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Angrim Warlord
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28 Years Male
6'2" Warlord
Brown Hair Blue Eyes
No House Stephen James Hendry
Last Posted Jun 11, 2018, 02:02 PM Written by Zozma
Who's gonna be there to make me whole? I can't stop the bleeding Looking for a meaning Throw me a line and bring me back home Won't you say something? Say something now? I can't do this alone
Angrim has never known his father, as his mother is a woman of the night, pleasuring men in order to make money for herself and her family. While she took measures to ensure she couldn't have children, apparently those measures didn't work because eventually, a red-faced and squalling Angrim was born. Despite everything, Angrim's mother get quite fond of him and wanted to keep him around. While she adored him, she wasn't able to hold onto him for long. A woman like herself with a child... It just wasn't good for business. 

One of his mother's clients spread disease to her and from then, Angrim was the one trying to raise money for the family. However, as his mother grew worse, her parents refused to continue caring for her, believing she would die in the streets as she had lived. Angrim took care of his mother until her dying breath a few short months later. 

He was nine years old. 

After that, Angrim made it his life goal to become somebody less helpless. He worked his way up to a position within the military but finding them not to his liking, later left them to head his own mercenary operation.


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in which Angrim meets a fellow reader