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Junai Slave
11 Posts Created May 24, 2018, 05:38 PM
26 Years Male
5'0" Slave
Fuchsia Hair Yellow Eyes
No House Yuegene Fay
Last Posted Jun 11, 2018, 12:54 PM Written by Zozma
We are the walking burned, we hold this close to our arms We take our daily breath and thank our unlucky scars Tried to get by on bread and water. Craving blood poured from the altar now.
Although born to loving enough families--a hume and an ilim--it wasn't exactly a happy life. There were people who thought less of Junai's parents and Junai himself. Still, Junai did his best just to ignore it. Kinda hard to do when the filth finally hit the fan.

Things happened in a blur and before Junai knew it, he was kidnapped and taken into the slave trade. He was only seven at the time, so he didn't have much to fight back with. Since then, he has thought of his family wistfully. Sometimes, he swears he sees them--one or the other--out of the corner of his eye but later, it turns out that he was just imagining things. Or perhaps just fooling himself.

Junai's latest work involved being a pleasure slave but he managed to slip his way out... But for how long?

Probably not long.


He can access the aura of air and uses it to his advantage when it means getting away from slavers. Not that it really helps all that much what with aura tech and suppressors and all.

His abilities with magic lean more toward healing and supportive skills more so than anything that can damage. This is because he was taught by a fellow ilim in captivity. His role was to heal slaves that were used in rough encounters at the brothel.

He is on the tall end of the ilim height because of the union of his parents, a hume and an ilim.


Mar 18, 76 I've been living in the darkness
in which Junai breaks and enters