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Calista Slave
0 Posts Created Jun 29, 2018, 06:33 PM
4 Years ( April 23 ) Female
3' 9" Slave
Black Hair Hazel Eyes
No House Ivy
No Last Post Written by Esmera
Like most born as slaves in Dalmasca, Calista, named Estelle by her mother, is the child of a slave woman, and incidentally a Macenian blood fighter, but she doesn't really know that. Her mother never really told her, because honestly, her mom probably didn't know for sure, either. In any case, she stayed with her mother until she was about two years old, and then was sent to one of her owner's side estates. There isn't much for a child that young to do around a house, so she was given a really simple job. Essentially, she was left to being assistance for one of the older slaves, mostly cleaning laundry and keeping the house in order. Her day to day chores were simple enough, as the older slave she was shadowing never gave her anything too hard.

Life continued on that way for a few more years. For one reason or another, she doesn't know why, honestly, Estelle ended up sold to market, and she spent a good deal of time at market, maybe a little under a week. Child slaves aren't terribly useful for too many things, after all. Eventually, though, she caught the eye of House Salonus; it was, most likely, her eyes, and she is technically now owned by them. She's only been there a few days, now, but she's already decided she doesn't like House Salonus, and has been tempted to kick the masters of the house multiple times now. Fortunately, she hasn't.

For the most part, when there's not something confusing going on, her job's just pouring wine. Took some work before she managed to be able to, given most wine bottles are almost as big as her, but she's figuring it out. In the meantime, they're trying to teach her something? But she doesn't get it.


  • Her play-by's name is just listed as Ivy. I'm fairly sure that's not even actually her name, which is probably to protect the kid, so I won't be looking for it harder than I did already. All images by Gansforever Osman, I did not take them and I don't claim them as mine.
  • Her mother named her Estelle. She does and does not remember that name, she was separated from her when she was two.
  • Her eyes start out green in the morning, and steadily turn brown over the course of the day, so, yeah, hazel's probably about as right as I can get them. Sometimes they look a bit blue-grey.
  • So, she's about to be five, and there's not much to do with a five year old, so it's fine if her plots are loose and coffee-shop-y. Most likely, she'll be accompanied by someone else when she's in a thread, probably either Kassandros or Tristán.
  • Even if she looks alone, though, I promise she is not. Someone knows where she is at all times. Most likely it'll be Kass that reacts first if she runs into trouble, but with him is always a Sandalio.