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That's what love is; knowing they can walk away at any time, and trusting them not to.
Once, a small House that went by the name of House Bauman, a vassal branch of House Cassimer, existed. The House were warlords, like the Cassimers they served, and the two were, at one time, close, but not all things last. The young Marcus Casismer, at the time House Cassimer's heir, and even younger Julian Bauman, heir to House Bauman, were the best of friends, and they did get into rather the number of things together. Quite frankly, where there was one, there was the other, that was the way of things.

But this wouldn't be much of a tale to tell, if that was all there was to it, now would it? Marcus, in his young carefree ways, was rather quite the idiot. We won't make excuses or be kindly about it, he was, flatly, an idiot. Often, things turned out that Marcus had no sense of decorum, whatsoever, nor appropriateness, and presumed his father's name would clear him of any wrongdoing, effectively placing him above reproach and consequence. Julian, on the other hand, understood the mess his friend was making, and did what he could to mitigate the damages, soothe broken egoes, and, as it happened, he gained rather quite the penchant for diplomacy and politic. Eventually, there were those presumably subservient to House Cassimer that better favored the young Bauman. You can see where this is going, as Marcus Cassimer is not a man to be outdone.

At first, the impetuous bastard tried scaring Julian into backing down and forcing what support he'd been gaining to withdraw. When this did not work, Marcus purposely racked up rather the high debt with a very high-end brothel, and then dumped the tab on Julian, knowing he did not have the funding to pay for it. Julian, at the time having only just had a son, did not want this to fall to his son's shoulders, someday, and did what he could; he refuted it, but ultimately, he lost the battle, as no one that knew better was willing to counter Marcus, and his influence was great enough, he easily won over those that didn't.

In return for taking the fall for Marcus' quite purposeful blunder, Julian arranged for House Cassimer to adopt his son, while he himself then spent the following twenty years working for the same brothel, to pay back what he owed. He knew, going into it, the figure was high enough, he would've never been able to pay it off, but, well, here goes trying?


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