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Adoptable Houses
Today at 01:14 AM
We have quite a few houses on Messiah in the general setting that are available for adoption, and heads of house that can certainly be taken by players. One is also welcome to create their own house, but we highly recommend having a look at the existing non-played houses, as one may align to one's goals already.

House Yrdyn
Royalty Class
Pronounced 'eer-den'. Headed by Galacese Emperor Viniel, and his wife Alyssiel, this house holds a good deal of diplomatic power in Galace. As their head of house is the current emperor, they likely have dealings in a lot of different fields, but they are envisioned as very down to earth, and really more the type of nobility that never forget they're just people in the end. The only requirement for House Yrdyn is they are ilim, not hume. Galace will likely never be ruled by a hume. Perhaps weres someday, but not humes. House Yrdyn are on good terms with House Rhordyn of Macenia, and are frequent sights in the tribe's lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued throughout the years.

House Rhordyn
Warlord Class
One of the oldest and highest exalted lineages in Macenia, House Rhordyn (roar-den, roughly, yes inspired by Riordan) traditionally rules the largest tribe of Macenians still within its borders (there are a few roving the other side of the Free Cities). While they have lost this status a few times over the years, they always eventually get it back. House Rhordyn are on very good and familiar terms with House Yrdyn, and members of the house are somewhat frequent sights in Galacese lands. Their alliance began through sharing hunting grounds, and continued throughout the years. It is thought most Macenians have some blood from Rhordyn somewhere.

House Forrester
Merchant Class
Unsurprisingly, given Highwind's huge foresting industry, the leaders of that foresting industry have generally always been Forresters. They are in relatively consistent contact with House Yrdyn and their vassals, and have worked out a deal with the Galacese that allows Highwindians to traverse through Galacese territory in exchange for the spiricite that forms in the rocky regions of Highwind's forests. On occasion, a Forrester is elected to a more central leadership position, but more often, the Forresters don't even bother running. They're humble woodworkers for the most part, and would prefer to remain that way. Well, most of them.

House Kanesuke
Warlord Class
House Kanesuke is well-known for having a large amount of military influence. Some of the House's ancestors literally wrote the book on military treatise, and many of Jihon's unique means of battle formation and tactic can be attributed to the Kanesukes. They gained much influence with other militarily leaned houses over the years, and are said to have created their own greatest opposition, and this would not be wrong. It is one of history's greatest ironies, perhaps, that the Kanesukes essentially raised their own enemies. They are generally not on good terms with more houses than not, and their influence is waning, so if they are to remain a major house, they'll have to turn their luck around.

House Munemoro
Warlord Class
House Munemoro were cemented in Jihonese history thanks to Dao Munemoro, the first to fully study the art of creating weapons. They are now master weaponsmiths in Jihon, and if you want a good blade, you want either a Galacese blade, or a Munemoro, though House Teresi's work is getting quite good, too. They are very neutral, and tend not to want to become ujalin, instead happy to remain dedicated to their craft, and back other houses for the elevated position, instead.

There are more, I have to remember them.

dragon's wanted things
Nov 19, 2018, 09:21 AM
these are some pretty loose wants, and i am absolutely willing to plot-hash or discuss with someone about anything mentioned here, just drop me a note! most of this is just an idea of what i was thinking, but i'm not married to it, you won't be stepping on my toes if you have other ideas or make me mad or whatever. dont worry, if i dont think your ideas will work, i'll tell you, and offer something else.

wildly open ages. were. can be mages too. any gender, open pbs, should be darker-skinned, at the very least, surya's fairly dark.
for gannicus (surya)

surya is a very well-known and almost revered blood fighter. originally from house lancaster, and before that, probably another house, who even knows how many houses he's been in by now, he's been a slave in dalmasca for over a hundred years (i believe the number's creeping toward 300 years now, i honestly cannot remember off the top). to say the least of it, he's had many flings, uh, a few not-by-choice ones, probably a few lovers over the years before victoria, and you know, contraception is not really a thing in dalmasca, so he probably has a lot of children. the good news is, he should recognize them when he comes face to face with one, given he is a were, and their senses of smell are very good. and yeah, he can recognize the scent of his own bloodline pretty easily. in any case, if you want a non-white were, here you go!

