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Play Bys

This list is automatically populated, using whatever players input into the play by field in their profile. As such, this is, by necessity, first-come, first-serve, however, some players will be okay with sharing their play by with another player, so if you are interested in doing so, be sure to ask the given character's player.

Some may not have a claim, but instead be using artwork.
Dimitrios Art by Esmera Written by dragonborn
Kalix Art by Feimo Written by dragonborn
Valens Brock O'Hurn Written by Esmera
Lucius Cassimer Chris Pratt Written by aphelion
Akhileus couldn't find artist name or title Written by Jacob
Spartacus David Haye Written by Esmera
Lycaon Dima Koldun Written by Lenara
Valerius Dustin Clare Written by Lenara
Livia Asheron Emilia Clarke Written by Esmera
Ksenia Warwicke Emily Blunt Written by incendium
Sepheres Eric Saade Written by Lenara
Inetkaes Lucain Freida Pinto Written by Lenara
Haku Tachibana Godfrey Gao Written by incendium
Calista Ivy Written by Esmera
Kaspian Ihsan Jacey Elthalion Written by aphelion
Aquillius Jackson Rathbone Written by Lenara
Regillus Lancaster Jai Courtney Written by dragonborn
Julian Jensen Ackles Written by aphelion
Damian Cassimer Jensen Ackles (young) Written by Lenara
Suyis Jordun Love Written by Esmera
Xiaodan Tachibana Junjun (Li Chun) Written by Lenara
Gannicus Keiynan Lonsdale Written by dragonborn
Andreas Kit Harington Written by Lenara
Axelius Liam Hemsworth Written by aphelion
Kassandros Essair Lucky Blue Smith Written by Esmera
Cygnus Essair Lucky Blue Smith Written by aphelion
Icarus Essair Lucky Blue Smith Written by Lenara
Cyprian Luke Pegler Written by aphelion
Pallas Noctis Lucis Caelum Written by dragonborn
Sidonai Assad Noctis Lucis Caelum Written by Esmera
Vitus Norman Reedus Written by Lenara
Thanatus Nyx Ulric Written by dragonborn
Alcides Pana Hema Taylor Written by Lenara
Thetis Roxanne McKee Written by Esmera
Marcus Cassimer Scott Adkins Written by dragonborn
Sahura Lucain Shemar Moore Written by aphelion
Ryhil Assad Snow Villiers Written by aphelion
Astraea Teresi Zhang Ziyi Written by Lenara