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Live young, die fast In which Rosalio encounters Axelius Mar 13, 76 184 Views
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Started by Rosalio, May 27, 2018, 10:02 PM
macenian snake
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I came into this world screaming and covered in someone else's blood. I'm not afraid to go out that way, too.
Jun 21, 2018, 05:53 AM / 330 Words
That was probably one of the rudest things he'd heard about Livia in a while. And exactly how much did someone have to undermine her capabilities to reduce her to just a lovestruck puppy? It wasn't like this was anything new. People did that to her all the time, but she shouldn't have to field this shit in her own damn house, too.

Not that she was here to hear this bullshit, but that was beside the point. If it was happening and being thought and said behind her back, in her own house, sooner or later, it'd come up to her face, too. Axelius knew she tolerated it. Quite frankly, she had more patience for that than she should, at least in his opinion, but it wasn't like anyone asked him, and her position was delicate enough, at times, she had to be careful how she handled it. A wrong step and it was her fault, he knew that. He did.

It didn't make him any more kindly about it. Maybe it was more because she couldn't necessarily rise to her own defense properly that made him do it so fast. And what was that, anyway? It almost read like sarcasm. Axelius would be relatively well-versed in the language of sarcasm. So what the fuck jumped down this guy's pants and bit his balls, anyway? Wasn't like Axelius really cared, so, he didn't bother asking.

You know what. "I'll do that, then." And he turned, and headed into the house. Before he said something he'd regret, later. Livia, at least, wouldn't be terribly pleased about her blood fighters getting into literal fights with each other, and he had some semblance of couth. Brothels would give you that, at least. One good thing about them.
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