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Damian Cassimer @ May 30, 2018, 02:29 PM
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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.
"No," Lucius agreed, "they don't." Emotions did not tend to particularly get along with logic. That was half of humes' problem, you know, emotions didn't make sense. Lucius knew that, quite well, by now. There'd been plenty of things over the course of his life, that had caused such seemingly trivial wars in him. That eternal, never-ending war between emotion and logic. It was hard war to reconcile, especially in situations where, logic really was right, and despite the emotion being entirely valid, there was no real sense in it. Damian was a logical person; naturally, he'd have run into these complexities, too.

Oh. Hmm, Lucius had Andreas and Cyprian, and Leon had just come and gotten them for their brother. Dimitrios wasn't at that particular brothel, anymore, but instead, in House Essair. Kassandros did seem to have a penchant for buying seemingly random brothel slaves off Helene. By this point, he'd done it so many times, she actually had excess hessions to use for sudden gifting. Lucius' last visit had been free, because Helene had enough left over from Essair to cover it. Seemed a strange, strange hobby, but, Helene seemed to think it a good thing, and he'd trust her judgment. Though, maybe Damian might eventually go back, looking for him, and if he wasn't there anymore... Julian was, at least.

"You might want to know, then," Lucius started, "Dimitrios is not there, anymore. I managed to find his brothers, and Leon came and borrowed them for Kassandros. I don't know the details, but, apparently he'd developed a pretty serious infection, and Kassandros wanted his brothers so they could help him while he heals. Since he's kind of taking care of a couple of my slaves, I thought I'd send them some food and extra medical supplies we've got around. I'm sure they can use it, if you wanted to do me a favor, and take it over there sometime later..." Damian took after him, not Marcus. Most likely, he made tentative friends with the kid, and, honestly, Damian could use friends closer to his age, that weren't liable to stab him in the back.

It seemed a strange thing to thank him for, but, apparently Marcus hadn't said anything. "Ah, House Bauman, I believe," Lucius said. "Took me a minute to remember. It used to be a vassal house of Cassimer, actually." Which made Marcus' total avoidance of talking about them very strange; he and Julian were rumored to have been quite good friends. So, what changed? Lucius would probably never know.

"... I'm sure, eventually, the rumors will get to you," he said, toned kind of off-hand, "so I'd rather tell you, first. I've been considering splitting off from House Cassimer into my own, for a while now." Lucius wouldn't ask Damian to go along with it, or anything of the sort. He just thought, given Lucius was the only thing close to a family Damian knew, he deserved to at least know, and hear it from him, and not the grape-vine.

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The affirmation did not really make Damian feel better, for the record. He still felt like there was no point in wasting his energy on being angry. There was no point because it wouldn't matter to the person it was directed at. All that would happen is that he would burn up energy that could be better put to something else, literally anything else. But he couldn't really stop the anger that he felt, he could only try to direct it into something constructive anyway. But that was somewhat easier said than done.

"Oh." That was... something of a relief and also not. Infection... "That must have been what hurt him." Suddenly, thoughtfully. "I hope he turns out okay." An infection, those could kill. They'd just have to see, he supposed, if Dimitrios pulled out of it or not. But now Damian felt bad for not sharing with Helene that something had been terribly wrong. But he hadn't known then that it was an infection. He hadn't known it was life threatening and that he should have said something. He couldn't really worry too much about it.

"I can do that." Later, yeah, he could take some stuff over for Lucius. Because of course Lucius would want to offer some supplies given Kassandros was now taking care of some of his slaves. ... And apparently a new, injured one he'd bought on purpose.

Damian nodded a little, seeming to accept that information. House Bauman, it had been a Vassal of Cassimer. That was... kind of ironic and maybe a little sad, actually. They'd been at least that close, and Marcus still said nothing about their fate.

"...Is that so?" Damian sounded somewhat surprised, but also not really. "Anything in particular acting as the last straw here?" It wasn't like he didn't know they didn't get along. But he was curious as to what had changed that made Lucius want to do this now when he hadn't in the past. Things changed, of course, and maybe there wasn't any one thing in particular that finally pushed him too far, but Damian wasn't sure what else to ask, so he left it there, for a moment.