> 30. hume. shouldn't be mages. both mother and father are open. open pbs, kalix is very white though.
for kalix

presumably, kalix has parents! also presumably, these parents would likely be looking for their missing child. or perhaps one is and the other gave up. whatever. in any case, one or both of these are likely to be leading house argyros, which is a very important house in the free city of haradi. it is quite likely they are helping king sahura of house lucain (he is king of saqqara) maintain peace in haradi while king sidonai of assad, haradi's king, is looking for his son. as it happens, and they are probably unaware of it right now, kalix and the eldest assad son, ryhil, are continuing the assad-argyros liaison tradition and dating. ah, kalix comes by it honestly. kalix was born blind, so they're probably even more concerned about them than usual; kalix is also very nonbinary and prefers 'they,' not he. given ryhil knows where they are, kalix won't stay missing forever, so reunions and whatnot can certainly happen eventually. maybe even soon. in the interim, their parents have the opportunity to be rather important to the plotlines of haradi.

side note, haradi has a crownsguard, and it is also possible that several members of the haradian crownsguard are argyros.

> 19. hume. shouldn't be mages. any gender. open pbs, kalix is very white though.
for kalix

this want sort of ties into the above. like ryhil did, it's also possible that one or several of the older argyros children went looking for kalix and got caught up with pirates or just very turned around, either one. by now, though, rumors of house essair's newest leader knowing everything might have gotten around dalmasca, so if they went looking for kalix, they may eventually decide to drop in on house essair. potential other plot-line. the siblings may also be haradian crownsguard, too.

honestly, the siblings are wide-open, one could make one and take them in whatever direction they feel like and technically still be filling this want, which is why it's here! again, though, reunions may well happen eventually, quite possibly very soon, and depending on their parents' ages, they may also be very important to the plotlines of haradi.

oh, one other thing on the parents and the siblings both, actually, given kalix was eventually found to have been taken by slavers, it's possible one or several of the argyros line went on a personal anti-slaver crusade, and may be working very diligently at the task of ensuring no one else in haradi end up enslaved. i was kind of envisioning that several of argyros' ancestry was former slave, as much of haradi is, or is descended from, freed or escaped slave, so i imagine that the anti-slaver movement in haradi in response to losing prince tihaan and kalix would be very personal to house argyros. but this is just an idea i had.

family, siblings or a parent
> 20. hume. shouldn't be mage. any gender. open pbs, thana is very white though.
for thanatus

this is so loose, i'm almost sorry.

as far as thana remembers, he's almost always been slave. he does remember little snatches of time in a nomadic tribe in macenia, so he does have some idea of where he came from, but he does not remember his parents, or if he had siblings or anything. he needs something in his life besides house essair, so i'd be super happy if he had an older sibling that remembers and recognizes him, likely because he looks a lot like one of their parents, or one of his parents, maybe even both. kassandros, the current head of house essair, is a seer, and to say the least of it, he has a habit of just randomly knowing things; we wouldn't necessarily have to put in a lot of work to bring them together, even if kassandros doesn't outright state why he's doing whatever he ends up doing or why they're going where they go, but thana trusts him, so he won't question it too hard, anyway.

it is fairly possible, given a large number of macenians are enslaved in dalmasca, that any family thana has is enslaved as well. thana used to be a blood fighter, but now he's more like a guard person, at the moment mostly sticking to ksenia, but he will eventually switch to sticking to icarus. i also dont think he'd be terribly willing to leave house essair anytime soon, so that may be a mild source of contention/trouble in paradise, as if his family are free, thana will likely mildly butt heads with them about going with them.

