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Haku Tachibana Ujalin
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29 Years Maleish
6' Ujalin
Black Hair Brown Eyes
House Tachibana Godfrey Gao
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The summer river; although there is a bridge, my horse goes through the water.
Birth of an Ujal
he was forged in fire,
crowned of blood and the widow's tears;
someday spring will come

In earliest years, so born was Haku. Young and frail, but someday to become proud and powerful. Before him, no less than four regional Jihonese ujals, and two rhanujals. After him, many more. House Tachibana sought no less than to become, once again, a major Jihonese house, name spoken in soft fear, and no small amount of reverence. Would young Haku someday become catalyst to this end? Only time would tell.

Like most in House Tachibana, he grew under supervision of his mother, and, in time, was afforded one-on-one educational tutoring, from a renowned, traveling scholar, rumored to be from the Western Free Cities. Haku was never a particularly overactive child, and was easy enough to teach. He absorbed information as if a sponge, saw every day as a new chance to learn. When he was old enough, and strong enough, to hold a double-edged blade, he was taught combat skill, as all in House Tachibana one day are, and gave praise and thanks to Kirinyaga.

He would become a storm.

The Young Master
day by day, years pass;
ever stronger he becomes,
blessed son of light

As Haku grew, and honed both mind and body, he began to gather a small following. House Tachibana were, and still are, a minor house, technically a vassal house of the rhanujal's esteemed lineage, yet in their small, sequestered village, House Tachibana were known to be great. The young Haku was not believed to be any different, and intelligent he oft proved to be. Where some warriors, and even ujals, used force, and a lot of it, young master Haku attempted, more often, diplomacy before swordsmanship. Skilled in both, there were few battles he did not win, even if only because he confused his opponent into giving up.

House Tachibana called him a son of Kirinyaga, the sunlight personified, fiery when need be, nurturing when appropriate. Haku never felt one way or another, as, inside, he never considered himself anywhere close to the Sun God. Kirinyaga was always beyond him, perhaps, even, far beyond his knowledge. He did not presume to understand Kirinyaga, nor his goals or machinations. He did not presume to understand the ways of the universe, the ebb and flow of time and space.

Yet, he wanted to. Ambitious, for a hume, to be sure, but things beyond him never swayed him from them. In some cases, these things would not always be beyond him. He may miss the moon, reaching for it, of course, but in missing the moon, perhaps he'd catch a star.

The White Stallion
the pale faced moon hangs;
high in the sky, far above,
dazzling silver coat shines bright

Master Tachibana Haku, soon enough, became a revered man within the Jihonese region House Tachibana presided over. He gained military prowess and honors, starting from bottom rung and working his way up, through generosity, compassion, intelligence, and strength. These things, House Tachibana honored the most. Haku was the shining star of House Tachibana, so much so, neighboring ujals began to see him as, perhaps, too much of a threat.

Haku never feared them, for only small men fear something besides fear itself. His mind was a powerful tool, and for each neighboring ujal that would see the end of little master Haku, it became a weapon. Knowledge, after all, is power, in ways that perhaps the smallest of ujals could not comprehend, but Haku has always known how to wield it. As he conquered neighboring ujals, he gained behind him a stronger following. Soon, House Tachibana's region in Jihon had become one of the largest, most unified, and best defended. He taught his sons what he had learned over time, when he became ujal, that one day, when he found his true calling, they'd be able to carry on his legacy after him.

He only saw it once.

One night, celebrating another successful defense of trade routes and regional resources, another good harvest and their fishermens' luck, there across the way was a beautiful white stallion, staring right at Haku.

He only saw it once.

Yet that once was all it took. The stallion locked gazes with him, for what seemed an eternity, but perhaps only lasted a split second, before turning, and galloping away. Haku asked around; no one else had seen it. It had gone toward Dalmasca, if he was guessing correctly, but, while crossing the Aont Strait was not difficult, it was, at least, challenging for a horse. Some suggested a trick of the rice wine. Others said, perhaps a messenger from Kirinyaga.

The stallion left him with nothing, nothing but a strong, single thought in his mind. There was a whole other world, out there. A whole other Azaleon. And Haku wanted to see it.

Beyond the Shores
worldly things, I leave,
behind me in field and home;
I set off to seek

Here in Dalmasca, the name Haku Tachibana means little. Dalmascans are not Jihonese, and, perhaps a little, Haku experiences a bit of culture-shock. Dalmasca has different strengths, different houses in power, different meanings of power. Haku does not know them all, but, as always he does, he is learning. Somewhere, here, is where he is meant to be. Why, Haku doesn't know that, either. Perhaps it is the will of Kirinyaga. Perhaps, the will of another, presently nameless deity. Dalmasca has many, and while Haku may not believe them to be true deities, they may well be messengers of Kirinyaga.

The stallion has returned only once; it seems to be leading him, toward something or someone, which, Haku does not know. It would seem, however, that it is time to learn, yet again.

Who is he meant to be?


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