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Thread Time-Line

Welcome to the thread list! This is our automatic, full listing of all in-character threads, grouped by year, and then by month. The most recent threads will be at the bottom, while the oldest are at the top. Simply date your thread in order to get it on this list (month, day, year).

We are currently in April of 76. April 29th is a full moon.


Mar 8 No Sweeter Innocence Failed (Yet Successful) Experiments Started by Damian Cassimer
Mar 9 tides turn operation confuse the blood fighters Started by Kassandros Essair
Mar 9 tul bar kenleighs and luci pls Started by Leon
Mar 9 Pieces in Place Started by Sepheres
Mar 10 Brotherhood Started by Damian Cassimer
Mar 11 smokescreen sandalioooooh Started by Valens
Mar 11 evolve Started by Kassandros Essair
Mar 12 starlight Started by Sahura Lucain
Mar 12 Fight Dirty in which Rosalio is a dirty cheater Started by Rosalio
Mar 13 Live young, die fast In which Rosalio encounters Axelius Started by Rosalio
Mar 15 one great city rabia finally arrives to Nydema Started by Rabia
Mar 17 silver winds Started by Haku Tachibana
Mar 18 I've been living in the darkness in which Junai breaks and enters Started by Junai
Mar 20 time after time Started by Cygnus Essair
Mar 21 There's been a robbery In which Einan is robbed Started by Einan
Mar 24 Will you take my hand and make a shadow? in which Zhihao searches for help Started by Zhihao Zhu
Mar 25 Just burn those new leaves over In which someone tries to assassinate Zhihao Started by Zhihao Zhu
Mar 31 Somebody help me tame this animal I have become In which Zhihao shifts for the first time in House Essair Started by Zhihao Zhu