sorta adoptive family
> 30. may be hume or ilim. one of these is male, the other female. open pbs, totally open ethnicity, too.
for thanatus

when thana was first enslaved, he was a very young child slave in jihon, and he was called seiya there. the jihonese are well-known to mostly ignore their slaves, but thana was young enough, he still needed familial bonds. he eventually found those in these two, an older male slave and his girlfriend. they were around for a good bit of thana's childhood, and probably the only reason thana's not got attachment issues or some other complications. in any case, whether these two are now free, or were sold from jihon to dalmasca, or whatever, i'd like them to be reunited.

this want is actually more of a family want than thana's actual blood-family, because he actually remembers these two, and should recognize them, even if it takes him a few minutes to fully connect the dots (he's not exactly the brightest candle in the candelabra). so, this reunion will be a lot fluffier, a lot more happy an occasion, whereas the blood-related family one may be full of some mistrust and uncertainty. depending on what kind of family-like setup you'd like, either of these should work for that.

Quiet, Leon listened, and at the end, let out a little sigh. Well, maybe the visions had focused on him because he was important. Maybe more important than Kassandros realized. Far be it, for sure, for Leon to try telling him what he had his visions for, because that was really something the gods knew, and not Leon, but if he had to guess, the ilim was willing to bet Sandalio was, in fact, important. Maybe he didn't know why, just yet, but he did know what he saw. Gods if Kassandros didn't need someone to love him, without anything else attached, just the way he was, someone to see his flaws and imperfections, and love him all the more for them. Leon both was and... was not, that person. Sure, he did. But maybe he'd never really be enough. Because Leon couldn't love him in all the ways Kass needed to know it, and that was fine.

It wasn't like Leon was upset about that. He did wish he could do more. But if he helped, at all, then that was good enough for him. The ilim shook his head, shuffling over to Kass, setting himself in front of him, and reaching up to take his hands. "Listen," Leon started. "I know this is scary. This is really scary, but things like this always are. Sometimes, for some people, it's a bit scarier than usual. And it's okay, Kass. It's okay to be scared. You don't have to be that giant support pillar you think you're supposed to be. I know," he added, very quickly, "I know. You were built to protect Azaleon from itself, not to love, or so you keep saying. But Kass, there's a good deal of you that's still hume, and humes were built to love and be loved. It's not some magical, instant thing, you know? Nobody ever said it'd be easy. Love's more complicated than that. It's a journey. Something you try for, every day. It's a path you walk, every day, a thing you make, every day, and it's never done. There'll always be something you'll need to work out. This, Kass, this is such a normal part of loving someone, it's really kind of ridiculous, I think it's the most normal thing you've ever faced."

In hindsight, that was, maybe, a bit sad. "Talk to him, Kass. You're going to have to make the first move. Because I think he doesn't want to scare you away. And I know it'll be hard. You'll have to try really hard, to remember that he's there to support you, and you can talk to him. I know that. Heck, I'm sure he knows that. Love's this big, clumsy beautiful messy funny wreck, it's not perfect, and neither are you, and neither is he, and that's okay. Kass, it's okay to mess up. And if you trust him at all, trust him to understand when you do. Talk to him. Let him in. Trust him with the pieces of you that maybe aren't entirely whole. Because you can't keep hurting yourself like this." And Leon really didn't want to be stuck watching it for the rest of Kassandros' life.

"Oh, and, you're forgetting a small detail," he added. "Sandalio is a blood fighter. I think, whenever Marcus gets around to getting serious, he'll be in for a bit of a rude surprise. You don't quit something because you might fail. So don't give up on Sandalio so early because he might die. Shit, Kass, I might fall down the stairs tomorrow and hit the wall too hard. It's kind of a part of life." Death did tend to be that.

