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On New Year's Day, I long to meet my parents, as they were before my birth.
My name is Seth, and I'm essentially in and out. I am never around on weekends, and, truth be told, I'm fairly slow a poster. It can take several days, for me to respond, sometimes up to a week. I apologize for that, but, I have plenty of other things in my life to deal with, so I don't always have the time to be around. Hopefully, others can understand this.

Occasionally, I will accidentally speak in haiku format. I've written probably twelve haiku since I joined Messiah back in April. I've been here a month, now, and I'm not going away, don't worry.

I'm always up for plots, and threads. Truthfully, just post for me, and @ tag me, I'll get around to it sooner or later. Most of my characters tend to be terrible, in some ways; they're neither hero, nor villain, but a strange conglomeration of both. They have good traits, and bad ones, albeit some may display their bad traits more prominently than others. I believe in in-character consequences; if one of my characters is being a dickbag, do tell him or her. They don't learn if they never get struck down.

I'm somewhat new to this role-playing thing (Esmera and dragonborn dragged me into it), but I'm enjoying it, and I'm not new to writing in general.