As Dawn Breaks
Apr 1, 76
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Inetkaes Lucain @ Jun 15, 2018, 12:31 PM
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The sun was just on the horizon now, and the moon's presence had faded. The full moon was over. Inetkaes' transformation had come to its end - and her experience had allowed her to at least know to be close to one of the shores when that happened. Being a shark had its negatives, but at least Nydema was on the coast - it made her time in this particular city much, much easier. It also meant that she didn't have to halt her search long enough to travel to the coast for safety during the full moon - which meant more of her time could be spent actually searching.

The down side, of course, was the fact that there seemed to be Lucain all over the city. It was fainter in some places than others, and she'd met several who smelled like Lucain very faintly. Clearly her nephews had had children over the years - this was in no way shocking, of course. It was, however, making things more complicated when it came to finding them.

Inetkaes had already retrieved her dress by then, and was resting just beyond where the waves met the sand. Water magic had been used to wash the feel of salt from her skin - it was unpleasant once it began to dry. The scent of Lucain was strong on the wind here, stronger than it was in many other places along the water's edge. The only other place that had had a similar strength had been what amounted to a sheer cliff with no way for her to get up the side without quite the display of magic.

So of course, here she was. Ah, but it was barely dawn, and even if she wanted to approach whatever house it was further on, it was probably better to wait a little longer. In a bit, she'd probably go to find breakfast and then circle back. Yes, that was a good idea.

Unless, of course fate had other plans. Because she thought there was someone else coming. Inetkaes visibly remained calm about it - after all most wouldn't be able to sense the approach even if there was someone coming.

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So early in the morning, things were fairly peaceful in house Essair. Kassandros was doing his usual meditation thing, and Gannicus, well, he was probably sleeping. Tihaan had heard, though, that the were's eldest had suddenly shifted into a snake on Leon last night, as the full moon had risen, and so there was understandably a bit of a buzz about the house concerning that. Tihaan was amused. True it was, he didn't understand how weres worked well enough to say for sure if that was normal, a lion and a snake, but he supposed it didn't matter. Even if it was strange, he was not going to say anything about it, at least not where Atenra could hear it. He didn't want to make the younger boy self conscious about it. Turning into a snake in and of itself would be difficult to handle anyway.

For now, while Kassandros did his meditating, and presumably, Leon dealt with getting breakfast done and ready to be served, Tihaan was making his way around the grounds, checking for anything out of the ordinary, potentially dangerous or merely interesting though it may be. By now, Tihaan had a small collection of seashells he'd found scattered across the grounds. Yes, even this far from the shoreline, he was finding shells. He wondered what they were from, but the not knowing was a good bit of their attraction. As he made his way around the outer perimeter of the grounds, he was picking up small shells here and there, but mostly, he was watching and listening. Soon enough, he stood upright, pocketing another small shell, the smallest yet, and noticed someone on the shore, not far away, as he straightened out.

Somehow, the figure looked a bit familiar, but Tihaan couldn't quite place it. The figure, female, didn't set his nerves on edge, at least. Cautiously, he shuffled into speaking distance, stopping a bit away. A few moments of silence passed, thoughtful, mostly, and Tihaan coughed slightly. "I don't think anyone really minds, but, I'm curious why you're here?" He was, yes.

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She was aware of him before he made a sound. His scent on the wind, the slight feeling of his aura in the air. Inetkaes knew and was not threatened by him. The woman showed little sign of that awareness, taking the moment instead to figure out which one he was. He felt like Sidonai and yet... that wasn't right. No, Tihaan, that was his name. Sidonai's son, the prince.

Golden eyes turned towards the figure when he finally made a noise and gave her a reason to allow her attention to drift to him. Clearly he wasn't going to go on his way - either because he was curious about her, or because he recognized her, or perhaps because he had not decided she wasn't a threat, or something similar. She couldn't blame him - he'd been young last time they saw each other, and Inetkaes wouldn't be shocked if the prince didn't really know who she was except a stranger on the beach.