Half Remembered Haze
Nov 19, 2018, 07:27 AM
That was an exciting night. Things could have gone much worse, to be sure about it. Leon was just glad Atenra hadn't bitten him, not that it would've-well, it might have killed him, depending on how much venom Atenra loosed, and how quickly he could viably get-okay, that wasn't the point. The point was, the cobra didn't bite him, just looked like it might, and then changed its mind, and... if Leon remembered right, the snake had darted into... this closet. Ah. Just in time.

Leon smiled, kind of lopsided, straightened out and put one hand on his hip. His ears went straight up. "Good morning," he greeted. "I thought to get your clothes after you fled. But I brought you a change of clean ones." The ilim set the neatly-folded set of clothes on the table by the door, and then backed up. Some humes were very strange, and had a thing about being naked and seen that way. Some weren't. Leon wasn't entirely sure which one Atenra would be. (Yes, he knew Atenra was a were, but he was raised hume, so in manner, he'd be mostly hume.)

"If it makes you feel any better, you didn't bite anybody." That was a bonus! Oh, wait, he probably didn't even know what he was. "You're a cobra." Of course, that likely made more sense of not biting anyone being a very good thing, yes.

we do also finally have our new biography fields for characters! tiny note.

Hey all!
Hello, yes, hi, I'm still staff. Going to stay that way. Random aside.

Now, the purpose of this update message is to inform everyone that Messiah is now what we're going to call "semi-canon." What this means is that a user's first character must fill a wanted ad. So, if you haven't posted a wanted ad that you've been sitting on for a while, I highly encourage everyone to post them. You can also use the Character Snippets thread in the Wanted board to post short, one to two line ideas for a character; these are going to function as the simplest and loosest wanted advertisements that we have available, so that if an interested member cannot find a wanted advertisement that strikes their fancy, they can take a short one to two line snippet and build the character they want. Think of them as character prompts. Just a simple idea, no detail.

However, our wanted advertisements do tend to range from very established, to extremely loose; one should be able to find a wanted request that can work for what they want, and hopefully they're a bit inspirational, too. Many of the wanted requests posted by staff will be story-line heavy characters, or very driving ones. Remember that any house that has no played members is absolutely up for grabs, take it, make it your own, have fun. The house outlines on the wiki are really only there for ideas if someone needs them; you can technically still go in any direction you want.

Anyway, by taking a wanted request first, it gives new players immediate plots with established players, and at least one buddy on the site to help them acclimate to the board, so we're hoping this makes Messiah a bit less intimidating to jump into.

... we also turned PMs back on. If they become a problem later, we'll turn them back off.

Finally, for some reason, the custom BBCodes have all broken. I'm working on figuring out why, but I make no promises on how quickly this issue will be resolved.

Side trivia, I'm also working on a new theme for the winter season, it will also be mobile responsive and come in two colour schemes, one light and one dark.

blinding light
Kassandros Essair
Nov 19, 2018, 02:43 AM
Aunt or Uncle
30-60 ♦ Dalmascan Hume (non-mage) ♦ Open PB
The Essair Wiki page is over here.

There may be more than one of these, realistically speaking, and there are probably more on their mother's side. This want is specifically for a brother or sister of Kassandros' father's (his name was Vopiscus). Vopiscus was essentially a detrimentally-ambitious, sly fox. He raised his sons to be stepping stones to power, rather than raising them as his sons, and this character, or characters, as the case may be, did not necessarily agree with this viewpoint. Ultimately, given Vopiscus' manner of raising his children essentially broke all of them, to say the least of it, this character's quite vindicated. Unfortunately, they never said anything, and now they're all very messed up and this character (or characters) have rather the mess on their hands. The boys have more or less destroyed themselves to function, and started breaking each other.

Alongside Merenwen, this character, or these characters, would be working toward making the Essair sons more emotionally stable, and thereby more immediately capable of handling every day things. You know, preferably before they just utterly break apart. I did have an internal head-canon that the Essair triplets have an aunt that looks like Ruby Rose, but that's not a hard requirement, feel free to ignore it. The family is not blond. Kass and Ksenia were both dark-haired when they were born.

