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Gallar Ahamkara
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Dishonored & Disgraced royal; What tragedies lay fleshed out with sin and malice, painted in ethereal shame - eternal glory and sultry lust. grandeur schemes of malignant, ill minds that simper with the very thought of commitment, of adulterated famish of the throne. A perilous game, a damning vexation that draws man, woman, and beasts alive to their grim fates. A cutthroat world of unimaginable malice through the fair looking glass. Dear child of blood and gold, heiress of the flames; you are to pure, to precious for this cruel world. May you one day find true happiness~


I was born, a fleeting glimpse of happiness, and of untold, bitter sorry left unquenchable to my mothers cold and distant heart. My father perished beneath the stars that night i am told; slain in cold blood during a battle to protect Mother and I, a beautiful nova in her own right i remember. She was a virtuous maiden, a heavy heart and mind resting upon her as she judged me; both a gift and a curse, a flaw and perfection in the same breath. The Dragon Queen raised me despite my perplexing existence; Still, despite her darkest shame which was i over time i became her brightest light; instilling a connection with the woman who had once been so cold she could not feel love. And she did love me; Cradling me within her arms as she ran her ice cold fingers through my hair so tenderly that even she was unsure of how such a thing was possible. The first of my nature among our kind...to many an omen, but to Cinder? A gift...a sign.
Despite my birthing, I was raised a normal child, running, racing the wind and challenging the stars. I grew up in a small nomadic clan, far from the reach of those who would see me destroyed~ We carved ourselves anew in destiny. Blithe, untarnished faerie tale met an abrupt, horrifying ending. The smoggy trails of acrid smoke stroked the obsidian void, the scent of burning, of death crept within my nostrils, burning my lungs until I spat it out in fervid acrimony and disgruntled dismissal. An attack on our home by those i would normally call family. 

An enemy clan had invaded, hoping to wipe away the omen that was i; perhaps it truly was my doing, my wretched fault for having been born. Mayhaps my very existence had forsaken my family to the ruination we now face. Our elders they stole from us, the women they reaped from us, and the children scattered to dust, shadows of their deepest nightmares. Their piercing screams rend me from the insides out, twisting gluttonous innards into a squirming mess of putrid snakes that claw their ways out with malignant torment.
In the blink of an eye, the flutter of sultry lashes, we were a dying people. There is no returning to the blissful peace i had known. War. War was upon us.
The skies were alight, and my friends dying. All around me, I hear them, screams, malignant remnants of past occurrences that refuse to leave my mind unhindered. The memories burn, and yet I cannot stop them from running my mind in unstoppable trek over and over again. I can still almost taste the smoke of the fires, I can feel the heat, the warmth of my blood as it drips across my face. My back burns, but my whimpers, my cries of pain, have long since been silenced by the numbing slash of realization, of anguished knowing. Without even the slightest of news, the sorrowed looks of those who came to retrieve me spelled to my already grieving heart all that I need know. 'How- how many? How many are gone?' My voice caught within my throat, trapped bird wings helplessly beating against the cage of my ribs to escape past my lips in fluttering, fluctuating volume.
They looked between themselves, only silence is my answer. I pushed past them, i had to see for myself. And see i did...i saw much that day. I recognized their frames, the broken, mangled corpses seared by fire and the glistening raze of tempestuous titania steel. Blood and burns. Pain and fear. They warped them, they perverted them. They were destroyed.
The war was lost, our losses great. And in her final attempt to salvage the last thing she had brought into this world my mother sent me away; using the last horse to allow me a chance at life beyond childhood. And as i escaped into the wilds i watched as my mother stayed behind and perished in the battle. 
The gruesome image still haunts me, And it was then i knew i was alone. They would never come back to me...my family was gone. I can feel it even now, eager to consume me, to bury me within its embrace until I smother in a whole as I was with this now almost unbearable weight resting on my shoulders. Everything i knew had been taken right before my very eyes. 
What was a young girl to do in that situation? Prevail? Fight? No...all i could do was run away. Run away to safety while my family fought to save me; an insignificant brat. 
But make no mistake viewer. That was then...and this? This is now. I am older than i was; wiser...stronger. And i know how this game is played.
Come now audience...you and i both know how this ends.