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Nikias, like his fathers before him, was born in Macenia. From his father he inherited land and learned how to tend it. As he came into adulthood, Nikias farmed - he kept chickens and grew plants. Much of his harvest would go to feeding his family, but he did generally have enough left over to sell it in the markets at Diomike.

Nikias married a wonderful woman by the name of Alexa, and of course, he loved her very deeply. Their first child was a daughter, whom they named Thetis. Nikias was thrilled by the young addition to their family, though it took him time to be comfortable handling something as small and fragile as an infant.

For the next few years, everything continued as normal. In time, Alexa got pregnant again. This time, Alexa had a son. But fate was not kind, and it took Alexa's life in exchange for their son. Alexa's loss rocked Nikias to his core, but his children still needed him. Thetis helped as much as she could in her youth - and Nikias did need the help. The farm was difficult work, and taking care of two small children at the same time was difficult by himself.

They grew up though, as children do, and helped where they could. Eight years later, after many things had settled into place, things changed again - for the worst. The Dalmascans came - he was at market at the time. By the time he got back, it was too late.

Much of the farm had been destroyed, and while that was a devastating blow - the real disaster was that his children were gone. Nikias could have done two things - he could have broken down in depression. He could have given up on life having lost the last thing he was living for. But that is not what the Macenian farmer did.

Instead he pursued those who had taken his children. Nikias never found them, exactly. But he didn't give up either. And eventually he found himself captured just as they had been, and sold into slavery despite his somewhat older age.

He's still a Dalmascan slave, and he still hates Dalmasca. He's mostly given up on finding his children, but he hasn't quite given up on life, yet.