How'd You Find Us?
Curious minds are curious!
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hephaestus @ Mar 18, 2018, 06:44 AM
we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
And what made you stay? You stayed for the cookies, didn't you...

Regional Manager of Salty Bitches Inc.
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Money can't buy happiness, but it can pay the bills and buy the new Pokemon game, and that's pretty dang close.
I definitely stayed for the cookies.

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I had the honor of helping with some of the preliminary discussions about the board set up.

... Totally stayed for the cookies though. Aphelion's right.

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There are cookies? I feel gypped.

I think I found this place on a directory, somewhere. I opened about ten thousand sites at once, and Messiah was one of the elite few that remained open after an hour of perusal.

Esmera brought me!