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Thetis Slave
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35 Years Female
5' 6" Slave
Brown Hair Green Eyes
No House Roxanne McKee
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Born to no one particularly special, at least not by usual standards, Thetis is originally from Macenia. Her parents, Nikias and Alexa, had a small farm on the outskirts of Diomike, and while they never really gained true prestige or any significant wealth, they had what they needed, and each other. Five years after she was born came a younger brother, whom their father decided to name Alexios, after his mother, as, unfortunately, Alexa died birthing him, leaving their father to raise the two alone. Five year old Thetis did what she could to help, often taking care of her infant brother while their father did heavy lifting work, or went into town.

Thetis helped more and more around the house as she grew. Several neighbouring boys showed interest in marrying her, but she turned them all down. She was staying with her dad, until Alexios was old enough to take care of himself. Unfortunately, that stubborn vehemency didn't last her long. When she turned thirteen, she and her brother were working in the fields together, their father presumably in or close to Diomike at the time, when a Dalmascan raiding party came by. Despite all the fuss she put up, and she did put up rather the fight for a thirteen year old girl, she and her brother were taken to Dalmasca in chains.

She wonders, now, if their father knew what'd happened, if he'd not thought the wolves got them, and if, maybe, he'd come looking for them, someday. She held onto that foolish hope for a good handful of years.

One Dalmascan bought her brother, a different one bought her. For all her kicking and screaming, they were still separated. But she promised, the last time she saw her brother, that no matter what it took, someday, she'd find him again. Thetis meant it, with all her heart, and for years after, she still sought her brother, somewhere in Dalmasca, he was somewhere, and she likes to think, she'd know if he wasn't. The truth is, she has no way of knowing that at all, and she knows it. She just won't admit it, to herself.

Thetis was sold to a man in House Kenleigh, by the name of Aemilius. She'd come to hate that name. In the early years, he left her mostly alone, but by the time she was nearing sixteen, he'd taken an interest in her. His wife had long left, and, try as Thetis might, Cyprian, the son she'd left behind, never did quite let her in. Still, Thetis was there, because he needed someone, and Thetis was aware Aemilius abused him. Aemilius decided to doll her up one day, make her look like a noblewoman, despite her protests, and drag her to a public function, where he introduced her as his new bride, and called her Septima. Thetis did not like this idea, but he never stopped pretending. In time, they did rather operate like the married couple, if such a couple hated one another's guts. Soon after, Thetis fell pregnant, by one of the slave boys around her age, and birthed a son, whom she named Nero. Aemilius, not realising the truth, claimed the boy as his own, and Nero became the star of House Kenleigh.

It was only through Aemilius favouring her first son so much that she got away with as much as she did. In time, Thetis became Septima, and used the power Aemilius handed her to protect her children. Eventually, she birthed two more sons, twins, whom she named Dimitrios and Andreas, and Aemilius mostly ignored the twins. Much to her joy, as he was steadily ruining Nero. Aemilius' abusive tendencies only got worse, and it turned on everyone. Cyprian, even, began to pick up the same ones, but she didn't fault him. He knew kindness only from a very few, choice places, and she likes to think she was one, but she may be wrong. The House's name had begun to tarnish, and, despite the efforts of both Cyprian and Thetis, House Kenleigh's reputation as a major house began to crumble.

Nero later joined the military, and was never home. He did gift the side villa Aemilius had given him to Thetis, and she moved the twins there, purchasing a couple Macenian blood fighters for help and security around the house, and a young girl named Missanissa, called Medea by the Dalmascans. Things were okay, for a while. And then Nero died.

Thetis suspects it was more than just Aemilius and his big mouth that caused the house, shortly after, to fall. And when it did, Aemilius was killed, and Thetis, for the crime of acting above her station, was set to be executed. She doesn't know what happened to her sons, or Cyprian. The soldiers ran her through with a sword, and left her for dead. It'd seem, though, she lived just long enough on her own willpower to crawl somewhere else. She's been asleep since, unknowingly being cared for by a Jihonese healer, but her condition has not improved much, if at all. Yes, she breathes; and most days, that's all.

But somewhere in her heart, whispers her promise to Alexios, and the love she holds for her sons, urging her to keep going, even if it hurts.