____ Mornaux, ____ Brunsmere, ____ Irovaine
Everything open.

These houses are not actually in the wiki, because I didn't see a reason for them to be. Anyway, this want is for the head of house for House Mornaux, House Brunsmere, and House Irovaine. Mornaux are envisioned to have a hand in the assassin show in Dalmasca, while Irovaine are known to be heavy in the military scene. Most Irovaine males became very important military officials, and a few have made it into the government, just not very high up. One of the Irovaines could very well be a current Justicar.

House Brunsmere run farms, but they don't actually grow food or produce wine like House Asheron, they basically produce psychotropic drugs. Cocaine falls under the header of a psychotropic drug, for an idea of what they deal in. I also sort of imagined Brunsmere has a penchant for producing a lot of seers, but they aren't exactly seers, more like ... ehh think the Oracle of Delphi. Really fuckin' high. Lol

Mornaux also very likely have dealings in poisons and probably medicinal things. Their underground dealings are probably slotted under their being healers and doctors in public during daylight, but the lights go out and man they can screw your evening up.

Now, all three of these Houses fall under the collective "Cobras" umbrella, and House Essair's Cobras have been slowly replacing the police force in Nydema. To say the least of it, they're sort of important, and pretty instrumental to Essair's reach for Imperator.

These Houses probably came to be one of Essair's vassals through Kassandros' efforts, not Vopiscus'; he was not very smart a person. If usual trends hold, they probably are Essair vassals because Kassandros helped them out of a tight jam in some way, he's pretty good at helping people. The thing with him though, is he does not demand loyalty; those that he gains it from give it freely. It's up to whomever takes any of these Houses and gets them moving in-play how exactly they feel about him. Given so many people are, it's entirely possible one or several of the Essair vassals are actually now against Kassandros' bid for Imperator because they don't think he can handle it right now. Not because he's incapable of it, but because he's very young, and not terribly emotionally stable, never mind he's dying.

So. I actually thought one of them may turn against Kassandros and try stopping him from reaching Imperator, not... like maliciously, but more of a, I want something better than this for you and you're not stopping, so I will make you. Could be an interesting plot-line, particularly if the House that turns on him is very close to him, personally.

The Glint of Steel
Astraea Teresi
Nov 18, 2018, 09:03 PM
Astraea was humming quietly to herself as she moved around the shop, tidying up some of the displays. Most of them were blunted items, of course, with the actual stock being kept in the back where only one of the attendants could get to it. It was safer that way, preventing - or at least minimizing - the use of these items as weapons by thieves. And, also, generally making them less attractive to steal because they wouldn't hold a proper edge.

Astraea didn't often man the shop herself these days - usually leaving it to one of her siblings while she handled trade partners and managed the paperwork, and oversaw some of the actual weapons production. It was actually kind of refreshing to be back in the shop, she had to admit. Even if she did have a meeting later that afternoon.

Finally she settled back behind the counter, turning her attention to the copy of the design Master Cassimer wanted that she'd kept for herself. She'd passed a copy of it to the forgers already, they were beginning the task of making it. Something about the design... it was brutal, she had to admit that. It didn't seem to be something the Justicars would approve of and yet... it was what she had been asked for for use by them.

Astraea folded the paper and put it away, pushing the thought from her mind. It wasn't for her to worry about, is what Astraea told herself. But worry she did, a little.

About half of her attention was dedicated to listening for anyone entering the shop with her, while the rest drifted for just a moment.

Fire Tempers Gold
Nov 18, 2018, 08:47 PM
So this is a generalized opening for house Teresi members. Below are some of the ideas that I have open but I'm open for basically whatever else might be a thought, just let me know what you're thinking!

House Teresi's Wiki page can be found here.

[Name] Teresi
Male | Mid-to-late twenties.

