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Started by Ksenia Warwicke, Jun 12, 2018, 04:39 AM
Ksenia Warwicke
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Jun 12, 2018, 04:39 AM / 511 Words

It was quiet, out here, but it was also rather loud. For the first time, in quite a long time, the woman could hear the wind, whistling through the little splattered holes in the wood walls, rustling the trees and the grasses, almost as tall as her. She could smell the salty dampness of the coast nearby, hear the sea birds calling as they flew overhead. It was alive, out here, alive and wonderful and too much and not enough. The holes in the wood allowed small light beams to filter into the barn, dappling the floor. It was dirt, with a bit of dried grasses scattered around. It was not terribly comfortable, to sleep on, but it was a bit of an improvement over her ice floors.

In the corner, the woman sat, pinpricks of light scattered across her skin, her hands toying with what was supposed to become a snowflake. She was still having a hard time controlling it precisely enough to create the tiny branches of ice that formed a snowflake's structure, but Thana was doing something over there, and she didn't want to disturb him with incessant chattering. After all, that was rather quite rude. Besides, he was using a knife. Whatever it was, it was somewhat potentially dangerous. The woman couldn't heal; if he injured himself, they'd have to just hope it didn't become infected, as she couldn't heal, and neither of them had any money. Maybe they could make a bit of it, selling some of this scrap metal... who would want it, that, she didn't know.

Ice sorcery, fortunately, did not draw attention too much, so long as other people stayed away from them. So far, their luck had been holding. She prayed to Ytias that it remained so. When she'd woken up, he'd given her bits of fish, a handful of berries, some were sweet tasting, but some were more sour, making her face change, an apple, a bit of cattail flower spike, and what looked like wild asparagus. It smelled like it, too. Her mind still went in circles, and she still got distracted from time to time, but thinking and focusing were a little bit easier, today.

"Thana," she started, quiet, hoping not to disturb him. "Do you think we can find somewhere I can take a bath?" They didn't have any soap, so it wouldn't really be a bath, but, it'd been a while since she'd had one. The woman wasn't so sure where they were, in relation to everyone else, and how safe a bath would be. He'd gotten the fish from somewhere, though, right? Even if she did come out of it smelling like a fish, that'd be better than whatever she smelled like, now.

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Jun 13, 2018, 03:49 AM / 561 Words
She was getting more difficult to distract. Since yesterday, Thana had managed to keep her mostly well-fed. What he managed to find growing wild, some of which was probably the remains of a farm that had reseeded itself and gone wild, was enough to get rather a wide range of food sources out here. It wasn't enough for them both, actually. Naturally, he prioritized her over him, but she was more likely to keel over suddenly than he was. Thana had gotten her this far. He didn't want her dying on him, now. He still ate, it just wasn't near as much as he was used to, and too long of it, and he knew it'd start adversely affecting him, but it was alright. He was going to sun-dry some fish later, as soon as he had the chance to go get more without leaving her alone too long, probably over-fish many times over, just to ensure they had enough for them both for a while. In the meanwhile, Thana was working on making sure she had a variety of things in her diet, because she was lacking in everything.

She was doing better. He'd been right, when he remembered her being more mentally present than that, at one time. Her diet cut, along with her expenditure of so much energy all the time, thanks to being wildly incapable of controlling her aura, had probably contributed to her inability to think straight. The thoughts in her head didn't seem to scramble as much, or as often, as they used to, and while she still got distracted, it was becoming less common. She was doing better. This was worth it. Now, though, he had to find her friggin cobras.

A bath? Thana paused with what he was doing, glancing up at her. ... she did look like she'd not had a bath in a few months, at least. He hadn't thought about this, though. He frowned, a bit, thinking, setting the wood aside; he was carving a wood stick down into a mostly straight shaft, so he could attach the bone arrowhead he'd made out of one of the chicken bones to it to make a fishing spear. "There's uh... well, there's the river I caught the fish in... I meant to go down and catch more fish to dry for later, anyway, if you wanted to go with me, you could wash off while I do that." It shouldn't be a problem, he didn't think. They were actually quite a ways from the rest of Nydema; far from the main roads, and the part of the river he went to was tucked so far into the wilderness, he was pretty sure it was actually outside Nydema's borders.

It was about as safe as they were going to get; but if they were together, they'd have a better chance of dealing with anyone that might stumble into them, anyway. The woman hadn't forgotten, for a while. She may remember enough to be able to pass them off as a normal woman and her guard. If that didn't work... Thana wasn't against stabbing a bitch, either.
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