The thought of being left in House Cassimer without his brother was not pleasant. He didn't say that either, immediately.

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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.
Lucius tilted his head slightly, in almost a nod. "Well, Kassandros is the best healer I know," he said. "If anybody can save him, it'd be that guy." At least, that was how he was choosing to look at it. If Kassandros couldn't, well, apparently Dimitrios wasn't meant to make it. And that was a sad thing, it was a relatively stupid thing to die over, but, sometimes things just turned out that way. Lucius tried not to think about things like that, too long. It was easier, that way.

Good. He didn't think Damian would mind, and someone had to stay here and watch the kids, at least. Of course, Lucius wasn't getting any younger, and long journeys like that one were a thing he was capable of doing, but, he really preferred not to, unless he had to. Seeing Damian and their mother was toward the top of that list of things he considered necessary enough to make the trip, but, since Damian was around, and might be interested in seeing if Dimitrios was at least alive, and apparently wasn't opposed to making the trip, Lucius would just, let him do it.

Honestly, Lucius was only thirty, but sometimes, you'd probably think he was nearing sixty.

A snort loosed. Yeah, there were a lot of reasons, being honest. On the other hand, nothing specific stood out. It was just a culmination of many different things, compiled over the years, and by the time Lucius realized that collection had reached far above his head, he'd decided it was time to throw in the towel. His father was a fucking psycho, and quite honestly, wasn't a very good father. The only things Marcus was good at, were talking his way out of trouble, bribery, and ruining people's lives. Those weren't really things Lucius was proud to have his father be good at. Those weren't things anyone should be good at, but this was the Dalmasca they lived in, all the same.

Sometimes, he wondered, what'd become of Damian, if anything ever happened to him. Quite bluntly, Lucius was waiting for Marcus to turn on him, next. Damian hadn't done anything to spark his ire, but Lucius never really stopped sparking it. By now, it had to be rather the inferno, and as it happened, the Cassimer armies were starting to favor Lucius over his father. There were reasons for that, but ultimately it all led to the same thing. Lucius was, technically, a threat to him, and by now, Lucius damn well knew what Marcus did with threats.

"A combination of things, really," he said, shrugging a bit. He did sit up, finally, resting his arms on his legs. "I thought, maybe, that --" No, word that different. "... that maybe we could work things out, between us, find a middle ground. Marcus won't bend. I don't know why I ever thought he would.  He is pretty set in his ways. It's just better for me, I think, if I went my own way. At least then, I wouldn't be tarnishing the Cassimer name, or whatever the fuck he said last time he went off." After a point, Lucius started blocking it out. "I won't ask you to choose between us, Damian. You're always welcome to visit and stuff, you know that."

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Damian nodded a bit, clearly accepting that statement. He didn't know Kassandros very well, and some part of it found it hard to trust him because there were many, many mixed signal stories floating around. But he didn't trust Lucius and Lucius seemed to think this was the best outcome they could have hoped for in this particular case so he would just... yeah. He'd just leave it there and hope that he was right and everything went well. After all, if it didn't, it wasn't as if Damian could have done better.

Hopefully Kassandros would be able to save him. If not, at least he'd been able to see his brothers again before the end of it all. That was a bonus, right? Damian thought it would be, in the same position.

What? Was he supposed to have been able to guess at it? Hm.... maybe. It was kind of obvious that they didn't get along but he couldn't put his finger on anything in particular that might have changed the way they interacted together so drastically that Lucius felt it better if he left entirely. Maybe it really was just a culmination of lots of different things being a problem until Lucius thought that was the best way to keep the peace. It seemed, as Damian came to that conclusion, Lucius confirmed it. So, yes.

Either that, or Lucius had decided to conceal something in particular from him. Damian didn't really see why he'd do that though, so, assuming that yes, it was just lots of things adding up until this seemed to be the best path.

