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"Possible." Sandalio would admit it was possible. "He didn't, uh, say anything. For the first several minutes. It was kind of impressive." And a little disconcerting, actually. Because he'd basically had an entire conversation with the slavers but he never said anything. "He'd look at the slaver, and then the slaver would say something and he'd just stare... it got him what he wanted though." So there was that. Apparently Kassandros didn't think highly of the slavers.

Given he apparently didn't like whips or chains, that wasn't shocking.

"It's a bit like he's behind a window, always." Sandalio mused thoughtfully. "He looks like he's right there. Close enough to touch. But... not really there at all." It was an odd sensation. "So I get what you mean." But it did make Sandalio wonder what had happened to make him that way. On the other hand, a look around Dalmasca made it pretty painfully clear exactly what had happened. Dalmasca was kind to no one.

"It doesn't help that I just lost another decent master before I came here." No, it didn't. A pause, realizing that Tristán would probably not know what he meant, exactly. "I was in house Kenleigh when it fell." He explained mildly. "Before that I was one of Lancaster's blood fighters. A few decent ones there, too. ... Not that they run the place." It was unfortunate actually. The house would do much better under Reggie's hand.

Not that anyone asked him. "I don't know though, Kassandros' idea of the job description pinned it as just keeping him alive and 'in mostly working order'." He shook his head slightly. That did not technically include protecting him from asshole Dalmascans who might try to hurt him again. But would Sandalio do that? Yes. Yes he would.

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Tris made a face. Nothing? To be fair, if anyone could hold a conversation without uttering a word, he supposed it might well be Kassandros Essair. Or at the very least, it didn't surprise him that he could. At times, he had to wonder what the heck was with this kid, anyway. Unnerving, and yet not, it was a strange combination.

"Sounds about right," he said. Behind a window. Well, no, "maybe a wall of ice," he decided. "Very clear, but thick ice. Windows are fairly easy to break. Whatever the fuck he's behind is not." So, ice. And through the ice, he was slightly distorted, too, almost like a mirage. His sorcery affinity might be light, but, well he lived in ice land.

Oh. House Kenleigh... the one that was burning about a week ago? He thought he remembered Kass mentioning that. "Lancaster's somethin' else," Tris said, shaking his head. "I remember watching Kenleigh's main house burn down. Kass seemed pissed." Almost like he'd had no idea that was going to happen? Maybe he could be caught off-guard. "I've only heard rumours, about them. Usually nothing terribly nice, and I happened to meet Aemilius once." What a righteous fuckwad. Nero wasn't so bad, though.

Tristán tilted his head, arching an eyebrow slightly. Alive and in mostly working order? What was that even supposed to mean? "... well, at least that's not terribly specific?" Was that a bright side? "Not sure that's a bright side, but, you know, I've met far more demanding Dalmascans." He was sure most around here had, being honest. Because most Dalmascans were. "Just, odd though. Given how many threats he's got on his tail, you'd think he'd be more specific than that." You would think. Apparently, you would be wrong.

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"I know, right?" Sandalio said after Tris' expression. "That was my first impression of him. Absolute silence." Yep. Granted, he'd ultimately turned it into a reasonably good impression, even if they were both confused. It'd been unnerving at first, but when Kassandros had finally spoken he'd seemed relatively normal. Okay, not normal for a Dalmascan, but still. There'd been nothing overtly strange when he finally had spoken, except apparently he had no tolerance for slavers. Well, Sandalio could start to piece together why that might be now. Hm.

Hm. A wall of ice. "You're right. That sounds right." More accurate than glass. Glass at least they could get through if they were willing to risk being cut on the sharp edges. But whatever it was that surrounded Kassandros, it seemed it would take a lot of work to get through. On the one hand, it wasn't his place. It wasn't really... his problem, even. He was just supposed to keep the kid alive. But the more he watched, the more it seemed like he wasn't really alive at all. He was existing, sure. But he wasn't living and that was sad.

Sandalio wasn't sure why he cared yet, but there it was.

A slight nod. "Lancaster is at that." No arguments there. "Couple of decent ones, but the actual head of house is about as intelligent as a brick wall." No, seriously. "And the oldest son is no better." Actually maybe worse. "Kenleigh also suffered from the fact that their head of house wasn't terribly smart." Mildly. "But I was in the side house with who we assumed was his wife. It was... more complicated than that." Apparently. "She was a very kind woman. Unfortunately it turned out he never properly freed her, so she was charged with impersonating a noblewoman, and was executed in the Fall." Sandalio's tone was a touch sad, for just a moment

A snort. "No, it's not." But Sandalio wasn't sure that was any sort of a bonus because what even did that mean, exactly? What defined in working order. Who's idea of working order? "I've met more demanding ones too, for certain." So that was some sort of a bonus, but... hm. "You'd think, but ah... he doesn't seem the sort to expect me to read his mind." Not really exactly, so those were his instructions, vague as they were. "So I'm just kind of winging it. Though of course, that brings us back to the fact that I apparently need to stalk him." Because he couldn't even assure that extremely vague direction was met if he wasn't around Kassandros.

