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Victoria Allendale Shelved
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Last Posted May 19, 2018, 02:04 AM Written by andromeda
The eldest of her family's children, Victoria was born to House Allendale, a very small, commoner family, that once had prestige, and lost it. The family were never terribly bothered by it, but Victoria did not grow up in luxury or splendour; rather the opposite, as she was often tasked with watching her younger siblings, and helping her parents in the fields. They weren't farmers, her parents were craftsmen, but when you had nothing, you learned to gain what you could in ways you had available. The house were not attached to a higher one, as they had once had vassal houses of their own, and had not found a house they were willing to back.

Eventually, her house were approached by House Lancaster. At the time, Lancaster were not very high themselves, but in return for helping their family, they asked for one of their many daughters' hands in marriage to their eldest son, for heirs, presumably. Victoria jumped at it -- she was the eldest, anyway, and she wanted to help her family in any way she could. Her father reluctantly approved of it, and Victoria was married not to Umbrius Lancaster as she'd been told, but his younger brother Titus. Titus was a right mess. Victoria got along better with Umbrius, and for a time, almost loved him, but Titus was still her husband, as much as she didn't favour it. He turned out to be rather abusive, but her family were doing better, not struggling to feed themselves anymore, and she stayed anyway.

First, she bore a son, albeit he was not Titus', named Regillus; he was Umbrius' son, and Aurelia, Umbrius' wife, when Umbrius married her, adopted and treated him as her own. Neither she nor Umbrius told Titus the truth, and Aurelia never breathed a word of it, either. Victoria later bore another son, whom Titus named Canius, but that was the only child Titus got out of her. The following two, Atenra and Sepheres, were born of a blood fighter slave called Gannicus. Victoria, by accident, really, hiding from Titus because he dared not go into House Lancaster's ludus himself, had fallen in love with the Saqqaran. Atenra was notably not Titus' child -- he was too dark skinned, but, Titus did not deny him anyway, and, while he didn't fully treat him as his own son, he essentially left raising him to Victoria. Her second son by Gannicus, however, was also too dark-skinned to be Titus', and Titus flew into a paroxysm of rage, beat the crap out of Victoria for it, and then stole Sepheres from her the moment he could eat solids. Victoria rarely ever saw him again, but, try as Titus might, no one in the ludus would tell him who Atenra and Sepheres' father was.

She knew what Titus was doing with her youngest. But out of fear for her sons' lives, and Atenra's safety, she stayed her hand, and simply helped where she could, interacted with Sepheres when she could. She'd named him Sepheres, a form of Sahura, which Gannicus had mentioned was his father's name, that someday, if something went wrong, Gannicus would know Sepheres was his. She always believed in him. If anyone could've gotten free, someday, she believed it was him and his brother Spartacus.

But, it was not to be, not as far as she knows. Umbrius died in a mysterious ludus fire, Aurelia vanished, and Regillus was often away at war. Canius, allowed to do whatever he wanted and quite frankly thoroughly spoiled by his father, turned his ire on her, when one day she stood between him and a slave girl he meant to force himself on. Instead, he violated her. Victoria knew he did not respect her, but the hurt was too deep. Not long after, Gannicus was sold after a heated argument with Titus over his brother. Unable to fully cope with it, she went out into the training yard one night, and let herself fall off the cliff into the sea. While she did not die immediately, she was in fairly bad shape after, with several broken bones, and the lack of oxygen damaged her memory centre.

She was later fished out of the water by a passing fishing boat, and Kassandros of House Essair took her in. She's only been there a week or two, but her memory has not improved, and she is still healing. All she remembers is, she needs to find Atenra and Sepheres, because they are not safe. But some days, she barely remembers who Atenra and Sepheres are.


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