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Kassandros Essair @ May 21, 2018, 07:55 PM
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There's no sense in trying to go backwards. Going forward is hard enough.
That was almost unnerving. And yet, he was doing the same thing - "Sandalio!" - the same thing he was, she almost moved over there, but then her chains went taut and - okay, staying. Missa probably looked a bit annoyed, but, staying. It was nice to see someone she actually knew. He didn't seem terribly displeased with the blond one, actually, didn't look at him with that 'what an insufferable jackass' look, so, maybe he wasn't so bad?

The chances of getting two decent houses in a row were abysmally low, though, and Missa wasn't sure she bought it entirely. She did trust Sandalio's judgement, however. Ah, what a thing to get confused over. Who was the other one the blond was talking to? She tilted her head, a bit, looking at the older man. No one she recognised, at least, but that didn't say much. It was all just curiosity, anyway.

Missa winced, closing one eye, the one closest to the slaver that'd asked if the blond one was sure he wanted her, as he shrieked in pain and then fell over. A slight shift forward, and he hit the wood of the docks, instead of falling onto her. That could've been unpleasant. Surprised, and perhaps a hair confused, Missa gazed down at him, wondering what the heck that was. He'd just randomly fallen over, that was weird -
"Fucking slave bitch -" grumbled under his breath, as he stood back up, and then reached for something at his hip.
Knowing what that was, Missa squeezed her eyes closed, and sort of tensed up. That was a whip. And tensing never did make it any less painful, but, it was instinct, still, to try and cringe away from it.

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Is this your salvation? Is this all you can give? I will not stand in reflection of someone else's dream.
Yes, he knew that. Instead of saying it, though, Kassandros nodded. "Good," he said. "I have use of someone familiar with growing things. It's a small project, for now, and once it gets much bigger, you'll have help." Much younger help, probably ilim help, even, that could get around easier. He really just needed to direct planning and scheduling, honestly, and could likely remain mostly the one that directed the rest. Ah, but, Kassandros didn't want to say much more on the subject, here. He didn't want the rest of Nydema finding out too soon that he was redirecting his economy. If it got into the wrong heads, he could end up with a full-blown fight on his hands, and House Essair's forces weren't numerous enough, or organised enough, to handle that, just yet.

While he didn't say anything, he did notice Sandalio bristling, and really, it was probably one of the least surprising things the Macenian had done so far. No, he didn't need to worry too much, about Missa, when she was in House Essair. Between Sandalio and Alasdair, she'd be fine, and it wouldn't be far-fetched to think Gannicus might half-adopt her, too.

Wait, what was he doing - oh shit -

He probably should've thought about that, a bit more, before Kassandros had darted across the docks, purposely putting himself between the slaver and Missa. Just in time, he raised his arm, and the whip tail smacked into his arm, the ends snapping his ribs, and then wrapped around his wrist. Lightning shot down his arm and toward his hip, but, he just ground his teeth together and tolerated it. It'd stop in a second - and there it went. ... that'd hurt like fuck all in a few minutes, though. Kass shifted his arm and got a grip on the whip tail, yanking the handle out of the slaver's hand and then flipping it back around, intending to hit him in the jaw with it.

"Oh, mother of fuck -" the other slaver murmured, eyes wide.
Kassandros turned around, very obviously pissed off, blue eyes flashing with anger, reached over, and picked out about half the hessions he'd just given the first slaver. "For being unnecessarily forceful with Medea," he explained.
"Of course!"
"Chains, now."
"Right away!"
Kass just rolled his eyes, as the first slaver scrambled to get the keys for the chains, holding his arm up and releasing the whip, shaking it off his wrist. It hit the wood with a thunk. Eugh, he hated whips.

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Vitus inclined his head slightly, acknowledging what Kassandros had said. "Alright." He wasn't sure what to make of what his new master had said, exactly. He'd offered to buy him before actually getting the answer to his question, which was still very strange to the Macenian. But he could manage a small farm. A larger operation... well. He said he'd have help. They'd wait and see what this one considered 'help' to be in that case.

"Missa." With a small smile in her general direction. It was restrained of course, but Missa was going home with them, so he wasn't too worried about the damage that could be done in the next few moments. They'd go home soon, and everything would be just fine now. Missa would be with them. Jihon... could have been worse, to be brutally honest. But he was still glad she hadn't been sent - at least Kassandros' house was decent.

What Kass had done to the slaver had apparently been strong enough to knock the guy completely over, which amused Sandalio just slightly. The guy certainly deserved it for daring to say something like that in front of them.

Remember that saying, about how one should never tempt fate? Sandalio had forgotten it, for just a moment too long it seemed. Everything seemed to happen simultaneously too fast and too slow at the same time. But before Sandalio could even begin to react, the slaver had gone from being about to hit Missa with the whip for something she hadn't done, to the whip actually hitting Kassandros and wrapping around his arm.

Sandalio growled slightly, but did resist moving forward.

"...Is our master always this insane?" The older male decided to say in Macenian.
Sandalio snorted sharply. "Some days, I think he's worse." Sandalio's tone was a bit clipped still. Kassandros had already been injured once today, and now this.

...Wait had he heard that right? For being forceful with Medea? He'd literally just hit Kassandros with that whip, and he was taking the hessions back for her? Sandalio was never going to understand Kassandros, absolutely never. "...For being overly forceful?" After a moment, when he managed to get his voice completely under control.

