her with her parents. ... That depended, he supposed, on the situation said parents were in, because he may bring them to Essair instead, or, Sandalio supposed, they may already be in Essair. Time would tell, and he'd just... not worry about it for the moment. Right now the goal was simply to get her home safely.

... And that was a vision. Sandalio stilled, watching quietly. There was nothing he could do, of course, except be reminded that Kassandros was an hour glass that was running out of sand. He frowned at the slight whimper, but said nothing. It wouldn't solve anything, and it wouldn't help at all. He'd just remind himself of. Oh. Detour, apparently that was what the vision was about. Sandalio turned his path towards the indicated one.

Did he die a different way, or did he just say that because he knew Estelle wouldn't see? Maybe it didn't matter - certainly Sandalio didn't want to know the answer to that question. It was easier, in many ways, not knowing how it would finally end. Sandalio could take each day as it came this way. Still, he gave Estelle a small smile. "Try not to worry about it, little one." It wasn't terribly reassuring, he knew. But he also had a feeling she'd be taken care of no matter what happened going forward.

"He's not lying though, he really does help clean the house." Turning back to something slightly lighter, yes. But they were almost home, finally.

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She supposed, if nothing else, there wasn't much she could do about it, anyway. Things like this, of course, were outside of her grasp, not on the list of things she had control over, and she knew it. So far, though, she liked Kassandros, better than she'd liked most people that gave her orders and called themselves master or whatever the word was. Estelle never did figure out what that meant. Eh, she'd get it someday. Still, even if he did die a different way, seers didn't live long. Her mommy had said that seers weren't kids and then they were gone, and Kassandros didn't look like a kid to her. Did that mean it was soon? What would happen, then?

Sandalio was probably right. She should let someone bigger than her worry about that.

There was a very tall someone at the gate. Really pretty tall someone. Estelle kind of eyed them as they passed. "Aren't erm. People like him, aren't they supposed to, like, sit around and do nothing?" That was what she thought.
"I'm sure most say so," Kassandros said. "But I find that really boring." Actually, he just thought it was nice to help his household's members out, that was all. "That's Gannicus," he said, for Estelle. "If something goes wrong, and you can't find me or Sandalio, look for Gannicus." A short pause, and he gestured at Alasdair across the lawn. "Or that guy, that's Alasdair. Leon would be okay, too, you'll meet him in a bit."
"... is Leon really tall, too?"
Kass snorted. "He's an ilim. Pretty tall for an ilim, though. Bit taller than you, I think."
"That's weird!" Most ilim were shorter than her, even the really old ones!

Ah, actually, they were going to toddle into Merenwen first. "Oh, this is Merenwen," Kassandros said, as they meandered into the entrance. She was just leaving the kitchen. "Merenwen, this is Estelle, she's staying. Do you got a minute?"
"Hi Estelle, it's nice to meet you." Well, kids were cute. "Sure."
"Could you get Estelle something ahm. More appropriate for a four year old to wear and run around in? And then see about getting her a room set up."
"Ah, yes, I suppose that would not be the best thing to wear. Cobra?"
"Sure thing."
"Could you follow Merenwen, Estelle?" he asked.
Estelle made a face. "... uh. Yeah..." Didn't master people command? Whatever. "Oh my gosh what kind of ears do you have?" Estelle hadn't ever seen squirrels up close before. Happily, though, Merenwen started answering her, and led her down the hall to find her something else to wear.

Kassandros, as soon as they'd gone, squeezed his eyes closed, and pressed a hand to his head. "... ow." He still had a small headache. "... Cassimer, apparently, ambushes are a thing we have to be concerned about now." That was fantastic, wasn't it?

He went quiet, for a few seconds, and then glanced up at Sandalio. "She's yours, by the way. Estelle, I mean." Just, setting that there.

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Sandalio laughed shortly at that, but Kassandros did the actual answering for him. Ah, which was probably for the best because yes, they generally were supposed to do nothing - at least nothing of that sort, and it was a little strange that Kassandros insisted on doing otherwise. But he was confusing in a bunch of different ways and really that was only beginning to scratch the surface of it. Sandalio did nod politely to Gannicus when they passed, of course, but he hadn't said anything. There wasn't much point and he was still keeping up with these two.

Merenwen, apparently. A smile at the Ilim woman then. Ultimately the woman led the small girl off, and Sandalio took a few slow breaths. They had gotten through what Kassandros wanted to do that day. They'd brought the girl home, he'd had his conversation with the god. Nothing much had exploded while they were out, and it definitely could have been worse than it had ended up being.

"... That's... great." His tone was slightly dry, but he didn't sound surprised, either. Of course that was something they were going to have to worry about, why wouldn't it be? Cassimer was going to start ambushing them. ... No wonder Kassandros had wanted to change directions, exposing Estelle to that unnecessarily was almost cruel.

... Staring at Kassandros there, for several moments. He wouldn't lie, Kassandros wouldn't say that unless he meant it. He wouldn't say something like that unless he was absolutely certain. And yet... he wanted to deny it because the other option was worse, in some ways.

One breath, two. No, that wasn't going to go away just breathing. And he didn't notice it, of course, but there was a shift to the shadows around them as his rage flared. "I'm... going to go cut wood." Instead of saying anything else.

Nope, he just turned on his heel and stalked back outside before something happened that he ended up regretting. ... Yes, it was for the best that Kass had waited to tell him that.