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Half Remembered Haze

Half Remembered Haze

Started by Atenra Lancaster

Jun 20, 2018, 10:15 PM

Dated April 1, 76

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Atenra was not quite sure how he'd ended up where he was. Golden eyes peered around the dim space - it was a supply closet, he realized after a moment. The one in the kitchen. Okay, but why was he sleeping in the supply closet exactly? The teenager shifted slightly, endeavoring to straighten his back out slightly, because it did not like the way he was currently curled. ... Which was funny, he never slept curled up like that for precisely that reason.

Okay, okay. What did he remember? He remembered doing the dishes last night with Leon. And then things got... hazy. There was the strangest impression of seeing the world from almost flat on the floor and then not much else. Okay let's think about this logically for a moment, there were an extremely small number of reasons for him to have ended up in a supply closet over night. And most of them would have left some other memories than the ones he had.

Er. Wait. He was naked in the supply closet.

Breathing for a moment, and thinking about it. Okay, last night was a full moon. So that probably meant he'd transformed and... ended up here. Okay. Um. Well that was fine, he hoped nothing terrible had happened last night since he couldn't remember anything and would be relying on what people told him about what he did.

About there Atenra poked his head out of the closet to see if he could figure out where his clothes were at the moment. Getting dressed sounded like a great idea.

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