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Kaspian Ihsan Warlord
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122 Years ( August 01 ) Male
6' 2" Warlord
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House Ihsan Jacey Elthalion
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Victorious warriors win first and then go to war.
Unlike many in Saqqara, Kaspian is not full-blooded Saqqaran, and his family do not trace back to an original founding lineage of the city on both sides. He is unsure, as of now, if even one does, as he hasn't had the opportunity to trace his father's line that far back, but his mother's line came to Saqqara some several hundred years ago, from Highwind. Kaspian is thus technically half-Highwindian, albeit there is really not much trace of this evident in the present-day House Ihsan.

His family did not begin very well-known, and when Kaspian was born, they were still struggling. Before him was born a daughter, Kaspian's elder sister Alison, and at the time they were relatively struggling farmers. His father disappeared, one day, and his mother was left to raise her two children alone. Alison helped where she could, and when Kaspian was old enough, he did, too. In time, however, House Lucain, Sahura himself, in fact, offered Kaspian's mother work at the palace. That was their turning point.

Food became easier to come by. Their house slowly morphed from a quickly thrown-together one-room shack to an actual house, and eventually into a small manor. He and Alison were able to attend what schooling there was at the time, and Alison got into law enforcement, working with Saqqara's police force. Kaspian wasn't sure what he wanted to do, for a long time, but later chose to become part of the palace's security force. In time, he became one of the highest ranking members of the palace's security force, and later, came to lead it. He is now the commander of the Saqqaran crownsguard. This is one of the easiest jobs in Saqqara, to be honest, and he eventually branched into the Saqqaran military, and is also the leader of the Saqqaran military after Sahura.

Along the way, House Ihsan gained enough footing to become a House in its own right. It is now a minor vassal house under House Lucain, and they wouldn't have it any other way. Kaspian, over a hundred years old, now, is a were-fox, and can occasionally be found ice skating on frozen ponds around the palace when he's not working.