Perhaps he thought she was in trouble, even.

"Prince Tihaan, right?" Her tone didn't carry far, but should have been loud enough for him to hear her. It wasn't really an answer to his question, but an acknowledgement of him, more than anything. "Ah." Hm. Her gaze lowered for a second. "I'm Inetkaes. And I was looking for someone who seems to be somewhere nearby, is all." It was an easy enough explanation. "But it's only barely dawn so I thought I'd wait a while." And maybe Surya would come to her, or maybe it would take time and she would find him at a more normal hour.

"Sorry if I was disturbing anyone."

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It is neither hardship nor enemy that drive a man to evil; it is his own mind.
For a moment, Tihaan made a face, somewhere around befuddled, with perhaps a bit of a cringe, in there. It'd been a long time, since anyone had called him prince Tihaan, and, quite frankly, here he was, some six years later, still in Dalmasca. Some prince he was, huh. And just how, exactly, did he propose he keep his people from being enslaved when, bluntly put, he couldn't even get himself out of it? Albeit, he was sure, if he asked, Kassandros would just let him go; that wasn't the point, entirely. Ah, it was difficult to make sense of what the point was, even in his head.

Inetkaes... that sounded familiar... ah! "Sahura's sister," mumbled more to himself, as the pieces fell into place. Then, that meant, she was probably here looking for Gannicus. "No disturbance," he said, more sure this time. "And just Tihaan is fine. I was just doing morning patrols and you seemed familiar, though I ah, couldn't figure out why, at first. G-Surya, he is probably asleep, still. But, welcome to the nicest house in Nydema, this is House Essair. ... barring House Asheron. Ah, you're welcome to come in, if you like." A were as old as her, if she were a threat, she'd have already been a threat. "Master Essair's probably meditating, Leon's likely got breakfast well underway, though he may be talking Atenra out of the kitchen supply closet... ... oh, one of Surya's sons, actually. We discovered last night he's a were-cobra. Surya seemed oddly amused." Well, that guy was amused by a lot of strange things.

"I'd imagine Master Essair's already expecting you." He was like that. "Wouldn't be a bother, or anything. Actually, Leon likes to feed people. If he catches scent of you and you didn't come eat, he'll be pouty all week."

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"...No prince?" Immediately upon seeing his reaction to her saying that. It was fair enough that he didn't want her to call him that, she thought. If the people here didn't know it might be dangerous to allow them to find out that way, after all. And it may be simply that he didn't particularly like being called that. If her memory served Tihaan had been missing a relatively long time, considering his age. Time was strange to Inetkaes, but Tihaan was one of the short-lived races, and he'd grown up a lot here. Several years at least, she thought. ... That was sort of sad.

"That's right." She answered with a slight nod. Sahura's sister. The slightly less crazy Lucain. But only slightly, obviously, given she was here in Dalmasca still seeking her nephews all these years later. She knew they weren't dead, that was all, and so she wouldn't give up on finding them. All things considered it was probably slightly impressive that he recognized her at all. Inetkaes thought it had been a long time since he saw her last, since she was always in and out because of her seeking Surya and Sati.

"I'm not surprised you couldn't. It's been a while." It had been yeah. "Sounds like you all had a mildly eventful full moon." Given a brand new were-cobra. Even with Surya around that was likely a bit jarring to face. So Surya was in this house with Tihaan, that was a relief. If only because while she had scented him and thought so, she'd been wrong before here and Nydema was... certainly not making it easy to find the blood fighters it practically revered.

"Why would Master Essair be expecting me?" Asking that before allowing herself to be led inside seemed prudent. She had little doubt that she wouldn't be able to handle whatever it was that awaited her within, and she doubted Tihaan would deliberately lead her into a trap but... Inetkaes hadn't gotten this far in Nydema by being careless. Asheron and Essair, both names she'd heard before. Well liked by some, detested by others. Tihaan was in the house and had been here.

If anyone could give her a little insight before she was faced with the young master Essair, it would be him, yes? Exactly.