Peaceful Reflections
Mar 20, 76
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Icarus Essair @ May 31, 2018, 12:37 AM
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Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the decision there is something more important than fear.
Oh, good. Dimitrios figured the worst that happened was, it didn't actually work. It wasn't like he knew Cygnus terribly well, so to speak lightly of it, he wasn't really in the best position to decide what'd work for him or wouldn't. Certainly, Icarus would have a better idea than he did, but it was worth mentioning, he thought, and apparently Icarus agreed.

"Yeah, at first," Dimitrios allowed. "And I wouldn't have, either. Cyprian used to make bowls and stuff, and noticed when they got air bubbles in them, the glass moved around the air, instead of pushing it back out, and it made him think, if he purposely blew air into it, made it the shape he wanted around the air, and then broke off one end, it'd be an easier way of making like, cups and bowls and stuff. He wasn't wrong, though he did fry his hands a few times, figuring it out. Kassandros just kind of gave him a bunch of sand, a furnace, and a pipe, and he's been making wine glasses and glass tumblers and amphoras for the last week." Dimitrios hadn't poked in on him recently, to see how it was going. Maybe he would, later, just to see how he was doing. Cyprian tended to hyperfocus, if you let him, and Dimitrios had long decided it wasn't good for him, really. He didn't take social isolation very well, but he also didn't seem to know how to not end up socially isolated.

It was probably more peaceful for him, when he was alone.

"Uh, anyway, I think I should probably get out before I turn into a prune," he said, sounding amused. At least, by now, he could pull himself out. "So, nice meeting you, um, and good luck with Cygnus." And, hopefully the constructive outlet worked for Cygnus as well as it had for Nero and Cyprian.

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Icarus listened intently - he didn't have much experience with glass blowing or anything like it, but it was a very interesting thing to hear about because it was a new thing to learn about and because Dimitrios seemed interested in it at least insofar as his brother was someone who had come up with the idea to do that, however accidentally. Then again, many things were discovered at first by accident. A mistake in a process suddenly giving way to something that turned out better than the original option.

"That sounds like Kass." A short laugh there. It was good that Cyprian was able to continue doing what he preferred here - a good way to pass the time, and if he bothered, probably earn enough hessions to buy his own freedom at some point. Icarus didn't say that. "That's pretty neat, that he figured out a way to do it more easily." It meant he could produce more of them for sale and perfect them faster, too. Ah, unfortunate that it was at the cost of some injuries, but... working with molten glass was likely to do that at some point either way.

"It was nice meeting you both as well." His tone was genuine. "And thank you again." The suggestions for Cygnus might be helpful in the longer run. He was sure they'd talk again soon - they lived in the same house after all. Icarus did lean back quietly against the rim again and relaxed - he could afford to do that a little longer before he got out and did something else.

Andreas nodded politely in Icarus' direction as he also slipped out of the water, so that he could help Dimitrios as he got out and could make sure the towel was in reach for him to dry off.