endless rain
Mar 29, 76
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Cygnus Essair @ May 28, 2018, 07:37 AM
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"...Well that's fair. But that's my room and the bed you gave me. Not your bed. I wasn't sure if it might be different." Apparently not. Apparently they shared Kassandros' bed tonight - that wasn't so bed, of course. He'd have to be careful not to spread too far into Kass' space, but he could manage that well enough. Or, he hoped he could. But the bed wasn't small at least, and if Kass didn't want them touching, he was pretty sure they could avoid it.

Sandalio did indeed notice that little blush, when he turned to properly face him for a moment. But of course, he didn't comment on it - it wasn't necessary. If it confused him, it didn't show - though it did. Was it really so strange to ask him to stay? Maybe to Kass it was. Sandalio didn't exactly understand him all the time.

Gray eyes half closed in thought at that particular question. There were.. dozens of ways he could answer that, and they all depended entirely on how they had met in this hypothetical life. "I can't really answer that." Finally. "There are too many things that would affect that in this hypothetical. How did we meet? Are you a random nobleman who came over to the House I was in? Likely I wouldn't have a chance to be anything but distantly cordial. Are you a blood fighter? I try to be careful not to make friends with someone I might have to face one day." He shrugged. "There are other options in other lives. I don't know what would have drawn us together, so I do not know if we would have been friends." No, he didn't.

"But I'm nice to people when I can be. I can be mouthy, but I try not to start trouble. I like to think that if the circumstances weren't totally against us that yes, I'd still be kind to you. Even if you had given me nothing you have a good heart, Kassandros." He was just walled away from everyone else because of whatever trauma he carried.

Gentle he took Kass' hand and began to lead them towards the bed. They were supposed to be getting a little rest.