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Aquillius Blood Fighter
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30 Years Male
5'10'' Slave
Brown Hair Green Eyes
House Lancaster Jackson Rathbone
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Aquillius was originally born Alexios. He was born to a small family of farmers outside of Diomike. His parents were Nikias and Alexa, and he has an older sister by the name of Thetis. His mother died in childbirth, and so he never knew her. His father tired though, and did the best he could raising two children and also keeping the farm running as smoothly as possible.

Things were okay, for the first eight years of Alexios' life. As he grew up, he helped on the farm in whatever ways he could, and helped his sister around the house when he could, too. Thetis was thirteen that year, when disaster struck. Their father was in town when it happened, when the raiding party came.

Thetis fought, and in his own way, so he did he. But it was no use. In the end, the two of them were taken in chains by the raiding party, and from there, they were taken to Dalmasca. And in Dalmasca, for the first time in his short life, Alexios was separated from Thetis. From everyone and everything he'd ever really known.

Predictably, Alexios didn't take this well. Not that anyone was asking him. He has no idea where Thetis was sent to, and probably he never will. He wants to see her again, he hopes they will one day be reunited. But reality is not generally so kind, and he knows it.

Alexios was bounced from house to house and role to role for a time. In the end, he landed in House Lancaster, and was trained to be a blood fighter, starting about ten years ago. He took to the training surprisingly well, and he has earned his place among the extremely large stable of blood fighters.

He liked Umbrius, and was rather devastated when the man was killed in a fire. He still likes Regillus, but has no patience for the actual head of house, Titus. Lucky for Alexios, Titus doesn't dare come near the blood fighters very often. ... Probably because not a damn one of them tolerates him well, but that's his own fault.

It was also a bit saddening the day Gannicus was sold away. Unsurprisingly, Spartacus did not take that well. But then, they were brothers, and Alexios can sympathize. Unfortunately, thus is the life of a slave.

Alexios biggest regret, perhaps, is that one day he will leave Spartacus, unless something incredibly unlikely happens in the Arena. Okay, well, maybe that was his second-biggest regret. The biggest is the fact that the chances of seeing his sister (or father) ever again are essentially non-existent.