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messiah: come for the pretty, stay for the metaphors.


There are three kinds of blood fighter: "What in the fuck who said I wanna die?" "... well I aint afraid of death but hey Im not lookin for it." "LEEEEEROOOOOOY JENKIIIIIINS!"


About fifteen hessions; that was the value of life.

Thanatus, light the way

"Dalmasca is sick. When the forest becomes sick, it burns, and in burning, it breathes again. Dalmasca needs to burn, too, or someday, it'll become so sick, it destroys itself, and takes the rest of us down with it."

Kassandros Essair, evolve

Yes, they needed her - but was them needing her worth Thana's life? She'd forget. She always forgot. That was what she did, all she could do was forget.

Ksenia Warwicke, light the way

"It's a bit like he's behind a window, always. He looks like he's right there. Close enough to touch. But... not really there at all."

Valerius, smokescreen

"So imagine a boy barely a man takes over one of the major houses. He's young. He's not had time to gain the influence his father had, he's weaker, he doesn't play the political games and deflect the typical Dalmascan traps as well. It doesn't take a genius to figure it out."

Valens, smokescreen

Lycaon also had to admit that Master Essair looked almost disturbingly unconcerned about the turn of events that had him still bleeding rather profusely. How was it that someone who had made such a noise a moment before appeared so unbothered just moments afterward.

Lycaon, evolve

He wasn't quite sure what to make of that, but, apparently at least one of them was adding new things to the terms. And this, ladies and gentlemen, is why you got official business agreements in writing.

Kassandros Essair, time after time

"Loyalty that is bought, young master, is not loyalty, for that which is bought can be sold again."

Pallas, Will you take my hand and make a shadow?

The Feels Train Stops For No One.


Life was one unbearably constant parade of expectant faces with lust-darkened eyes.

Vesperius, might be, maybe, could've

"You don't call it that on the first day or it simply isn't that big on the first day?" (DREADNOUGHTS!)

Einan, There's been a robbery

He was no match for a lion. Wriggling was useless. It was like a toddler trying to wriggle out of an adult's grasp. The fox could wiggle and roll and flail but he was not getting anywhere. 

Zhihao Zhu, Somebody help me tame this animal I have become

"Yes, well," Vesperius said, briefly wrinkling his nose. "Most people taste like blood if you bite them hard enough."

Vesperius, might be, maybe, could've