Half Remembered Haze
Apr 1, 76
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Atenra Lancaster @ Jun 20, 2018, 11:15 PM
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Atenra was not quite sure how he'd ended up where he was. Golden eyes peered around the dim space - it was a supply closet, he realized after a moment. The one in the kitchen. Okay, but why was he sleeping in the supply closet exactly? The teenager shifted slightly, endeavoring to straighten his back out slightly, because it did not like the way he was currently curled. ... Which was funny, he never slept curled up like that for precisely that reason.

Okay, okay. What did he remember? He remembered doing the dishes last night with Leon. And then things got... hazy. There was the strangest impression of seeing the world from almost flat on the floor and then not much else. Okay let's think about this logically for a moment, there were an extremely small number of reasons for him to have ended up in a supply closet over night. And most of them would have left some other memories than the ones he had.

Er. Wait. He was naked in the supply closet.

Breathing for a moment, and thinking about it. Okay, last night was a full moon. So that probably meant he'd transformed and... ended up here. Okay. Um. Well that was fine, he hoped nothing terrible had happened last night since he couldn't remember anything and would be relying on what people told him about what he did.

About there Atenra poked his head out of the closet to see if he could figure out where his clothes were at the moment. Getting dressed sounded like a great idea.

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That was an exciting night. Things could have gone much worse, to be sure about it. Leon was just glad Atenra hadn't bitten him, not that it would've-well, it might have killed him, depending on how much venom Atenra loosed, and how quickly he could viably get-okay, that wasn't the point. The point was, the cobra didn't bite him, just looked like it might, and then changed its mind, and... if Leon remembered right, the snake had darted into... this closet. Ah. Just in time.

Leon smiled, kind of lopsided, straightened out and put one hand on his hip. His ears went straight up. "Good morning," he greeted. "I thought to get your clothes after you fled. But I brought you a change of clean ones." The ilim set the neatly-folded set of clothes on the table by the door, and then backed up. Some humes were very strange, and had a thing about being naked and seen that way. Some weren't. Leon wasn't entirely sure which one Atenra would be. (Yes, he knew Atenra was a were, but he was raised hume, so in manner, he'd be mostly hume.)

"If it makes you feel any better, you didn't bite anybody." That was a bonus! Oh, wait, he probably didn't even know what he was. "You're a cobra." Of course, that likely made more sense of not biting anyone being a very good thing, yes.

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Atenra blinked up at the Ilim for a moment. Well, it made sense that if he was in the kitchen supply closet Leon would know he was here. Ilim tended to be good at that. "Good morning." Carefully.

He didn't really remember what happened last night, but the logical thing to assume had already occurred to him. Since the last thing he remembered was washing dishes with Leon, he was just going to hope he hadn't managed to hurt him. But the smaller creature looked to be just fine.

"Thank you." Genuinely grateful for that. Atenra did reach out to grab the clothing before retreating more completely into the shadows to dress.

"That's comforting." Not biting anyone was good. He didn't really want to turn anyone against their will or anything like that. ... Er. Well that made it even more important that he hadn't manged to bite anyway. "Huh. I wouldn't have guessed that." Ah, no.

But it did explain why he'd suddenly been viewing the world from the ground. After a few moments he stepped out of the supply closet and into the kitchen properly. "So I just... immediately hid in the closet then?" It made sense. Instinct would probably have been to get away from the larger creature if he was given a path to do so.

Snakes generally didn't want to attack anything as large as even an Ilim. They weren't prey sized.

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Words mean nothing. It is easy to say, but it is many times harder to do.
Yes, Leon thought he might appreciate clothes, without having to dart across the manor to get them. Not to say that would've ended badly, Kassandros was quite serious about that no-touching-anyone-without-their-permission thing, but that certainly wouldn't make it any more comfortable a thing. Anyway, the bright side was, Leon had thought to get him a change of clothes, and everyone side-stepped the awkward. Funny story, or maybe unsurprising story, the ilim didn't really know what clothes were, until humes arrived from across the sea.

"More or less," Leon answered. "Well, you did hiss at me. The good news is, I can handle most wild animals, backed away, and you, I guess, figured out you were in a weird place, and darted under the closet door. ... how's your back, anyway? I can't imagine turning into a snake was particularly comfortable for it." He may have been wrong, who knew. Maybe it didn't carry over like that... see, Leon knew a lot, but there were still some things he didn't know.

"Since you and your brother were born weres, you can turn out to be anything. Which is odd, because when a were is sired, they turn out something related at least, to their sire's animal form, like you're not going to get a cobra out of a lion that way. You know, ilim made the weres, but frankly, I've yet to meet an ilim that really understands how they work." But then, it wasn't as if they needed to know, mostly.

Oh! "Hey, maybe you should ask your dad, I bet he knows." If nothing else, he probably had a better idea than Leon did.

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Well Atenra did feel a bit bad for hissing at Leon, but at least it hadn't gone badly. No one had been hurt, and he could be relieved for that much. And Leon didn't seem to be upset about it so that was a positive as well. He'd just let that go, and accept the fact that apparently during the full moon that was something to look forward to now. He was going to turn into a snake and apparently needed to make some arrangements for that instead of being out and about, at least until he had himself completely under control.

"Uh. A little stiff actually. Probably because I woke up laying curled in a ball." Which if he was a cobra, of course he had, that was basically their default napping state as far as he remembered from reading. They curled up to avoid being stepped on which made sense given the damn things could easily be as long as he was tall. Still human spines didn't appreciate the same sort of abuse with any kind of grace. "But it's not bad." Nah, moving around would set him right, that was all.

Along those lines, Atenra did stretch a little now that he was out of the closet to restore some of the range of motion.

"Did they? That's neat." It was yeah. ... To be fair though if a born were could be anything then apparently it wasn't so odd that he'd come out so different from his father. On the other hand, it was interesting that sired weres were similar and born ones weren't. Wasn't that how biology usually worked? Eh. It probably didn't matter too much.

"I might, actually." Maybe. "If nothing else, curious what he thinks about it." Surya had been around a long time and probably had some thoughts at least, even if he didn't have an exact answer.