Astraea's husband. Took her last name, instead of her taking his, so he is probably a second-son, possibly from a lower noble house. Their currently stated dynamic is that he isn't sure how to handle the fact that Astraea does not yield to him and that she handles the majority of the actual business workings of the house. This is up for alteration, and also up for change across play if that's a thing (in the sense that he grows to take some of it from her shoulders bc he learns how to do it without undermining her, or so).

If he is willing he likely handles the family ledgers and finances. And possibly deals with the choice of adding slaves to the household or not on the whole.

Teresi Siblings
Under the age of 28 | genders open.
These are Astraea's younger siblings. They likely help in different aspects of the family business. Probably would have a preference (over seeing the craftsman, some may actually be metalworkers themselves, dealing with materials shipments, manning the shop (or overseeing hired help to man the shop), etc).

This is honestly really broad, and it's open for a few who aren't... you know interested in the family business. Maybe they want to marry into another family and are pushing Astraea to set that up, etcetc. This is wide open.

Assorted Aunts/Uncles/Cousins
Ages varied, some may be older than Astraea, some younger.
Also very broad, some probably work among the family business. Some probably don't. Some are married, some aren't. There is even some room for a few who may not think Astraea was the best choice of heir even if it is traditional for the eldest Teresi to take over regardless of gender.

"Oh gods damn it," Kassandros growled, turning around and walking away, just a few feet. "Has everyone learned that damned trick?" First Ytias, now Leon. Yes, to say the least of it, Kassandros was annoyed, but in the same breath, he couldn't say he blamed them for it, either. It was, as it happened, a very effective trick, indeed, but being blunt, he hated them for it, anyway. There were reasons Kassandros didn't think about things related to him from the angle of it being someone else. On the one hand, it wasn't like he really cared what happened to him, or at least, he said he didn't; clearly, that conversation with Ytias had proven different.

On the other, it made it easier not to think about the injustice that his entire life had been. It was easier to turn a blind eye to it all, and that made it ultimately much easier to function like a normal person, instead of wallowing in whatever else he might feel. Then again, by now, he didn't know what he felt anyway, so there went that.

Still, he couldn't deny Leon was right. If their roles were reversed, yes, Kassandros would think differently about it. "... I feel like I should be offended by that last part, but I'm too tired to be." And he was sure Sandalio did have his own scars, but that didn't mean he had to deal with Kassandros', too. Then again, only someone that had scars of their own would be able to see his, exactly as they were, and both fully understand what they meant and how they'd inevitably affect him, and fully accept them, too. Everything happened for a reason, so they said. Kassandros was fairly certain that he saw the visions he saw for a reason, too. Some of them, he never did figure out what that reason was; others, he'd been too young, when he'd seen them, to wonder why they were things he knew.

"I've known about him for a long time, you know," Kass said, turning slightly to somewhat face Leon. "I didn't know his name for a few years longer, but, for whatever reason, my visions decided to introduce us, sort of. Every once in a while, I'd get another few second vision of him, and I wouldn't have another for a while... seems like a strange thing for the visions to focus on. He's the only consistent thing about them." Otherwise, his visions were rather quite random. He wondered if there was a reason for that, but, presumably, a seer's visions were linear and had a purpose behind them; on the other hand, Ytias said that Kassandros was not meant to be a seer, so who really knew the rules, anymore. Kassandros sure as hell didn't.

He just... "I just don't know what to do with it, Leon," he admitted, finally. "It's not like I know how this is supposed to work. And maybe... maybe it's better, not to make him deal with me flailing my way through it. Never mind the longer he stays here, the more dangerous it gets. You and I both know Marcus better than this. He did not give up. He's still not my best friend, and sooner or later, he's going to stop playing shadow games and actually strike like he means it. And, I'd rather Sandalio wasn't here for that." And yes, he knew Sandalio wasn't afraid of it, but, only one of them was supposed to die that soon. "I... think I'm afraid of losing him," he admitted, very quiet, almost a whisper. Yeah. That was it. A good deal of it, anyway.
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