"I know you won't make me choose." But Marcus might, being totally honest. He'd almost hesitated to say that, but honestly Damian didn't see a reason to avoid that particular reality with Lucius. It wasn't as if his brother wouldn't be able to guess that that might happen anyway, to be totally honest.

Damian wasn't really sure how to proceed, either. On the other hand... if he had to choose between them, ultimately, he knew what the right choice was, even if it wasn't necessarily easy.

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Treat your soldiers as your own sons, and they will follow you unto the ends of the earth.
Rarely ever, did Lucius make anyone do anything, so that much really could've gone unspoken. He'd just figured he'd point it out, because maybe it'd be a good thing to remember, at the moment. Marcus, on the other hand, was a whole other story, and despite Lucius not putting words to it, he recognized that much. His father was great at making people do things, whether it was intentional or not. Theoretically, one could argue, Lucius' decision to leave Cassimer was Marcus making him do something, because it wasn't as if Lucius would've come to that conclusion, if it weren't for a whole host of complexities all rooted in Marcus. Everything went back to him, eventually, and despite wishing he was, Lucius was not as stupid as he often pretended to be.

"It's not important right this second," he said, eventually, albeit he didn't sound like he totally believed it wasn't. "And things might still work out." He certainly didn't sound like he believed that. Marcus wasn't bending, and to put it bluntly, Lucius was sick of being the one that did. Of course, it was generally expected that he would be, if only because he was the son, and Marcus was the head of house. And why was that, anyway? Merely because Marcus had managed, somehow, to remain the baddest cat in Dalmasca for the last who knew how long, precisely, and somehow, no one had managed to knock him off his proverbial high horse. The thought of being the one that did it, had crossed his mind on occasion, but he really didn't need to be tumbling down the rabbit hole that was patricide, either.

Things balanced themselves, eventually. Lucius just wondered if he'd be around to see it, when they did.

"Anyway, that's pretty depressing stuff. Just, the rumors are about, by now, and I didn't want you hearing about it from someone that wasn't me." It seemed a bit rude, but maybe his concept of 'rude' was a bit odd. A lot of things about him were odd, it was something Lucius was starting to get accustomed to. He had to leave soon for another military excursion, anyway, so really, none of this mattered right this second. Who knew, maybe he'd go and he'd not come back, anyway. Lucius almost said something else, almost told his brother, if anything happened to him, to just do himself a favor, and run to Livia or something, because Lucius was quite sure Damian would be expected to replace him, and Lucius was also quite sure, Damian couldn't do it. Damian was smart, though. He'd do what he had to. Hopefully, he'd remember which people to turn to, if he did.

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"No, it is important." Damian murmured, almost more to himself than anything. His eyes were somewhat darkened by emotion as he considered what had been put on the table already. It was important, perhaps now more than ever. Because if this blew up, Lucius wouldn't make him choose but Marcus would. Marcus would never allow him to remain neutral in such a matter, even if he wasn't a born son of the family. In fact, perhaps especially because he wasn't biologically Marcus'. The fact to the matter was he did have to choose and being caught off guard by having to make that choice wouldn't do anyone any good.

"They might, but I doubt it." Marcus and Lucius had been half at each other's throats for a long time. Lucius had shielded him from the worst of it, but it wasn't like Damian didn't know. It was impossible not to know why Lucius didn't come home often anymore. Why he stayed at this particular side house and didn't bother with the main one. If the two of them were together for any length of time, they were going to fight about something eventually. It was only natural that eventually those fights would progress to the point where Lucius felt he had to decide between his own life and their family.

"I do appreciate that." He did, yes. He'd rather hear it from his own brother than someone else.

But Damian also knew, deep down, he knew what he would choose if he had to. The fact of the matter was, as much as he had always wanted Marcus to see him, to be proud of him, they weren't any more compatible than Lucius and Marcus were.

"But I guess you're right. It's not something we have to talk about now." Just something that he would have to absorb and consider and wait to see if it would come to pass. There were a lot of factors in the air at the moment, and perhaps Lucius was right, and something would change the current course of things before they knew it.