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Regillus Lancaster Warlord
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28 Years Male
5' 8 Warlord
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House Lancaster Jai Courtney
Last Posted Jun 04, 2018, 01:27 AM Written by dragonborn
The son of Umbrius Lancaster, and, to most, Aurelia Lancaster, albeit he was born before she and Umbrius were married. Nobody seems to remember that, or think about it too hard; Regillus, on the other hand, was never unaware his mother is actually Victoria, not Aurelia, and the three Lancasters, oddly for members of House Lancaster of all the houses, jointly had a hand in raising him. He kept quiet about it, as his uncle Titus, Victoria's husband, finding out, would be rather the disaster, as if the idiot wasn't enough of a problem as it was.

Victoria had three more children after him, all half-brothers, the first being Titus' son Canius, and then Atenra and Sepheres, both the son of one of the Lancasters' blood fighters, Gannicus. Regillus never didn't know that, either, but, no one said anything, and Victoria, being concerned the boys would get curious (it was a normal thing to get curious about) and incidentally tell Titus which blood fighter was their father, never outright told the boys. Titus, not knowing which one, but knowing it was one of them, forbade either Atenra or Sepheres from going anywhere near the blood stables, despite both Umbrius' protests, and, later, Regillus'. It wasn't as if Titus ever listened to anyone, and it was no surprise it didn't work well.

Canius was always something. Nothing good, mind, but something. Regillus had always spent a disproportionate amount of his time trying to curb Canius' narcissism, but Titus' own narcissism always seemed to encourage it. The funny thing is, if Canius thought about anything, he'd realize his father really just saw him as a pawn, a tool to be used as he saw fit, not as his son. And it is sad, because Canius could be so much more than Titus ever was or will ever be, if only he'd think. It is partially Canius' habit of doing whatever he thinks he wants, and partially his habit of just not using his gods given brain, that irritates Regillus the most. What an absolute waste of a hume his half-brother is.

In the interim, Atenra was, well, mostly ignored, being honest, by Titus, but the man-child never did decide to deny him the Lancaster name. Victoria won that much, even if it was bitter-sweet, even if Titus knew Atenra wasn't his, even if it cost her a few broken bones here and there. Sepheres, on the other hand, she wasn't so lucky with, and for all of Regillus' attempts to curb it, Umbrius' too, it never did dent it much. Titus would be an abusive fuck with or without their approval, and everyone knew their fighting all the time really didn't help. Neither did it seem to hinder, but it certainly didn't help.

When Regillus was old enough, like his father before him, he spent some time in the military. These days, he's mostly retired, having served in the military only a little over what is required in Dalmascan law that eldest sons serve, and returned to attempting to help mitigate the nonstop disaster House Lancaster are. In his absence, one of only two ilim slaves the house ever had was killed and the other thrown into the blood games (Regillus sent him to House Essair, to save his life, really), his father died in a mysterious fire, his half-brother drove their mother to apparently suicide, and his step-mother vanished.

He looked away for another ten seconds, and Sepheres and Gannicus were gone, next.

Not going to lie, Regillus had a righteous fucking cow over it. Titus doesn't seem to understand why. Titus doesn't seem to understand much of anything, so, no one was surprised. In hindsight, after Victoria tossed herself off a cliff, he probably should have smuggled Sepheres out, because, she may not have mitigated much, but she did make some dent here and there. It just wasn't clearly noticeable beside everything else, when it seemed as worse as it could get, but it wasn't, and Regillus knew that. Well, hindsight is 20/20, so they say. It shouldn't surprise anyone, Regillus and Titus got into rather the fight, and no, Reggie did not merely threaten to break his fucking jaw, he actually did it this time, and now he's trying to find Sepheres. Not having much luck, really.


  • There's a want ad for this guy up, if you're interested in cheesy gay romance plots. Lol
  • Speaks Dalmascan, conversational Saqqaran and Macenian, and enough Jihonese to get by.
  • Could use some military friends. He's actually got several, or he's supposed to.