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Last Posted Jun 14, 2018, 12:13 AM Written by Lenara
Alcides has never known freedom. He was born the child of a slave and her master - though of course the bloodline was never acknowledged. His earliest memories are colored just slightly by the lens of knowledge that his mother didn't really love him. That some part of her resented his existence and what he represented.

Alcides was young when he was separated from her and ultimately sold. As fate would have it, the young slave was bought by House Asheron. And, as it would turn out, it turned out to be perhaps the best place he could possibly have ended up.

As a result, he grew up intensely loyal to his house. Ultimately he would be trained as a bodyguard for one of their daughters, whom he was just slightly older than. Alcides is not a very imposing figure - but that is precisely why he was useful in this capacity. Unlike the blood fighters Alcides didn't draw attention. He just sort of blended into the background of things.

Mind, Livia is fully capable of beating him in combat much of the time. But then, two fighters is nearly always better than one against an assassin.

It wasn't long ago that Livia took it in her head to free him. It was oddly distressing to Alcides - though he wasn't sure how to express that articulately at the time. The price of freedom is the loss of security, and of home. It is being thrust into a world that Alcides knows very little about. Alcides is free, but he does not know freedom. And there is a part of him that doesn't want freedom, it wants what has always been. The stability and comfort of 'home' - home is the Asheron estate; home is Livia.


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