June 9, 2018 -- Festival, Ahoy!
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hephaestus @ Jun 09, 2018, 01:48 AM
we must stop killing each other
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that which does not kill me, had better run; because now i'm pissed.
heyo guys, we'll be having our first ic festival soon! the festival of iuna will be happening in dalmasca's capital of nydema, icly, from april 8 to april 12, yes, dalmascans love a good party and will draw it out. there are already characters that will be going, so if anyone else wants to go, feel free, just beware dalmascans are dumb, and drunk dalmascans are even dumber.

i will be making a new board for it shortly, so anyone that wants to attend it can do so. the time-line also now has month tabs, so april threads can be made now.

as an aside, anyone affiliated with house essair will, shortly, be offered the opportunity to visit the free city of saqqara, as kassandros will be taking a journey there to confer with king sahura, probably either in the first or second week of april. they'll be swinging by the free city of haradi, to drop tihaan off, suyis is being kind enough to give them a ride so it will only take about a day altogether, to get to saqqara. those with house asheron may also have the same opportunity, if livia is taking the journey, too.

happy playing!