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Marcus Cassimer Warlord
0 Posts Created Jun 11, 2018, 01:51 PM
48 Years Male
5' 10" Warlord
Brown Hair Brown Eyes
House Cassimer Scott Adkins
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gonna do this as simply as i can.

  • okay, marcus is the richest man in dalmasca, and owns probably a bit over half the real estate in nydema alone. yeah, he's loaded. way loaded. the loadedest of the loaded.
  • so, basically, he does have some military clout and he is known to be relatively tactically inclined, but most of his influence was bought. this means it's somewhat shaky, and it's becoming even more shaky as time goes on and rumors are spread to the right ears.
  • to say the least, he's sort of a sinking ship.
  • brothel slaves, salonus' pleasure slaves, and probably anybody that spends any time around either, will know him as a sadistic shark. he is. do yourself a favor, and never end up in bed with this guy. ever. by some miracle, he didn't hurt his wife but given she stopped bearing him children, that's kind of debatable too.
  • he is quietly, under the rug, known to sexually assault his political opposition, and, nobody can prove anything, but if his political opposition remain loud enough, they eventually disappear. take from that what you will.
  • he is constantly at odds with his eldest son, lucius, and more commonly starting to now butt heads with adoptive son damian, and i dont imagine he and his wife's relationship is all sunshine and rainbows, either.
  • unlike lucius, marcus has taken serious offense to kassandros essair existing, and is his loudest and most insistent opponent. despite the fact he has plenty of wealth and enough influence among the warlords and justicars, marcus himself never got to justicar. i wonder why that is.
  • because of his odd tendencies and his sadism, he tends to be the strict by the rules guy. you know, keeps his nose so clean in public, nobody even looks at him cross-wise. i imagine most figure the rumors are just rumors, spread by someone that wants cassimer to fall, so the truth is there, but nobody listens to it.
  • he is not cruel to his slaves as long as they stay on just this side of pissing him off, but, some of em do occasionally disappear and are never seen anywhere again. generally, he'll ignore them, but if they do something terrible enough, he may actually turn them over to the justice system... or he may do worse. who knows.
  • in short, marcus is everything wrong with dalmasca in one guy. dude will die. don't get attached to him.