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Started by Axelius, Jun 16, 2018, 06:06 PM
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10 Posts Slave Written by Zozma
Jul 01, 2018, 04:22 PM / 453 Words
Do you think...

you're falling for her, Axel?

He left the words unspoken, only smiling as he lowered his head. Axelius could fall for anybody. Normally, it was other people doing the falling. A guy like Axelius, he tended to be quite popular. He was strong, tall, good-looking, and warm-hearted. He was vulnerable, too, in ways he wasn't sure Axelius was even aware of himself. To speak so honestly and so highly of someone... Surely that meant there were feelings involved. 

It's good to see him care.

He told himself that but it made his heart sore all the same. Angling his gaze away from Axelius, he pulled a pillow closer so he could oh-so-casually place it behind his head while he made himself more comfortable. Normally, it was ruse to make his clients feel more comfortable, too. Now it was just a ruse to look like he was totally comfortable. 

"No," he said slowly, measuring his words carefully. "I don't think jealous is the term for it..." He crossed his ankles and regarded Axelius and his teasing smirk. Devil. No, jealous wasn't the term for it. People came and went in Axelius' life and it was good to know that he was making friends--hopefully people he could trust--outside this brothel. Outside Vesperius. It just... left Vesperius feeling alone, which was utterly ridiculous. Axelius was here. He was here for him. He wasn't gathering a party together. He even... he even paid for his time. 

Suddenly, Vesperius popped up, back to a sitting position. He pulled his legs into a cross-legged position. No moping! The visit could end too soon and with them not saying or doing anything important. Axelius might not see him again for another whole year! And how would it feel, making Axelius worry? (Would he?) He reached out so he could take Axelius' face in his hands. His stare could have pierced through armor. He was searching his soul, as if that was a power that he possessed. Hah. 

"I missed you." The words were ethereal, so softly spoken that they might well have been the ghost of his voice.

After a moment, he smiled and he let go of Axelius' face, though his fingertips gently lingered for a few seconds too long. 

"And here you are, out there having a good time without me, mostly free to do as you want. Now that's the part that makes me jealous. " 

macenian snake
Blood Fighter
18 Posts 23 Years Maleish 6' 3" House Asheron Blood Fighter Written by aphelion
I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.
Jul 02, 2018, 03:17 AM / 471 Words
Instinct made him momentarily back up, tensing to spring, and then it was gone a heartbeat later. It was just Vesperius, for fuck's sake, Axelius couldn't see him hurting much of anyone, least of all him, even if only because they were friends ( they were friends, right? ). Axelius snorted, the smirk becoming more amused than it was before. "Had noted," he said, drawling slightly. "Missed you, too, though," he added, quieter, less amused than before.

For a moment, Axelius just stared at him. He probably looked thoughtful, really, and he kind of was. Livia was strange for a Dalmascan slave owner. Axelius knew that, quite well. The Houses before her hadn't been nearly so eager to let him wander off wherever it was he wanted to go, as she was. It was debatable, why she was, when so many others weren't. If he pulled a stunt like this after a fight in only just the House before Asheron, he'd get a hell of a whipping when he got back, and probably some time in solitary confinement. Most likely waist deep in mud. If he was lucky.

If he was very unlucky, he'd have gotten executed.

Some part of him started to wonder, if maybe it'd be better, to just leave Vesperius here. It was safe, here, in ways it wasn't and never could be out there, because out there, there were monsters the likes of which Helene never let set foot in this building. They had security in this place, for fuck's sake. Maybe the reasons why the owner was protective of his slaves was ostensibly inhumane, but the fact of the matter was, he was defensive of them, and he did enforce the no damaging the goods rule. It was safe here. The only place that was more safe was to the west, where the fabled Free Cities were, and sometimes, Axelius wondered if they really existed or not, if they weren't just made-up places Dalmasca had come up with to give people a false sense of hope.

Still, he wanted to believe they existed. Because that was the tricky thing, about hope; it never really promised anything, so, it never really let you down.

"It's not as great as it sounds. D'you know why?" Axelius asked, quietly. "Why I left? I didn't have to become a blood fighter, either, I purposely asked to be one. Do you know why I did?" Probably, he didn't. Maybe it'd be better, if he didn't.
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