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saqqaran crownsguard

Started by Kaspian Ihsan, Jun 10, 2018, 11:12 AM

Kaspian Ihsan
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Jun 10, 2018, 11:12 AM
... I'm too lazy to format this.

So basically, Saqqara has a crownsguard. You know you wanna be in it.

The crownsguard, of course, essentially acts as the personal guard of House Lucain, being as this is the ruling line of Saqqara (so basically [user=21]Sahura[/user], [user=37]Inetkaes[/user], [user=38]Sati[/user], [user=13]Surya[/user], [user=41]Atenra[/user], and [user=40]Sepheres[/user]), all but the youngest two can, however, mostly take care of themselves! Funny. Given most of House Lucain can actually whip the crownsguard, they also and more commonly act as something of the special operations force for Sahura directly. They're kinda like a collection of personal hitmen, and deal with things Sahura can't personally. This means occasionally running off to territories uncharted with very vague instructions, but they make it work.

As Saqqara is fairly auratechnologically advanced, the Saqqaran crownsguard are spiff as shit. They travel in airships, with the bossest assed cannons on them, and have their own personal instant-comm system, these are lil earpieces on one side, communicates to the rest of the crownsguard in a pretty wide range of them, and their uniforms are the fuckin awesomest. They do also have access to aura guns, but it's just as likely many of them prefer the good ol' sword.

Now, because the crownsguard is essentially the "face" of Saqqara and the bannermen of House Lucain, many of its members are probably part of vassal houses of Lucain (Kaspian's House Ihsan is one of their vassals, Kaspian's the crownsguard's commander). Much of the crownsguard is also probably either were, mage, or both. Due to their instant diplomatic association with Saqqara's ruling line, Sahura, when [user=8]Kassandros[/user] manages to forge an alliance between House Essair and House Lucain, will be sending about half the crownsguard, including its commander, to Dalmasca, to help with House Essair's security. This is important, because House Essair gets into a lot of shit and the family have quite a few people after their necks. So, the crownsguard would have the plot opportunity to interact with basically everyone in House Essair, and it's the largest house right now.

Honestly, come for the insta-comm, stay for the plotting. Beyond their alliance with House Essair, there's not much set in stone for the Saqqaran crownsguard, they will eventually go home and stay there, but Dalmasca sucks, and Kassandros needs all the help he can get. After that story-line naturally figures itself out, the crownsguard may end up a large part of a war, who knows.
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