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33 Years ( August 23, 1984 ) Female
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I've been on a low, I been taking my time, I feel like I'm out of my mind, it feel like my life ain't mine
PLOTS: I love all plots, for the most part. I love families, pals, BFFs, romance, hatred, rivalry, etc. Whatever dynamic there is out there, I have a lot of fun exploring it through different types of characters. When it comes to pre-plotting, I've come to liking things to be sorta vague and in the air so that it's easier to compromise or switch things up if things don't go as planned. For that reason, I never say that characters will be "finals" or anything like that.

WRITING STYLE: I used to be amazing. I could write novels and novels of posts. Nowadays, I hope you're satisfied with short, sweet posts. That's what I specialize in these days. 

ROUTINE: I try to keep up a pretty stable rhythm. Depending in life circumstances, though, you can pretty much expect daily posts or every other day posts from me. If things get rough, I'll let you know with an absence so you'll know it might be a bit of a wait. But in general, since I'm a pretty short poster, I tend to be quick getting back to people.

CONTENT: I occasionally play a total asshole. What my characters say and think don't necessarily reflect my own thoughts. I do gravitate toward gritty, dark, and angsty plots more so than others so bad stuff will happen to my characters. I'll try to keep people in the know if anything controversial goes on.


What a spectacle
[Zozzy does plots]
Who am I to you?
We sing it out: The legion of the underground
Mercenary Team
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in which Rosalio is a dirty cheater
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