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That sounded a touch unnerving, really. But, it wasn't like he'd said much to him, either. He'd missed the bantering over the sale, because Kassandros had pulled him out of another house, not off market. "He didn't talk to me much, either, at first," he said, thoughtfully. "I missed him talking business, though, he randomly pulled me out of a house. Not sure why my last master went ahead with it, but I suspect some threats were tossed around. He seemed afraid of Kass when we left. And he was pretty quiet the whole way here. Actually, I don't technically have a job that's mine, I just ended up helping with the horses, and never quite stopped." It was easy enough. It wasn't like House Essair had a blood stable.

Hmm. Tris kind of watched Sandalio for a moment, half curious, half thinking. "Almost sounds like you care." Being fair about it, if nothing else, Kass was rather the enigma, like a puzzle that was missing some of its pieces. It wasn't really his place to judge. Slaves could get in worse shit, than starting to give more than a passing damn about their masters, and Tris knew it. "Just be careful. I don't know what all House Essair's into, but, certainly none of it's sunshine and rainbows." Not to say he'd ever seen any proof of Kassandros being terribly ambitious, but, just because he was the head of a major house, and still as young as he was, never mind the assassins, it wasn't hard to imagine he'd probably get into a lot more trouble than he'd already gotten into.

Oh. ... he wondered if Kass knew that. If maybe that was what he was so pissed off about. "I'm sorry," Tris murmured. Losing a decent house was always hard, because often, you tended to like them, and then the uncertainty of where fate would take you after that could be pretty scary. It was always the good ones that fell in the end. And that, likely, was why Dalmasca sucked so much. All the good ones had been ripped down.

"He doesn't," Tris agreed. The mind-reading thing, Kass didn't seem to expect that, no. "But, I guess there are worse things than stalking him. He seemes to take most things pretty okay. Leon mouths off on him all the time about not eating and whatnot, Kass just kinda smiles at him like he thinks it's cute or something." It was weird.

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"...That's interesting." Had pulled Tris directly out of a house, and his brother thought threats must have been tossed around due to the way his original owner reacted. On the other hand, it didn't really surprise Sandalio to learn that Kassandros probably wasn't above dealing in threats. His reputation had to have come from somewhere after all. Those didn't tend to just grow out of thin air, after all. "...I wonder if that is what's going to happen with Sepheres then." Almost amused sounding.

After all, Sepheres wasn't really used to being left to his own devices. Eventually he'd probably keep out something to do to keep himself busy. Technically Victoria's he may have been, but that didn't mean that was the upbringing he had had. And while that wasn't fair, by any means, it was what had happened and that was what the kid was bouncing back from. Or, trying. Sandalio didn't think it was something one ever entirely got over, if Lycaon's scars from Salonus were anything to judge by.

A snort. "A blood fighter, be careful?" Sandalio's tone held an odd amusement to it that wasn't quite... funny. "Alright, I'm joking." Mostly, sort of? Did he care? ... Maybe he did. "I'll keep the warning in mind." He would, but he couldn't promise anything. He didn't want to die, certainly. It was nothing he'd ever sought out, but Sandalio wasn't afraid of dying either. And he didn't think... he didn't think it mattered what he wanted in the end. He'd either survive or he wouldn't.

"So am I." And just... leaving that alone.

"You're probably right." Stalking him was less terrible than other things. And of course, there was the fact that losing Kassandros would likely be bad for them all, even if he was confusing. At least his house was decent. If he died who knew what might become of them next. Sandalio... didn't really want to tempt fate again, honestly. He would, eventually, he was sure. "Bit relieving to know he probably won't take it terribly though."

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Tris snorted. "Probably," he answered. "I mean, unless Kass has something specific he's here for, but uh, all things considered, I imagine he's just here because his mother is, and maybe learning to live a little." He was young, from what Tristán had figured out. Maybe he'd never entirely get over everything he'd been through, whatever it was (uh, you know, most people around here had pretty terrible lives), but he was young. His life wasn't entirely destroyed, just yet. Maybe he could grow beyond it, if he had the right support, and what little he'd seen of her made him think Victoria was.

While he didn't say anything, Tris did give Sandalio something of a look - one of those, 'you know what I meant' looks. And he knew as well as anyone, maybe better than a few, there were no promises of anything, not in things like this. Especially if he was apparently Kassandros' guard, and Kass faced quite a few dangers every day, just by breathing, and he knew that by now. It'd be impossible for it not to bleed over, somewhat. He knew that. But mostly, he wasn't sure it was all that good of an idea, to end up getting attached to Kassandros, either. Tris wouldn't spell it out. He was a difficult person not to like, at least, for all that he was aloof and held everyone at such a distance. He just didn't want to end up helping pick up pieces, at the end of it, because who knew, how it'd end.

He was going to say something else, but, whatever he was going to say died as a loud shriek-yelp sounded toward the front of the estate. "Sounded like Kass," Tris said, after a moment. And, with a slight smile, he stepped to the side a bit. "I'll be around." They were in the same house, now, and Tris didn't think Kassandros would mind them talking from time to time. But, for now, sounded like his charge was back in range of him, and Sandalio at least had a job around here. Lucky snot, being told what to do, grumble mumble...