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There's no sense in trying to go backwards. Going forward is hard enough.
Frankly, Missa didn't see that. One moment, she was braced for a whip hit, and then... she heard the sound of it hitting something, but it didn't sting? One eye peeked open, and she made a startled noise, and backed up a step or two. Wait, wasn't he over there just a second ago? Why'd he get in the way... that made no sense to her. Then, of course, he hit the slaver in the jaw, knocking him off balance and sending him back a few steps, and Missa sort of squeaked. Why would he do that? Aside from Miss Thetis, Missa had never met a particularly kind slave owner, let alone one that'd do that. This blond one? He was going to confuse her, clearly.

... but the slaver had hit him, not her? She was even more confused. Missa decided to just, be quiet, though when the blond one shook the whip off his arm, she did lean over a bit, trying to get a good look at it, without touching him. It didn't seem like a good idea to go randomly touching one's master without permission, but, the whip had been aimed at her, and she felt kind of bad about it. Whips hurt, you know?

"... worse?" Missa asked, also in Macenian. "I'm trying to figure out what'd be worse, but I think I'd rather not think about it." Honestly, that was the craziest thing she'd ever seen a Dalmascan do!

"... I can't tell if it's bleeding or not... some of these whips have sharp bone or glass in them." She'd know. She'd seen some of the others get hit with them. They were designed to tear the skin off when they pulled away. The whip itself seemed to have damaged the fabric of his sleeve, but she wasn't sure if it'd cut it, or what. "What is he anyway, like twelve? Thirteen? What's he doing out here?" Not that he seemed to be having too much trouble with anything, or anyone, for that matter. Well, she supposed that was debatable.

Yeah! What the heck? Sandalio asked it, but, the question was on her face, too.

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Is this your salvation? Is this all you can give? I will not stand in reflection of someone else's dream.
"Well, yes?" Kassandros started, toned as if he wasn't sure why Sandalio was asking. And, truthfully, he wasn't. It was Missa the guy was aiming for; and it was his fault, anyway, given he was the one that'd set off the light sorcery. He wouldn't be telling the slavers that, but, she honestly didn't do it. No sense blaming her for something she didn't do. He'd have heard her chains rattle if it'd been her, but humes never really seemed to fully engage their brains, either.

... how to pretend he didn't understand that. Fortunately, he was good at controlling his expressions,  so he didn't end up smirking when she asked how old he was. But, twelve? He looked a bit older than that, thank you? Then again, Missa was fifteen, wasn't she? He probably looked younger, to her. He just arched an eyebrow a bit, pulling his sleeve up and showing it to her. Obviously, she was interested, by the way she was leaning over like that. There were a few scratches, over the welts; from bone shards, leaking red, just so. It wasn't like he cared much. ... getting back up on Starstrider may be a touch more difficult with just one arm, though. He'd manage.

The slaver came back with the keys, hurriedly unlocking Missa's, thankfully taking the entire chain instead of making Kass have to repeat himself, and then shuffled over and unlocked Nikias'. "Kassandros," he said, pointing at himself. "Kass." That was fine, too. Yes, he knew she understood bloody Dalmascan, but he'd let her keep up her image. Besides, the slavers didn't know she knew Dalmascan.

"Missa, stay with Sandalio," he said, gesturing at him. "And... uh, Nikias, why don't you get up on Starstrider first, so you can do that without worrying about smacking into me or something. Missa was in the same House as Sandalio before, he's more familiar to her and I'm not sure she's ever been on a horse, so you and I can ride together, too." Yeah. Sounded like a good plan.

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Sandalio just sort of snorted. "You'll see eventually, I'm sure." He was confusing. Thetis had been too, but it had turned out she was a slave like them, in the end. Kassandros though... was just confusing. And he knew basically everything. And so far, Sandalio wasn't sure what to expect of him, exactly. But he couldn't help but remember what Tris had told him, about the slave who had touched someone without their consent. Yeah, some how... that ended up being worse, in his head.

Vitus wasn't sure how he felt about that cryptic answer, but he didn't press for more information just then.

"I'm not sure either, but we have a good healer at home who can take care of it." Sandalio was confident about that much at least. "Ah, older than that, I think, but I'm not sure how much older." No, he wasn't really sure of Kassandros' exact age. But he thought he was probably older than Missa, at least.

Well, the good news was, Sandalio rode with rather long stirrups, thanks to having long legs. It would make it easier for Missa to get up he thought. "I think it'll probably be easier for us if I get up first so I can help you up behind me." He was also not quite the rider Kassandros probably was, and he didn't want to hurt Missa trying to get up after her, because unless he put her in front of him on the saddle, he was likely to need a little extra space to pull it off.

It didn't take him long to mount, and then he shifted as far forward as he could on the saddle, removing his left leg from the stirrup and shifting that up so she could use the stirrup as leverage. He held his free hand out to her as well, while his right hand kept Silverheart still.

For a moment, Nikias was too surprised by Kassandros speaking his real name to actually respond to the request. "How-" He shook his head. "Never mind." It didn't matter how he knew, exactly. He just... did. Finally Nikias obeyed and mounted the indicated 'Starstrider', and then slid back as much as he safely could to make sure Kassandros had room to mount.