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Ksenia Essair Hume
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45 Years Female
5' 6" Nobility
Blond Hair Blue Eyes
House Warwicke Charlize Theron
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House Warwicke
She began a young noble of a small house of decent prestige. House Warwicke, a vassal house, at the time, of House Kenleigh, was, like the House they served, exceedingly wealthy. Little was outside of their reach, and perhaps, in some sense, the children of House Warwicke grew somewhat spoilt. One says 'somewhat,' and yet, they mean 'gravely,' as House Warwicke never wanted for anything, and whilst those in power at House Kenleigh were not terribly favored by their vassals, the Warwickes knew better than to speak against them. For their assistance in varying endeavors of House Kenleigh, the Warwickes were rewarded greatly, and Ksenia, a middle child of her generation, grew up on a large estate by the coast of Dalmasca.

In time, the Warwickes were dealing so much in the politics of merchanting, House Kenleigh was giving them a large amount of hessions every so often for the trouble. In many ways, House Warwicke was, steadily, rising higher than the house they served, and it was something of an open secret that the Warwickes aimed to someday surpass House Kenleigh, and take their place in the order of major houses.

Ksenia learned, early on, if she wanted power, she'd have to learn how to manipulate the men around her to get it. As she aged, and grew in beauty and grace, it was perhaps not surprising that she learned to play the political game, albeit always with a coy little smile on her face, as if she had no idea what was going on. Her parents kept her going, taught her the ropes, because one day, she, like her siblings, would be their ladder to glory.

A Stag Becomes a Cobra
Ksenia did not immediately marry into House Essair. In fact, she first married into House Kenleigh, as her family thought, perhaps it might be more beneficial to have a set of eyes and ears in the House they wished to overrun. Ksenia did not think twice about this, and quite happily went along with the marriage, and only a few months after the idea was formed, Ksenia married Aemilius Kenleigh. He was an impetuous, abusive jerk, Ksenia learned very early on, always drunk on something, be it wine or power. And, for all her efforts, she could not seem to control her temper around him.

But, Ksenia still desired his influence. Aemilius had much of it, mostly thanks to his father before him, but he had not the brains nor the discipline to use that influence properly. Ksenia did. Ultimately, however, her efforts proved fruitless; Aemilius was not going to bow to her, never did fully trust her, not to say she was surprised. She stayed long enough to birth her first son, Aemilius named the boy Cyprian, and then returned to House Warwicke. She had her father annul her marriage to Aemilius, and continued about her life.

House Essair, one day, approached her family about a political union between Ksenia and their son Vopiscus. At the time, Ksenia was unsure if it would be worth it, but in the end, she agreed to the arrangement. House Essair held standing high enough that Ksenia would be capable of further pushing House Kenleigh down the ladder, to make way for the newest major house of Dalmasca, House Warwicke. She was getting ever closer to her goal, and the name Essair would help in ways the name Kenleigh did not.

The Odd Child
As with her first marriage, Ksenia produced another child, another son, this one named Kassandros. He never once cried, in all his years, even on rare occasion where he lost his footing and fell. The boy was unperturbed by anything, learned to walk and talk at a scarily early age, and when he shortly after displayed magical ability, marking him a mage, he did very complex light sorcery without ever having been taught how to. He knew things, things he shouldn't have logically known.

He was immensely powerful, even at the tender age of two, four, even more so at six, he grew stronger and stronger, and ever more dangerous. Ksenia feared that, someday, Kassandros would become an unstoppable, madness-driven force, and should the typical magic induced insanity grip him, it'd be her he cut down first. Unsure of what to do, she turned to a temple of Oanke. The priestess there, a seer, spoke to her. Ksenia relayed her concerns, and the seer answered:

"Younger of age and stronger of heart,
Listen not with ear for not all is as is told,
The light from the shadows has come.
Stand not against the son bathed in gold,
For someday he will tear you apart."

Ksenia never went back to House Essair.

The Years Between
House Warwicke has done well for itself, since then. Ksenia has done much in the way of gaining Warwicke a foothold in the mercantile caste, so much so, that when their ruling house of Kenleigh finally fell, the Warwickes remained standing, their reputation only a little shaken. Well, Aemilius had helped dig his grave, and the little brat she'd given him had turned out to be more intelligent than his sire, but only just. Ksenia had heard, from the noble grapevine, that Cyprian was about as temperamental as his father was, unable to control it, and at times, seemingly lost the ability to speak at all.

How pathetic. She's never regretted leaving him behind, as, after all, certain sacrifices must be made to preserve the larger picture.

However, despite her concerns, thus far, Kassandros has done well for himself, and his house. Essair are steadily starting to overtake House Cassimer in influence and military power. Ksenia is beginning to believe the boy aims to someday take a place amongst the justicars, which would elevate House Essair above the other major noble lines, as none of them have had a justicar in their family in quite some time. Finding a foothold among the justicars is the only way to finding one's way into gaining an Imperator in their family, and Ksenia is intrigued by this idea. Never had she considered pushing so far.

Cyprian may have been something of a disappointment, but the more she hears, the more she is convinced Kassandros is the son after her own heart. Curiosity is what she finds herself feeling, every time she hears his name. Perhaps the man she can bend to her will is not a husband at all, but a son. She now seeks to repair what she can of their relationship, as either things will go well, and she'll have at least one son she can be somewhat proud of, or he'll die, likely long before her, as he is a seer, and what he's built, she will continue on.