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Started by Thanatus, Jun 09, 2018, 07:23 AM
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It is better to die with a purpose, than to live without one.
Jun 09, 2018, 07:23 AM / 629 Words
With some work, Thanatus had managed to find them an abandoned barn to stay in. It wasn't perfect, and he was about 99% sure the ceiling was going to leak when it rained, but it provided protection from the wind and most of the rain. The morning after they left Warwicke, he'd managed to catch and roast a chicken, and pulled the sinew out of it. He'd made a couple cords and some threads, which he was now using to sew together a blanket, having already made the lady a dress that fit her, out of a couple fabric sacks he'd found, having made a needle out of one of the chicken bones.

The cords were for this knife handle. Thana had managed to get a meat knife on the way out of House Warwicke, but while the knife itself was acceptable, the handle was kind of flimsy. The blade wobbled in it, and to say the least, it uh, it needed a bit of help. There was plenty of scrap wood and metal pieces in this barn, he could probably vaguely copy the blade design and make multiple blades.

At the moment, though, he was in the town center, looking for any sign of that cobra emblem. He swore he remembered seeing it on some of the patrols, but, he wasn't sure if he really wanted to ask one what it was, either. If anyone from House Warwicke came by, he'd probably have to go back, too; the woman was sleeping, at the moment, and he wasn't sure how long she'd stay that way, or whether she'd stay there when she woke up. If he lost her, he'd find her again, but just not losing her in the first place, that'd be a better idea. Most likely, he was jumpy, maybe a bit overprotective, but, it wasn't like the woman was capable of defending herself. She didn't even remember her own name. He didn't know how trusting she was with strangers, either, the last thing he wanted was for her to end up in the wrong person's path.

Anyway, he'd just make this foray as quick as he could. Someone knew what that emblem was. He just had to find them. Sounded easy, right? Yeah. Not so much in practice, as it turned out. He stood to one side of the town center, watching. More concerned about her, than himself, he was still dressed like a typical slave, and most paid him no mind at all. Maybe he could make a pillow out of the chicken feathers, if he could find more fabric. This was a bit difficult, but, he'd figure it out, he'd get through this, find her cobras, and he'd just hope to whatever stupid god was listening at the moment that these cobras of hers did actually want her. Thana didn't know how to get to the Free Cities. He just knew to go west, which, overall, wasn't terribly helpful. If they had to go to the Free Cities, they were going to get so lost.

Maybe he should ask someone? Thana didn't know if he wanted to draw attention to himself, and figuring out which one to ask... eh, that was a toss. His gaze darted around the crowd, some. It was still somewhat early, so there wasn't a very large crowd, just yet. As he moved a bit in place, trying to get a better look around, though, he felt his shoulder smack into someone else. "Oh, sorry," he immediately said, turning to face them.

Icarus Essair
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Yesterday at 10:23 PM / 369 Words
Icarus was, for the most part, just looking around and trying to get an idea of how things were going around the area. He had ended up doing some price checking at the market earlier, and would take those prices home for use in the ledgers, but for the moment, he was just listening to what he could hear around him. His movements were deliberate, and he moved with a sort of purpose that was likely to keep him from being terribly interesting.

He was wearing a cobra arm band at the moment, because he hadn't found one of the shirts with an actually embroidered cobra on it. Kass was so very stern about them wearing the cobra when they went anywhere. He'd almost forgotten and man the look on his face. But he was wearing it and Icarus would keep it on until they got home at least.

It was in that distracted state that Icarus found himself in a minor collision with someone else. Icarus turned slightly as well. "It's fine." Immediately.  He did stop, stilling near the one who was speaking, with blue eyes regarding him for a moment. A slave, it was almost certain given the way he was dressed. Or, not dressed really, as the case was. Possibly a blood fighter given the particular clothing, but sometimes others would wear that particular garment. Hm.

"Are you looking for something?" He didn't exactly know why he felt the need to ask that question. But then, a slave roaming around, no emblem that Icarus could see at first glance. It was worth asking. And it happened some times that when he felt the need to ask a question like that, he was right. And if the slave didn't need help then they could both be on their way. But Kass always liked to help slaves when he could, and that was something Icarus could do pretty easily too.

Icarus thought he'd probably go home after this though. He was relatively certain he'd heard all the useful information he was going to for the moment.
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