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Buried myself alive on the inside in which Angrim meets a fellow reader Apr 8, 76 30 Views
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Started by Angrim, Jun 11, 2018, 02:02 PM
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Who's gonna be there to make me whole? I can't stop the bleeding Looking for a meaning Throw me a line and bring me back home Won't you say something? Say something now? I can't do this alone
Jun 11, 2018, 02:02 PM / 310 Words
This was exactly the kind of thing that Angrim stayed away from. This whole... gaiety and dancing and flower crowns. Not really his style. Angrim was more the type of person to take a book to the corner of the fort and a mug of the semi-best ale in town and get lost in another world. Following some prissy noble around...? Not really what he wanted to do tonight but the others had other business. One of them was also on duty with some merchant and the others were enjoying the festival. 

The noble Angrim was with exchanged shy greetings with a woman. Angrim's arms were crossed as he towered above his current charge. Francis of some smaller vassal house. He had hired Angrim before and annoyingly liked him enough to hire him multiple times afterward. The only good thing about this was that Francis paid well and he wasn't the kind of noble that looked at Angrim like he was filth beneath his heel. 

He slid his gaze away so that Francis was still within eyeshot but he could see what was happening around them. A moment later, Francis stepped beside him and slipped some coins into his pocket. Angrim narrowed his eyes and met Francis' gaze. 

"Give us an hour alone," Francis murmured before moving away, extending his arm to the girl. Angrim felt the coins in his pocket, then shrugged. It seemed he had some time off tonight, too. Not knowing quite what to do with himself, Angrim ambled away from the crowdiest part of the crowds. It seemed he wasn't the only one escaping the crowds. Angrim raised a brow at a fellow festival goer with a book in hand. 

"Strange place to read," Angrim said. 
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