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Medea Shelved
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15 Years Female
5' 5" Slave
Black Hair Black Eyes
No House Nathalie Emmanuel
Last Posted Jun 11, 2018, 07:55 PM Written by andromeda
There's no sense in trying to go backwards. Going forward is hard enough.
As many in Dalmasca, Medea, born Missanissa, has been a slave for a long time now. She hardly remembers a time when she wasn't, but if she thinks about it hard enough, she can just remember the sounds of the birds, the winds howling through the mountains, the scent of fresh-fallen snow rustling the branches of the trees. Galace was home, then, but it wouldn't be forever, and most were aware of it. Galace is not as militarily strong as the rest of Azaleon, and often sees immense losses, many of which end in the Galacese, ilim or not, ending up in slavery.

At a young age, Missa was introduced to many different languages, and learned almost all of them; the only Azaleonic language she is unfamiliar with is that of the Free City of Durya, but it's more of a lacking exposure situation, than one of the language itself being difficult. When she first came to Dalmasca, in a caravan with dozens of other Galacese, at the age of only seven, despite speaking Dalmascan enough to get by, she pretended not to understand anything said to her. Her first House was one full of ilim, unsurprisingly, as she defiantly refused to use Dalmascan and only spoke Galacese, which the older ilim did understand. One warned her, someday, one of her Dalmascan owners would discover she understood and spoke Dalmascan just fine, and lying was a great offence.

Despite this warning, Missa never quite ceased her little translation game. When someone said something in Dalmascan that couldn't be understood through gestures, she pretended she didn't understand at all. She went from house to house over the years, only found one house she was comfortable speaking Dalmascan with, but that one later fell from power, and she went back to market, as always. Finally, she ended up in House Kenleigh, specifically a ward of a Macenian woman named Thetis, the Dalmascans called her Septima, whom ran a side villa, away from the main house. She, too, eventually earned Missa's trust, and the girl spoke Dalmascan and Macenian with her.

The distance between one and the other house, however, was not enough to protect the side house when the star child of the family, Nero, fell in battle. Both the side villa and the main house were ransacked and torched, and, presumably, Miss Thetis killed for the crime of acting above her station. Despite their efforts to remain together, Thetis' remaining sons, Cyprian, Dimitrios, and Andreas, and the slaves Thetis housed, two Macenian blood fighters, Valerius and Lycaon, and Missa herself, called Medea in Dalmasca, were eventually all separated from one another.

At the moment, there's been some debate on what to do with Missa; there was some bantering about a brothel for a while, after all, you don't have to know Dalmascan to fuck, and of course, she's back to not knowing Dalmascan, but some fussing later and that idea was dropped. Now, though, they seem to have decided to ship her to Jihon, and sell her at one of the Dalmascan markets across the Strait.

... oh boy.


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