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Registration Agreement

Not every board is a fit for every player.
The staff of Messiah reserve the right to ask anyone to leave, for any reason, at any time, and any issues that arise with or between players will be dealt with on a case by case basis, as they come up, should they come up, with respect to circumstance and situation.

We have no word count restrictions, no character caps or bans, no activity requirements.
All we ask is players openly communicate with one another. Let us know when unavailability strikes, when interest in threads or characters wane, when something else happens. It's okay to be human.

Please do not use posting templates, no gifs anywhere on the site, no images in in-character posts, do not make the font size smaller than it is by default, no neon or otherwise blinding colours.
Please, and thank you.

We allow mixed media play bys, but they are optional.
Please do not steal artwork from someone else. Ensure images do not display clearly modern items; e.g., cell phones, iPods, cars, sunglasses, headphones, cables, etc. Artwork specifically for one's own character, self-drawn or commissioned, is also allowed.

We are a no-application site.
Users will need to sort their own characters by visiting their profile, and finding the group membership option in the Modify Profile menu (or just click that link when logged in as a character). There is a biography field available in the forum profile that players may fill out (and it is recommended to do so), but it is not required. Players that have an easier time getting to know their character by playing them for a bit first, can do so. Players may fill out the biography section in any way that works for them. We also have a place for shippers, if one finds these easier than biographies.
Fun trivia, the extra field will display on member list for player accounts, but not for characters. Conversely, it will display on profile for characters, but not for players. Players can use this for OOC introductions for themselves, and side-notes for characters.

Messiah has two theme variants.
The first is light coloured, and it is the default appearance. Once registered and logged in, users can go into their look and layout, click change next to current theme, and find the variant drop-down selection. Change this to 'dark' to activate the dark coloured variation. This theme is optimised for mobile usage, varying aspects of its structure will collapse and rearrange a bit when on a mobile device, but it displays normally on tablets and larger.

Messiah is generally rated high-side PG-13/2.2.2. It is not recommended for minors below the age of 16. This rating goes up!
If one would like to access threads of a more mature nature, input birth date in profile, it will cause mature threads to unlock and begin displaying across the site. We are not responsible for what users read in mature threads after willingly unlocking them.

You can find this agreement here after registration.